murrah building bombing


17 years ago today, the the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing occurred in Oklahoma City.

Today, I just want everyone to remember and honor those who were killed, those who survived, those changed forever, and the brave rescue workers.

- My Dad was one of those people who helped the scene.
- My Jedo was the priest that prayed with those who lost loved ones, the days that followed.

I’m so proud of them for doing what they did best when Oklahoma (and the Nation) needed them most. 

I was so young, this happened in 1995, so I was about 6 years old.  And, yet, I remember it so clearly, I just remember taking a nap or something and waking up to this “thunder” (we lived in North Oklahoma City - similar distance to North Austin/Downtown) and I went to my Mom and said, is it thundering?  But, Dad was already gone to help the “thunder” I heard and Mom didn’t know how to explain it to me.  The years that past that moment, I wondered why I never went to the memorial site, but I think part of me just didn’t want to know what that “thunder” did that day.  I already saw too many confusing pictures, heard too much talk of violence and terrorism, and I guess as a child, I just wanted to forget about it all.

Now that I’m older, I’d really like to visit the memorial site, it’s actually got quite an eerie beauty to it and I feel like I need to finally know what really happened that day.

(each photo has a tiny description as well)