murrle bennett

I sent mum with two necklaces I found in an op-shop a few months ago- $8 each- I bought them because they were just so gorgeous. From what I could find- Murrle Bennett might be responsible for them, they were made ~1910 - 1920. There are many similar ones online for a buttload of money. Anyway I sent her with them to an antiques festival.

She just called me and said the appraiser said they were the most interesting thing he’d seen through the whole show- and valued them at a minimum $150 each. Only one has the original chain though- so that might be even more.

Seriously I’ve been back to that store a few times- they know nothing of jewellery there I’ve seen pearls and gold chains thrown into the costume jewellery rack its awesome

Just bought this c1900 black opal necklace made by Murrle Bennett– one of the finest producers of Art Nouveau jewelry at the turn of the century.