murrah building bombing

The bombing memorial marathon in OKC is trending in four different spots on Twitter, including #1, and I’m so proud. In Oklahoma, we grow up learning about the deadly Murrah Building Bombing in school, and I’m so glad people are still spreading awareness about it and celebrating the lives lost, even now, over two decades later.

Cover-up in OKC

“Our investigation has led to several major conclusions that completely contradict the official government line, which holds that Timothy McVeigh masterminded and carried out the terrorist assault on the Murrah Building, with his only significant assistance coming from former Army buddy Terry Nichols. Those conclusions, more fully examined in the remainder of this article, are summarized in the following bullet points:

  • Multiple Accomplices —     Credible witnesses saw McVeigh with John Does in Junction City, Kansas, where the Ryder truck was rented, in the days before the bombing. Many additional credible witnesses saw McVeigh with one or more John Does in Oklahoma City on the morning of the bombing. Still more credible witnesses saw McVeigh with one or more John Does in or around the Murrah Building in the days before the bombing. In fact, the prosecution did not present any eye-witnesses in Oklahoma City who saw McVeigh alone on the day of the bombing; virtually every eyewitness saw him with one or more John Does.
  • Multiple Bombs —  Physics, the available forensic evidence, official records, eyewitnesses, and an impressive array of world-class experts compellingly argue that the Ryder truck bomb could not have caused the terrible damage and deadly destruction of the federal building without the help of explosive charges placed on the columns of the building. This clearly put the bombing operation beyond McVeigh’s level of technical expertise and necessitated two or more additional accomplices.
  • Prior Knowledge —     Documents from the ATF, FBI, and U.S. Marshal’s Service, as well as witness testimony and the testimony of federal undercover informants, indicate that high officials in the federal government were given prior warning about the impending attack on the Murrah Federal Building.
  • Misconduct, Coercion, and Cover-up — In an astonishing number of instances, vital evidence was ignored, suppressed, tampered with, and even destroyed.  Witnesses were coached, harassed, and coerced in attempts to get them to change their testimony.”

A Noble Lie : The Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995  

“The 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. 168 people were killed, including nineteen children. For those watching the nightly news, terrorism had come home. For years following the bombing, countless victims’ family members, survivors, rescuers, and ordinary Americans, have questioned the official accounts about that fateful day. Hoping to shed light on answers long ignored and censored, both by prominent media outlets and the U.S. government, A Noble Lie peels back what we thought we knew about the bombing and it’s perpetrators. This film exposes information never before examined or brought to the attention of the American public. A Noble Lie is the culmination of years of research and documentation conducted by independent journalists, scholars, and ordinary citizens. Often risking their personal safely and sanity, they have gathered evidence which threatens to expose the startling reality of what exactly occurred at 9 -02 am on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City.“

The Murrah Building Cover-up (literally)

“ The minister who married my wife and I was in OK City right after the Murrah Building bomb(s) exploded, and he volunteered to help dig for survivors. He told of three very odd occurrences. In the first, he was required to show his ID six times before being allowed to help look for survivors. In the second, he confirmed the stories told by others that men in suits and ties were literally stepping over the wounded in their haste to gather up files and certain other items in the debris.

Lastly, and the oddest story of all, he told of more men in suits and ties taping plastic sheeting over portions of the building wreckage! The plastic sheeting used was very thin, could not possibly provide any mechanical support for the covered items, and seemed to serve no other purpose than to conceal the wrapped object from view. This story has also been confirmed by other witnesses. Finally, a photo surfaced which confirms this story (photo above).

Note at the very right edge of the photo a large piece of the building covered in shiny black plastic, partly obscured by the flat piece of floor leaning against it. Note the ladder to get a sense of the size of the covered object.” 


17 years ago today, the the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing occurred in Oklahoma City.

Today, I just want everyone to remember and honor those who were killed, those who survived, those changed forever, and the brave rescue workers.

- My Dad was one of those people who helped the scene.
- My Jedo was the priest that prayed with those who lost loved ones, the days that followed.

I’m so proud of them for doing what they did best when Oklahoma (and the Nation) needed them most. 

I was so young, this happened in 1995, so I was about 6 years old.  And, yet, I remember it so clearly, I just remember taking a nap or something and waking up to this “thunder” (we lived in North Oklahoma City - similar distance to North Austin/Downtown) and I went to my Mom and said, is it thundering?  But, Dad was already gone to help the “thunder” I heard and Mom didn’t know how to explain it to me.  The years that past that moment, I wondered why I never went to the memorial site, but I think part of me just didn’t want to know what that “thunder” did that day.  I already saw too many confusing pictures, heard too much talk of violence and terrorism, and I guess as a child, I just wanted to forget about it all.

Now that I’m older, I’d really like to visit the memorial site, it’s actually got quite an eerie beauty to it and I feel like I need to finally know what really happened that day.

(each photo has a tiny description as well)