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anonymous asked:

What was your first furry comic?

Reading or drawing? the first one I drew was Funky Forest, which has been thankfully forgotten and scrubbed from the Internet. It was a mistake. The title was deliberately chosen to sound like the stupidest thing ever, and the only things that I remember about it is that it starred Mulligan Crow, a reporter who just shouted WHAT A SCOOP constantly; a lizard scientist named Dr. Pangolin who was convinced that we were living in the best of all possible worlds (GET IT?); and a bat that used her feet as hands and was basically the same character design as Totally 80s Mercedes from the later Murry Purry Fresh and Furry.  Oh and Butterwort from MPFF also made her first appearance there, as the despotic ruler of Fuky Forest’s neighbor state Fucktopia, which was a really unneccessary parody of Kit and Kay Boodle (which was in full swing at the time). It was a collaboration with another Internet cartoonist, before we had a falling out over me not wanting to learn animation and animate free lactation porn for him.

Or if you mean the first one I READ, that was Sabrina Online because I liked looking at Sabrina’s ass. That Eric Schwartz drew some fine asses in his day.