Dear Evan Hansen AU

- Bisexual Evan™ has a crush on both of the Murphy Siblings
- he’s good friends with both (he hangs out with Connor more tho)
- he tells both that he has a crush on the other
- Zoe is like “tell me something I don’t know”
- Jealous Connor™
- Zoe helps set Evan up with Connor
- they go on a date and like halfway through Connor is like “wait I though you liked my sister”
- Evan nervously goes “I liked you too…” (he’s bright red)
- Connor laughs

highlights of 4x07
  • shirtless Bellamy HELLO 
  •  honestly Kane is hot too 
  • and Harper DAMN 
  • “I just needed to see my mom” aw Clarke baby 
  • “Go take a shower” thank you Abby making sure Clarke is clean 
  • BELLAMY SUITING UP TO SAVE ONE OF THE HUNDRED that boy loves his costumes 
  • Honestly Bellamy is so BRAVE and GOOD I love him so much 
  • Becca’s house is amazing but there’s no way that pool stayed clean the whole time 
  • Shower time for Clarke hell yeah I love this new soft look 
  • Why won’t anyone let my baby girl rest 
  • …Oh Bellamy…such a sad moment but GOD Bob is so good 
  • Murphy and Emori, the morally gray murder children 
  • Ilian is such a cutie patootie but I want Octagon to stay the hell away from him!!! Don’t taint him with your shitty ways!!! 
  • Bellamy and Kane’s relationship is so important and their talks break my heart 
  • “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” YES Bellamy time to focus on people who actually care about you 
  • Oh hi Roan 
  • Omfg did Emori plant that guy here what a devious little bean I love her

Murphy: *appears*

Bellamy:  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOO-

Kane: Bellamy focus.


pairing: connor murphy x reader

word count: 2300 

warnings: swearing. so much swearing. death mention a couple times

a/n: does someone wana tell me what this is bc i have absolutely no idea. there should be fluffier and better-written fics coming later this week but i’m really spaced out today and dont know how i feel a bout this even though i worked hard on it for 3 days even though i could barely write it!!! so. yeah. enjoy this trash heap!!1! 

“I think we need to break up.”

His words are quiet, and feel so hollow and unreal, that you have to take a step forward to make sure you heard him right.

“What?” you ask him, holding a hand out to touch his forearm. “Connor, what are you talking about?”

When your fingers touch his skin, he flinches and pulls away; he takes a few steps back. The space between you is just a few feet, but right now, it feels more like a million miles. “Just… don’t make this harder than it has to be, okay?”

“I-I don’t understand,” you stutter. “I… you’re breaking up with me?”

Connor nods. He isn’t even looking at you – his eyes are locked on the ground, on his combat boots, on the scuff marks at the top, curving down the front. You can’t read his face, and you certainly can’t tell what he’s thinking – you’ve become quite good at reading his body language, but he’s standing lazily, almost casually, his long fingers slipped into his pockets and his hair falling in front of his face. The only giveaway that he’s at all nervous is the heaving of his chest. He’s not breathing normally. He’s not breathing right.

“What the fuck?” you demand, taking another step forward. He looks up at you, his eyes flickering from one eye to the other, and shifts back again. He’s not even on the front porch anymore – he’s out the door, down the sidewalk, away from you and your crumbling heart. “Things were going good, Connor. I know you felt that.”

Connor nods. “Yeah. They were.”

And he says nothing else before disappearing.

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She’s the best,” Harmon says of D'Oliveira. “From day one we had a great chemistry. [At first] we didn’t know how long she was going to be on the show. In the first season, she was just in one episode. So I remember emailing [executive producer] Jason [Rothenberg] saying, ‘This girl is legit, she’s really, really talented. I hope we bring her back.’ I think he already was gonna bring her back. Obviously he did, and we’ve had probably one of the most stable relationships on the show. But the chemistry between us is something we’ve talked about a lot. I think it’s because we have a really wonderful professional relationship. If there’s anyone who knows [Murphy] almost as good as me, it’s Luisa.
—  Richard Harmon about Luisa D'Oliveira and Memori. (Via zimbio)
Please hang up and try again


Clarke is mildly annoyed to see her phone light up with the hospital’s number, buzzing incessantly against the couch. She hates getting called in when she’s actually on-call. Getting called in on her day off, when she’s already eight episodes deep into a Prison Break binge, is even worse.

She’s pretty sure Maya is on shift tonight, and since Maya is the kind of friend Clarke can threaten with bodily harm without any love lost between them, she swipes to answer and sighs, “Whatever huge emergency I’m getting called in on my day off to deal with, it better be able to wait because I’m in my pajamas and there are hardly any trains running at this time of night.”

There’s an unexpected pause on the line.


“Yeah, did you not mean to call me?” She asks hopefully. “Does this mean I don’t have to come in?”

“No, uh–” Maya stutters. “I mean– We don’t need you here but… you might still want to come in? There’s a patient in the ER who gave us your number for his emergency contact.”

Clarke frowns. “Who is it?”

“I can’t really understand him, he’s slurring pretty bad,” says Maya, sounding as exasperated as Clarke has ever heard her. “It sounds like he’s saying his name is Baloney but I’m honestly just not willing to accept that. Even with the way people name their kids these days.”

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Good For You (Evan Hansen x reader)

Date written:6/6/2017
Genre: Angst/Songfic
Written by: Alexander K.
Type: x reader
Note/s: The internet got cut, I was bored. So I made this angsty piece of shit. Enjoy. Ps. I’m not good at writing so sorry in advance.

Tags: @mlpnightfall @dropthe-nicities @endotox @k8lex @littlemissnightmares @yangeliio3o @stakticc @tsurushokubutsu @that-gay-fangirl

Evan and [Name] had this thing going on, where if they did something once, they’d always do it repetitively. When they shared their first kiss, Evan would always find a chance to just sneak quick pecks to his girlfriend. When they first held hands, they would always walk around holding each other’s hands when possible.

And then they had their first fight.

Every single night, they would argue. Ranging from something so small like who would wash the dishes when Mrs. Hansen wasn’t home yet, to what they were arguing about right now.

“Why are you always talking about Zoe?! Zoe this, Zoe that! It’s always about her ever since we went to the jazz concert!” [Name] screamed, on the brink of tears. “Well it’s not like you actually care! Zoe told me everything! She told me how you were just faking to love me because you pitied me since I don’t have that many friends!” Evan screamed back, she was speechless.

“YOU are the ONLY person I’ve ever loved this much! To the point where I would be the one to apologize in EVERY SINGLE ARGUMENT. EVEN IF it wasn’t my fault! I was the one who would always try to salvage our relationship! And what do I get in return? The fact that you would choose to believe THE GIRL WHO BULLIED AND HATED ME since sophomore year, that YOUR OWN FUCKING GIRLFRIEND!” [Name] was crying, she could believe how Zoe would do this to her.

“WELL IT ISN’T MY FAULT YOU’RE SO WHINY” Evan quickly retorted back, not thinking much. “FUCK YOU EVAN!” she screamed after a few moments of silence, getting her bag and speed walking towards the door. But before she could open the door, a tired Heidi Hansen opened the door to see her son’s girlfriend crying.

“ Honey, what’s wrong?” she quickly asked, holding her shoulders. “Tell your son to see if what Zoe said was true.” She harshly said before leaving, slamming the door behind her. Heidi turned to her son and her eyes became emotionless. She just found out that every time that Evan wasn’t out with [Name], he was at the Murphy’s. They told her how Evan and Zoe said they were dating, they told her how they thought of Evan as their own son. It was enough that Evan almost had another family, but the fact that he lied to them about how Zoe and him are dating instead of him and his ACTUAL girlfriend, he had crossed the line. She knew Zoe was a bad person, she knows that she had bullied [Nickname] since sophomore year. She was furious.

She walked up to Evan’s room and barged in. “Mom, what are you doing here?” Evan asked, as if he did nothing wrong.

“So you found a place where the grass is greener, and you jumped the fence to the other side. Is it good? Are they giving you a world I could never provide?” Heidi asked, slowly walking over to her son, face full of disappointment. “Well I hope you’re proud of your big decision. Yeah, I hope it’s all that you want and more. Now you’re free from the agonizing life you were living before! And you say what you need to say, so that you get to walk away. It would kill you to have to stay trapped when you’ve got something new.” Evan stood up from his bed and asked, scared 

“Mom, what are you talking about?” “well I’m sorry you had it ‘rough’ and I’m sorry I’m not enough, thank God they rescued you!” she yelled “so you got what you always wanted, so you did what you had to do. Good for you! Good for you! You! You! Got a taste of a life so perfect. Now you say that you’re someone new! Good for you! GOOD FOR YOU!” she said before leaving his room, slamming the door behind her. Evan’s eyes widened, now realizing what she was talking about.

The next day, Evan woke up and did his morning routine. He walked downstairs, expecting his mom downstairs, waiting for him so she could say goodbye. But all he saw was an empty downstairs, with a few dollars on the table for dinner. He shrugged and took the money, leaving for school. While Evan was off with Zoe, Jared and [Name] shared a look before hugging each other, then leaving their separate ways.

On her way to biology, she bumped into Conner Murphy. Before he could say anything, she had quickly dragged him to the side of the hallway. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”  Connor asked. “Be quiet Murphy. And do me a favor and tell your sister she had crossed the line. And tell Evan to fuck off for me and Jared. Thanks” She said before turning around and leaving. Connor stared at her retreating figure before smirking and mumbling to himself “what the fuck did you do Zoe?” before trailing after her to go to Biology. Meanwhile, with Jared, he went to History he had with Evan. Once there, he sat down farthest from where Evan would sit, not even caring to who wanted to sit there.

A few hours past, lunch came. Evan had went after to look for [Name] and Jared, who he knew are best friends. Conner had already told him to leave Jared and [Name] alone, but he doesn’t care. He wanted to talk to the two. He had found them in each other’s arms outside, eating lunch together. “JARED WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOIN WITH MY GIRLFRIEND?!” He yelled, both of them turned and glared at him, he took a step back. They walked to him, Jared standing on his left side and [Name] on his right. “Does it cross your mind to be slightly sorry?” Evan turned to look at his, now ex, girlfriend. “Do you even care that you might be wrong?” She asked, face devoid of emotions. “Was it fun? Well I hope you had a blast while you dragged me along!” He turned to run back in when Jared showed up in front of him. “And you say what you need to say, and you play who you need to play! And if somebody’s in your way, crush them and leave them behind!” “Well I guess if I’m not of use, go ahead you can cut me loose.” They stood in front of him with fake smiles on their faces, “ Go ahead now, I wont mind!”

He stood up but Alex took him by his shirt, “I’ll shut my mouth and I’ll let you go, is that for you? Will that be good for you? You? You?” she threw him down on the grass, and Jared joined in in saying “ I’ll just sit back while you run the show? Is that good for you? Will that be good for you? You? You?” “All I need I some time to think! But the boat is about to sink! Can’t erase what I wrote in ink! Tell me how could I change the story?” Evan asked, looking up at the emotionless best friends. “All the words that I can’t take back! Like a train coming off the track, cause the rails in my bones all crack. I’ve gotta find a way to stop it. STOP IT! JUST LET ME OFF!” Evan screamed, head in his hands.

“So you got what you always wanted” Jared said, “So you got your dream come true! Good for you!” [Name] continued “Good for you! You! You! Got a taste of a life so perfect, now you say that you’re someone new! Good for you!” They said together, making Evan remember what his mom had said, burying his head in his face even more. “Good for you!” [Name] screamed. “Good for you!” Jared screamed as well. “GOOD FOR YOU!” They screamed in sync. “So you got what you always wanted!” They said, before getting their bags and leaving Evan on the ground.

“This is all Zoe’s fault” Evan mumbled under his breath. “No, it’s not. This is all my fault. I knew Zoe hated [Name] , why did I even believe her in the first place?!” Evan asked himself. “I need to find a way to apologize for everyone” He thought before standing up and going back inside for the next class .

My Hero | John Murphy


can i request a murphy imagine where like you’ve been overworking lately bc someone made a comment about how you slack off and it rubbed you the wrong way, and he notices and tries to tell you to take it easy, but you don’t listen and end up fainting and he gets really worried and stuff (even though you two dont know each other that well)?? i love your writing btw!!

(im really sorry, I kind of strayed away from the original request without realizing it! If you want me to write it differently I can always do another one :))

Originally posted by knightofthefandom

You winced as you walked out of your tent, still not used to the pain in your leg. It had been almost a week since your hunting accident, but the injury still lingered. Clarke told you a long healing process was normal, so you weren’t too worried- just annoyed that you couldn’t do much for the time being.

You walked towards the center of camp, unsure of what you’d be doing today. You had always been on hunting duty before, but since you’d gotten hurt you’d been on a new job nearly everyday. As you passed a group of people, you happened to hear your name, causing you to stop and take a few steps back, obscuring yourself from their view.

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