The Lord needs and takes time, because we and everyone around us are creatures of time, subject to the law of growth. But know that not one single prayer of faith can possibly be lost, and that sometimes there is a necessity for accumulating prayer. Know that persevering prayer pleases God. Prayer becomes the quiet, persistent living of our life of desire and faith in the presence of our God.

Andrew Murray

For a moment, he entertained the wild fantasy that Lillie wasn’t dead but only swept away into a distant time. He couldn’t see or touch her, but the knowledge that she was doing things, was alive … maybe it was knowing that, thinking that, that had kept Uncle Jamie whole. He swallowed, hard.

– Michael Murray, “The Space Between”

God, to have her here, to lay her hands on him, to tend his wounds and cradle his head in her lap. But she was gone — gone away two hundred years from him — and thank the Lord that she was! Tears trickled slowly from under his closed lids, and he rolled painfully onto his side, to hide them from the others.

Lord, that she might be safe, he prayed. She and the child.

– Jamie Fraser, “Voyager”

Especially in a “democracy,” in the phrase so often used by American liberals in their heyday before the mid-1960s when doubts began to creep into the liberal utopia: “Are we not the government?” In the phrase “we are the government,” the useful collective term “we” has enabled an ideological camouflage to be thrown over the naked exploitative reality of political life. For if we truly are the government, then anything a government does to an individual is not only just and not tyrannical; it is also “voluntary” on the part of the individual concerned.
—  For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto by Murray Rothbard

Missing My NFL…

Alex Smith Is One Of The Most Beautiful Men IN The NFL. The Fellows Competing To Be His Backups Are Worthy Paladins To This God Of The Grid Iron.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Basically yes, and all of this. I feel like this has been such a bait-and-switch because they’re to afraid to actually make brave writing choices. This is the biggest cop out they’ve ever pulled, and that’s saying something. Like I actually had to pause and breathe when they tried to cover their ass in show by dropping that Rumple must have been talking about The Black Fairy THE WHOLE TIME DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN.

No. Fuck you. Fuck your scared little retcon.

And bless Jaime Murray, but god I hate everything about this plot because of how boring, safe, and low stakes it is. I’m sure they’re going to throw one episode of Tragic Backstory™ at her and try to fob that off as bravery, but wow. Combined with all of the rest of the sloppy, cheap, low-stakes writing in every other aspect of the show? I just can’t overlook it.

Regina and Rumple were set up to be Emma’s final battle, but A&E chickened the fuck out bc ratings or angry fans or whatever the fuck.


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