So, obviously, Rachel and Audrey were working on a project together and when Audrey was taken in for questioning in season one after Rachel’s death, she hardly told what their project was. Erin, pointed out, that what if it wasn’t just Audrey who brought Piper to Lakewood? What if Rachel knew too and we in on it? And what if, that video they were working on was one to expose Nina? But, because of that, and Rachel catching Nina and Kieran on video at that bar; Piper and Kieran knew they had to shut Rachel up before anything got out, that could potentially expose Kieran (which it did, but Emma wasn’t about to listen to that.) Not to mention, when Audrey and Emma went to the abandoned hospital, Audrey told Emma she and Rachel used the voice modulator app for ‘Rachel’s zombie movie’, which really makes me believe, that they weren’t making a zombie movie, and that it was related to Nina, or even possibly Piper.

And in season two, Eddie told Noah he saw Piper fighting with a girl, which was Audrey and because of that, and that it was the night Rachel was killed; leads me to think it was Kieran who played out the actual killing, since Rachel did catch him on film. And this is where, blackmailing Audrey comes into play and carries out through the second season; because she obviously loved Rachel, and if Piper wanted to stay close to Audrey and her friends, it would only make sense of them killing Rachel, not only to keep her quiet, but also to keep Audrey on the line, making it impossible for her to escape all this until Piper go what she wanted. The letter’s that Kieran still had from Audrey to Piper, was just more leverage to Kieran, to keep Audrey quiet as it was shown in the show.

Also, we never actually got answers as to why Audrey stole those files, but me and Erin figured, that what if those files were connected to the separate video she was making? The one she was supposedly getting help from Piper with? That’s the only reasonable explanation for those files, and why she burned them with her letters; because while it could have linked her to Piper, it could’ve exposed her, and what her real video was if they had found those papers and dug deeper.

Long story short; maybe rachel was killed, because she was connected to it, and not only just because she caught kieran on video, but because she wanted out (if she did help audrey bring piper to lakewood to scare nina) because she connected the dots of kieran with nina, and then nina being killed that night too & didn’t want to be apart of it, and because piper wanted to have that leverage over audrey

Agent Carter Harry Potter AU: Background, JACK THOMPSON.

                  “They were muggles… in the Godric Valley, the ones I killed. I just didn’t realise
                     until it was too late. I ran away from the house before anybody could find me.
                                        Everybody thinks that I’m this guy that I never was.
                                       And everyday, it gets harder and harder to live with it.

Jack Thompson was born as the third child of a very wealthy and ancient american family of pure blood wizards with a tradition of belonging to the Slytherin house for generations from his father’s side, while his mother an Austrian-American young woman was an Ilvermorny student who belonged to the Horned Serpent house.

When Jack was just eleven years old, he was bitten by a werewolf turning him into one too. Ashamed of his situation, and knowing his father wouldn’t accept such a monster to live with them, he begged him to allow him to go to Hogwarts using the excuse of wanting to follow his family tradition, proud of his son’s choice he sent a letter to professor Dumbledore asking him if the youngest member of the Thompson family could study in his castle being accepted within a week.

In Hogwarts, he was sorted in the Slytherin house and with years he was named Perfect of his house as well Captain of the Quidditch team. There, he also met Peggy Carter (Gryffindor), Daniel Sousa (Hufflepuff), Howard Stark (Ravenclaw) and Edwin Jarvis (Hufflepuff) who remained friendly with him, since although he was a “complete Slytherin”, he didn’t show he was like the others of his house. He made it to hide his werewolf condition by drinking a potion Professor Dumbledore had convinced Professor Slughorn to make exclusively for him.

After getting out of Hogwarts, thanks to his father’s contacts, he became an Auror where he kept working with his school friends Carter and Sousa, becoming close to their boss Roger Dooley whose interest was gained because of his skills as a wizard. Jack was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix to fight Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

After Roger Dooley’s death to an undercover Death Eater in the Auror’s Office, he became the office’s boss and helped Auror Peggy Carter to catch Death Eater Dottie Underwood, and successfully getting her to Azkaban, Jack sent Peggy to Sousa’s office in America in order to take care of Dottie Underwood’s case himself, but a change of plans got in his way. Vernon Masters, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement took the case convincing Jack that it was for a greater good and now that the Dark Lord was weak and the Order was on it’s last days, the world wasn’t going to need a leader like him in the Auror’s Office so he could offer him something more, at the end Jack ends up joining to the Death Eaters, which instead of treason to the Ministry of Magic or to Dumbledore and the Order, he takes as an advantage to have information from both sides and be a double agent, yet this is not welcomed by his friends and allies when they find out about his loyalties to the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

Read Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, Howard Stark, Dottie Underwood and Edwin Jarvis’ backgrounds.

I feel like Sopia is having such a hard time

First Dan, who used to be her boyfriend, died, and now her beloved dog..
She went through so much in her life - her moms illness, the marriage to Chad (MM), the whole issues with Austin - on and off for so long because of the fears from her relationship with Chad.

She is so strong, its inspiring!


“Peg, you work in a boring office. It ain’t life or death.”

Darling, you have no idea.”

Read Peggy, Jack, Daniel, Howard, Dottie and Jarvis’ backgrounds.
Andy Murray shut down a casually sexist remark during an interview
Following tennis player Andy Murray's second consecutive Olympic gold medal win Sunday night, casual sexism reared its ugly head once again in a post-game interview.
By Mic

According to the Evening Standard, when BBC reporter John Inverdale praised Murray for being the first “person” to win two Olympic medals in tennis, Murray interjected with a gentle reminder that women are people too.

“You’re the first person ever to win two Olympic tennis gold medals,” Inverdale said. “That’s an extraordinary feat, isn’t it?”

“I think Venus and Serena [Williams] have won about four each,” he said.

Inverdale’s gaffe was just one of several blunders from commentators and the media undercutting or erasing women’s athletic achievements altogether.

The tennis star has spoken out about gender bias in tennis before, calling himself a feminist in a 2015 blog post recounting the unfair criticism his coach Amélie Mauresmo faces just by virtue of being a woman.

“She’s the one who’s taken the heat,” wrote Murray in a blog post for French sports daily L'Equipe, according to the Guardian. “Her competence was always under fire.”

As for whether he’s become a feminist over the course of his career, Murray had an ace of an answer: “Well, if being a feminist is about fighting so that a woman is treated like a man then yes, I suppose I have.”

Read the full piece here

Nice volley, Andy! Send that sexism right back.

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Scream Fans at the end of season 2
  • Emrey Shippers:It's almost cannon
  • Critics:Kieran's Acting Though
  • Nostavo Shippers:Well at least they had SOME scenes but IT WILL HAPPEN!IT WILL
  • Mitzgerald Shippers:*cry in corner*
  • Zoe and Jake Fans:This show is still Racist!
  • Scream Theorists:All those theories for Nothing, it was sooo obvious
  • Horror Fans:AH the references
  • Half the Fandom:BEX I LOVE YOU!
  • The Whole Fandom:Haley died for a dick
  • Me:Still mourning Rachel and Riley