muscle deterioration

Clipping Wings

Is Like:
• Declawing a cat
• Stalling a horse the majority of its life
• keeping a goldfish in a tiny bowl
• stalling a cow for veil
• forcing a dog to stay with you and only move to where you want it

Is NOT like:
• cutting hair
• trimming nails
• leashing a dog for safety

Clipping a bird’s wings is detrimental to their health and completely unnecessary except for a select few medical reasons such as surgery. While it is painless if done right, there’s a good chance you can do it wrong and cause your bird to bleed to death since their blood doesn’t clot, and when done at all it could completely ruin your bird’s health and happiness. Flying is as natural for birds as running is for horses. When we take that away from them because it’s “dangerous” or inconvenient because we don’t want to bother teaching them a basic command like recall it does far more harm than good.

Clipping leads to permanent muscle deterioration and greatly increases the chance for fatty liver disease. It does not reduce or limit the chance of a bird flying away or escaping, in fact it increases it since the bird has far less control than if they had all their feathers. It leads to a bird becoming dependent on you for mobility and getting frustrated when you insist on it being somewhere it doesn’t want, leading to depression, feather plucking, and mutilation.

If you want a bird that doesn’t fly, get a chicken or heavy breed of pigeon. If you’re worried about it hitting windows, put decorative stickers on them, use window markers, or get blinds. If you like taking your bird outside (which is far more dangerous with a clipped bird) then harness train it or take it out in a cage. Just please, don’t clip your bird’s wings for your own damn convenience. It’s cruel and unnecessary.

All of my wallowing aside, I’m so happy to get back into my gym’s weight room tomorrow morning I actually might cry. I was not able to lift for two weeks before break because of the mid/final review for A3, and then because of Spring Break I haven’t had access to my on-campus gym.

I’ve missed lifting so fucking much. I can feel my hard won muscles starting to deteriorate despite my best body weight stand-in efforts. Let me tell you, it is not a good feeling.

I literally cannot wait to get up at 6am tomorrow, scarf down some protein-y breakfast like thing, drive to campus, and walk the mile to the gym. I’m so fucking excited.

Living without you is a breath
ending in a scoff –
of course;
of course! I am able to
make means of my
without you,
                            yet is the want.
I want you! Above all it is you,
and you wholly, that I want.
Let age and time take
our skin, then let it
deteriorate our
take our hair and change its vibrant
colour to grey if it has to.
As long as it does not take
the light in our
One look is enough to
make love’s truth
shine bright.
—  The want of love, by M.A. Tempels © 2016
Applying for the X-Men
  • Professor: So it says here you have a mutation.
  • Li and I: Why yes, as you can see we're currently being tested to find out our rare mutation from our parent's genetics, that is an exact replica in both of us. Fascinating stuff really!
  • Professor: So... what's your power?
  • Li and I: Um..... rapid muscle deterioration.
  • Professor: ...
  • Li and I: Ya we'll just see ourselves out.

August is SMA Awareness Month, and that usually leads to a surge of posts about the scientific facts of the disease, phrases like muscle deterioration, affected chromosomes, and prognoses. The scientific realities of the disease are shitty and important. But let’s shift our attention to the real truth of this disease: we are regular people living awesome lives.

My arms and legs don’t work, but I’m more than capable of thought, love, creativity, and compassion.

The beautiful relationship I share with my girlfriend Anna is a perfect example of this reality.

Let’s all be aware: SMA sucks, and we need to find a cure, but having this disease is not going to stop me from experiencing all that life has to offer.

August is SMA Awareness Month.

For the past four years, you’ve seen me treat my disease with a healthy dose of sarcasm and humor. There’s nothing I can do to stop the progression of my muscle deterioration, so I’ve chosen laughter as a way of coping with the inevitable decline. My intentions are 1. to enjoy every minute of my time here, and 2. to teach the world that the quality of our lives is largely based on how we think about things.

But for just a minute, let’s put aside the joking and fun-poking. There is nothing inherently funny about being born with this disease. Over the course of my 23 years, I’ve watched my body slowly lose its ability to move, talk, eat, and breathe. Most of my muscles are still working (on a severely depleted level), but give it more time, and I promise you I will lose even the small amount of function I have left.

In the past week alone, I’ve read death announcements for three children under the age of ten who did not win their battles with this unfair, devastating disease.

I’m doing everything I can to make a positive difference in the SMA community with my pen and my voice, but nothing I can do will bring those kids back.

As we move through the rest of this month, and the months that follow, as we all continue to laugh and carry on in the face of our own respective adversities, I hope you’ll take a minute every now and again to think about what it might be like to be born with a disease like spinal muscular atrophy.

I believe that as long as we keep making ourselves aware of the struggles of others, important positive changes will continue to be made, and someday, kids like me won’t need to write posts like this.

“No, please. Don’t leave,” Orlando spoke, greeting whoever had entered the self-catering kitchens with a smile. It wasn’t something that often graced his aged features, but he was in a good mood for once. Ignoring the slight shake of his hand (a dark reminder that his muscles were still deteriorating), he lifted the pan to place it on a lower heat before looking up at the intruder. “I’ve cooked enough food to feed a small army. Would you like some?”

anonymous asked:

Forgive me because I do not know much about this, but can't you essentially force the snake to fast in order to lose weight? (In terms of Harvey, cuz you said she's fat.) Like, can you feed her just once a month, or is that bad for snakes, like it would be bad for humans?

It’s kind of cruel to make an animal go hungry especially when they rely on you for their resources. Idk about physiologically, but i assume it’s the same process as within a human with muscle deterioration and such.