Level-5 Vision 2016 and Level-5 Fan Night to be live streamed on YouTube and Niconico - Gematsu

Level-5 Vision 2016 and Level-5 Fan Night will be live streamed on YouTube and Niconico, Level-5 announced.

Level-5 Vision, Level-5’s press conference sub-titled “New Heroes,” will run from 15:30 to 17:00 JST on July 27. It will feature the reveals of new Inazuma Eleven and Professor Layton titles, Level-5’s fifth cross-media project, Snack World, the Yo-kai Watch series, and possibly more. Trademarks in Europe today suggest the first two titles are Inazuma Eleven Ares and Lady Layton, and that Level-5 will announce new titles called Megaton Musashi and Otmé Hero.

Level-5 Fan Night, an event directly following Level-5 Vision 2016, will run from 19:30 to 21:30 JST on July 27. It will feature a fan participation event, Level-5 titles talk stage, Yo-kai Watch corner, concert, and more.

Get the live stream links below.

Level-5 Vision 2016 (July 27 from 15:30 to 17:00 JST)

Level-5 Fan Night (July 27 from 19:30 to 21:30 JST)

tbh lets bring back mob wearing everyone’s clothes … like Teru and ritsu and musashi and tome probably all lend him clothes and that first he’s like no .. I can’t possibly but eventually it’s the weekend and he comes to reigens office and reigen is like “mob what are you wearing???” and mob is not wearing a single article of his own clothing … the shirt is musashi’s the shorts are terus the socks are tomes the shoes are ritsus and he’s like Oh .


New Layton and Inazuma Eleven trademarks, free Boo t-shirt and more

LEVEL5 VISION 2016 -NEW HEROES- will be tomorrow at 15:30 - 17:00 JST broadcast on both YouTube and niconico with the homepage here. I’ve booked the day off work to cover live but from European trademarks recently filed, the event will showcase:-

- Lady Layton
- Inazuma Eleven Ares
- Megaton Musashi
- Otmé Hero
- Yokai Daijiten
- Yokai Watch: Geraporhythm

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Dinner 1/ 2/2015: Musashi’s, 1400 N. 45th Street, Seattle, WA

Me: Chirashi bowl with unagi, salmon and tobiko.

The husband: Chirashi bowl with unagi, salmon and yellowtail.

Shared: Onigiri and spicy tuna roll.

If there’s three things you’ve got to know about Musashi’s, it’s these: long waits, cash only, and the construct-your-own, off-the-menu chirashi bowl.

You don’t actually build the chirashi bowl yourself, but you basically tell the waiter the kinds of fish you want and it will be made accordingly. If all you want is unagi, you’ll get a heaping bowl of rice and unagi, period. Best of all, it’s only about $12. Onigiri was OK - a bit on the dry side - and the roll was a nice supplement, though we probably didn’t need it since the chirashi was so substantial on its own.

@popipoyan reigen is sad bc HE wants to be mobs buddy TOO , reigen is like the epitome of that meme abt the old guy trying to fit in with The Kids, he just wants mob to be able to confide in him as a friend and b cool with him but .. reigen just isn’t relatable … he tries to offer mob his jacket when it’s raining but mob just uses his powers to keep the rain off …. reigen tries to let mob borrow some old ratty ass tshirt with sweat stains when mobs shirt gets filthy from a spirit and dimple mocks reigen and mobs like “I’m fine..” … reigen is worried that he isn’t in with the kids anymore… is he not mobs friend?? who’s this musashi guy whys mob wearing his shirt what the fuck reigen is cool too

Shamy as Pokémon Team Rocket style for this #shamysunday

With their Pokémons: Lovey Dovey the Blue Jay, Zazzles the cat, Ricky the lab monkey and Giuseppe the turtle.

I had SO MUCH FUN DOING THIS, you have no idea!!!

I only can picture Shamy being the Team Rocket as Jessie and James (original names Musashi and Kojiro)

I hope you like the crossover!! Have a great Sunday!!! Go catch them all!!
Will TBBT talk about Pokémon now that we have this international BOUM again? I was catching pokémons 17 years ago and now I’m going to catch some more. Life goals. Talk later!!!