murs and slug

The problem with sex is self-respect, calibration…
the orgasm services your validation.
And the problem with love, is that it lives in a book now…
the problem with drugs is that they’re too fucking good now.
The problem with logic is theres too many loopholes,
and the problem with truth is that its usually brutal.
The problem is I can’t trust most of what I see…
so fuck it, all the problems of life must be me.
—  Slug (”The Biggest Lie”, Felt)
I’ll take you anyway that I can have you, bring along your ethics and your issues and your taboos. Its not the standard ‘free bird’ situation but you’re talking to these pieces of a man thats trynna make it. Through the puzzles, travels, struggles, battles. The body pillow pimp trynna snuggle with my shadow. We could stay proper, keep the clothes on, no pressure. Just hold me and pretend like you’ve known me forever. Wont ya?
—  Slug (Woman Tonight)