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M!A for Lya where you're pregnant with Adam's child, and tyrian is (somehow) the uncle, but You have these scary ass mood swings


Hunter hid on th bunker with Piper and Demian. “DEMIAN FOR FUCKS SAKE,CALL ADAM!!”

“I AM DOING IT, C-CALM–” Demian shut himself after hearing a roaring.

“GUYS I SWEAR FOR GODS SAKE I WILL MURSER HUNTER!I AM NOT FAT! Rosalya hissed outside of the bunker.

"Hunter,YOU CALLED HER FAT?!” Piper face grew pale as she stared at him.

“…ADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!” The three of thek screamed in fear

"Austin Powers" Actor Allegedly Kills Sex Offender in Prison

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THE DIRTY: Can’t say that we saw this one coming! Joseph Son, 40, who played the character Random Task in the movie “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is being accused of killing his 50 year-old cellmate in a California prison on Monday afternoon! Son, who reported to jail September 16 to serve a sentence of life without parole for a torture conviction stemming from the 1990 rape of a woman walking her dog was sharing a cell with a man who was sentenced to two years in prison for violating parole when he didn’t register as a sex offender. The man was found dead in their cell on Monday afternoon. The cause of death is pending, and while Son is listed as a suspect, prison officials reportedly plan on charging him as soon as their investigation is complete!