muscle dystrophy



Today my baby turns six years old, SIX! I’m so proud of how far my baby has come since he was born via cesarean section all those years ago! At birth he was diagnosed with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia which required him to be opened up soon after birth to patch up the hole in his diaphragm! After spending almost a month in hospital he was finally allowed home but had to be fed via feeding tube until he was around 4-5 months old.

Shortly after his 2nd birthday, we started noticing that Lorenzo would have issues walking, walking up the stairs and getting up from the floor. Extensive tests were run on him until we finally got the diagnoses we dreaded…Lorenzo had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting disease, common in boys and is usually noticed during childhood.

I’m so proud to call him my son and I’d like you all to wish him a very happy birthday!


As many of you already know, and for those of you that don’t, Twilights suffer from a condition called ‘Compensation’, which is a consequence or “price to pay” for their natural biological abilities, such as power (Nicolas, Erica, Galahad) and speed (Ginger, Doug).

‘Compensation’ can range from mental to physical disorders, and is usually more present in Twilights of full blood, and or half Twilights with full blooded Twilight mothers as opposed to full blooded Twilight fathers. For example, Nic is a Hagure, a child born from a Twilight and Normal, usually has a longer life span, which is why Nic seems to have outlived the normal age of Twilight life expectancy. Also, his mother was a Twilight, and his father Gaston Brown, is a Normal, which would account for his ‘Compensation’.

So far we know of four Twilights with noticeable ‘Compensation’ (not sure if Hausen’s leg counts, or Lancelot’s scarring over his eyes {maybe some sort of blindness} lexbenedetto? So maybe six) , and a list of them are as follows:

Nicolas Brown: Congenital Deafness, hearing loss presented at birth where the affected has no auditory sensory function, resulting in complete deafness

Delico: (Complete) Congenital Heterochromia Iridum (hyperpigmented) where the affected eye is brown, and his original eye colour is blue (like Erica’s)

Heather: Possibly muscular dystrophy, muscle fibrosis, fibromyalgia, or some other nerve/muscle disorder. Her left leg is disfigured, and she’s missing her middle and third toe on her left foot and often complains of pain and fatigue in her legs

Doug: (Congenital) Growth Hormone Deficiency, a lack of adequate secretion of the growth hormone (by the pituitary gland) resulting in growth retardation, short stature, and maturation delays, therefore causing the person to appear younger/shorter than their age.

× Please keep in mind these are all speculations made from medical assumptions based off my shitty knowledge from med school and should be taken with a grain or two of kosher salt.

Also! I will add more to the list when and if other Twilight’s conditions become clearer.

Vascular smooth muscle cells

Our hearts pump some 50 million gallons of blood in our lifetime, and our arteries take a beating because of it. Arteries have the critical task of withstanding the high blood pressure that comes with each heart stroke. To do this, arteries are lined with thick vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) that contract and relax to control blood pressure and secrete proteins to cushion against each and every heartbeat. In this image, human embryonic stem cells have been transformed into VSMCs as shown by smooth muscle-specific markers in red and green. Creating VSMCs will be useful to study vascular abnormalities found in several diseases, including muscular dystrophy.

Image by Leslie Caron.