Pilih jalanmu menghias hamparan medan perjuangan. Seperti apa engkau dan apa sifatmu, itulah milikmu; lalu sentuhlah dengan pesona Islami.

Akankah dengan kekar badanmu kau membela Islam? Maka teladani bagaimana tangkas Barra bin Malik melempar dirinya dengan pelontar, mengguncang benteng Musailamah Al Kadzab sendirian; sampai berhasil membuka gerbang dan bentangkan kemenangan.

Akankah dengan cerdas idemu kau akan membela Islam? Lihatlah Zaid bin Tsabit, pemuda idaman belajar banyak bahasa dalam 3 hari tuk dakwah. Ketua penghimpun Al Quran dan penulis wahyu andalan.

Akankah dengan kesetiaanmu engkau membela Islam? Lihatlah bagaimana Anas bin Malik sepenuh hati mengabdi pada Rasulullah tercinta. 10 tahun menemani baginda, menjaga segala kebutuhannya.

Akankah dengan kemampuan tempurmu kau akan menjadi pedang Allah selanjutnya? Pandangi sang Khalid, tajam strateginya menangkan semua perang. Tak terlewat satu tempat kecuali ia fikirkan bagaimana memenangkan perang disitu.

Akankah mungkin pula ketampananmu kau gunakan untuk semarak dakwah? Maka lihatlah sang Mushab bin Umair yang necis dan Dihyah bin Khalifah yang mirip bentuk Jibril ketika turun dengan bentuk manusia. Tampan dan shalih pembuka gerbang jiwa-jiwa terima kebenaran.

Akankah kemampuan menghafalmu jadi mata air terpeliharanya dakwah? Perhatikan Abu Hurairah yang bersahaja, himpun hadits sepenuh cita.

Akankah public speaking-mu jadi senjata menangkan hati manusia tuk peluk Islam? Datangilah sang Amr bin Ash, diplomat terbaik bangsa Arab.

Akankah puisimu mengguncang sanubari tuk menerima kebenaran? Simaklah syair Hasan bin Tsabit, Abdullah bin Rawahah dan Thufail bin Amr

Engkau adalah engkau, kawan. Jadilah dirimu dan temukan cirikhasmu. Sebagaimana sahabat berkarya dengan keahlian masing-masing, pun kita jua.

—  @edgarhamas

No, of course no.

Our immediate answer, right?

Well, have we actually thought of our position, our state with our iman? Or do we actually think about it?

Look, I want to share to you a story about one of the greatest soldiers of Islam whose faith is really really an everlasting astonishment to every Muslim.


His name is Habib Ibn Zaid Radiyallahu Anhu. Yes, you are right he is the son of Nusaybah Bint Ka'b and Zaid Ibn ‘Aasim Radiyallahu Anhum. 

When Musailamah the Liar couldn’t be stopped on spreading his falsehood and slander on the believers and instigating people against them, the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam sent him a message in which he picked Habib Ibn Zaid Radiyallahu Anhu to carry it and deliver his message.

When Habib reached his destination and Musailamah the Liar read the letter he was carrying, he went on a rage and became more aberrant and arrogant. He then sent Habib into imprison.

After that, Musailamah called upon and gathered the people to witness his so called memorable day, and this was the day where Habib Radiyallahu Anhu was placed infront of these people to completely humiliate him before the crowd. 

Musailamah then asked Habib, “Do you bear witness that Muhammad is, indeed, the Messenger of Allah?”

Habib answered, “Yes, I do bear witness that Muhammad is, indeed, the Messenger of Allah.”

Musailamah’s face went white with humiliation and embarrassment yet he asked again, “Do you witness that I am the Messenger of Allah?”

Habib scornfully replied, “Nonsense!”

With this Musailamah’s face darkened and started to slap Habib fiercely before the crowd, his slaps became stronger with every blow. He became so violent and called for the executioner.

The executioner then hurriedly stabbed Habib’s body with sword, he consecutively slew him, cutting his body into small pieces, one by one. 

Habib made no sound beside chanting the words, “La illaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasool Allah.”


Allahu'akbar! Allahu'akbar! Look at the stance and faith of this blessed man! 

Now one will think why I have asked such question that when the oppressor tells you to renounce islam, will you is because I want each and everyone who reads this story to go and have a moment of silence and ponder then ask yourself;

With the state of iman you have right now, do you think you would be like Habib who will stand firm on his faith? or maybe you’ll ask him to spare your life and renounce your Islam and just think to yourself that Allah will understand and He will forgive me?

We all know that saying, it’s easier said than done. Indeed, it is so easy to say No on this question but so hard to justify it. 

One thing that is so beautiful about the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum is that their words were in perfect harmony with their actions, so let us always strive to be like that. 

Realize that this world is like an oppressor who tells you to not go and pray instead just go and do these worldly things, do not renounce your Islam by leaving your obligations to Allah Azza Wa Jall.


And we pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall helps us and guides us to be able to practice what we preach and make us able to justify our words perfectly with our actions in complete obedience to Him.




Story taken from Men around the Messenger, pp. 208-209

Compilation of the Qur’ān & death of Musailamah

Musailamah was an imposter who called himself a Prophet, even during the time of Muhammad ﷺ. When Muhammad ﷺ died , people of the weak faith, especially among wandering Arabs, began to desert Islam and become renegades. Musailamah then took advantage of this situation and lured a large number of people to fall prey to his seduction. 

Abu Bākr (RA) decided to put a stop to this onslaught on Islam. A fierce battle was fought with him, in which the Muslims triumphed with the help of Allāh, and Musailamah was killed.

In this battle, a good number of the Sahābah, including many Huffāz lost their lives, to this Umār(RA) went to Abu Bākr(RA) and said;

“Many Huffāz have been slain in this battle. I’m afraid we are likely to lose a good portion of the Qur'ān if we fight a few more battles and suffer loss of Huffāz this rate. I, therefore, suggest that the Qur'ān may compiled and preserved in the form of one complete book.”

Abu Bākr(RA) remarked;

“How can I venture on a thing that was not done in the life of Muhammad ﷺ?”

But Umār(RA) pressed his point so much that Abu Bākr(RA) agreed to it. He then sent for Zaid bin Thabit (RA) and informed him of what has passed between him and Umār(RA) and said;

“ You are young and intelligent. Everybody considered you trustworthy. Moreover you were charged by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with the writing of the Qur'ān during his life time. I, therefore, request you to go to the people and collect the Qur'ān from them and complete it in the form of a book.”

Zaid(RA) says;

“ By Allāh, if Abu Bākr(RA) had asked me to shift a mountain from one place to another, it would not have been so hard for me as the compilation of the Qur'ān. I said, "How do you both dare to do a thing which was not done by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ?” They explained until Allāh made the truth dawn on me, and I also was convinced of the importance of the task. I then started going to the people and collecting the Qur'ān from those who had written it and those who had learnt it by heart, until the final collection was ready. “

Zaid(RA) was so particular and cautious that he would accept the fragments only when these were proved to be written during Muhammad's ﷺ time and after they were duly corroborated by the recitation of those who had preserved the Qur'ān in their hearts. 

Zaid(RA) who was constantly assisted by Ubayy bin Ka'ab(RA) -who had great expertise in Qur'ānic knowledge, had to go from door to door and person to person, but Allāh caused, thanks to their labors, every word revealed by Him to be collected and compiled by them, successfully.

Abu Bākr called the first compiled Qur'ān as Mushaf.

Allāh indeed gave the Sahābah the greatest honor of doing the greatest service to Islam, by compiling the Qur'ān. 

These were the love and respect of the Sahābah towards Muhammad ﷺ, they would rather shift mountains than doing something peculiar things that wasn’t done during his ﷺ time. Indeed, Muslims of all times are highly indebted to the Sahābah for their magnificent achievement.

This was their struggle, and yet Muslims nowadays neglect or even forget about the Qur'ān, O how much shame have we brought ourselves infront of Allāh?

We treat the Qur'ān lightly, when the Sahābah struggled to keep it and make it survive it’s existence so that it may reach us, this is pure love from the Sahābah. 

May Allāh grant these Sahābah the highest ranks of Jannah. Amin.

Stories of the Sahābah