murray darling

In his 1933 book, Bunyips and Billabongs, Charles Fenner wrote what he believed the legendary Bunyip to be. He wrote that the “actual origin of the bunyip myth lies in the fact that from time to time seals have made their way up the […] Murray and Darling [Rivers]”. However, if it were merely a seal, it would not explain the numerous strange descriptions of the creature. Witnesses claim it to have features like a dog-like face, the head of a crocodile, course fur, a horse-like tail, flippers, walrus tusks and even the bill of a duck.


Love finds John in an unexpected place.

Graham Kurtz and Satya Bhabha BREAK THE INTERNET

some ideas to change the world FOREVER be like mike
  • Cats are great you can pat a cat when you want to (or if you are not a fan of cats just go about your regular activities)
  • Science is now free, you’re welcome, ladies
  • If someone walks too slowly in front of you for a period of more than 20 seconds you are allowed to punch them in the back of the head and they have to apologise to you
  • the daily telegraph now comes with a blank front page and an app where you can create your own outrage
  • one day a week on twitter people can only say nice things (or bad things if they’re good at wording them)
  • Cartoonists are suspect
  • talking about high speed rail is now illegal (sorry freedom of speech high speed rail people are the worst)
  • the melbourne coffee tram is named the 9th wonder of the world
  • the northern territory is renamed to shane warne
  • horses ARE ILLEGAL
  • children get their own children only planes for flights longer than 1 minute
  • it becomes easy to get a new identity to become a food truck owner in sydney
  • people dressing up as hobos get free public transport but only if they can whistle a lick
  • you can say whatever you want to paul howes on twitter and it’s illegal for him to block you
  • dodos are no longer extinct
  • hedgehogs are now legal
  • cancer is frowned upon
  • trams are deregulated
  • tax on papercuts to provide incentives for other forms of accidental injury
  • open letters are outlawed


Wendy Darling corners John and Michael for an all out Darling feeling showdown.