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I love the way she grips her hands around his waist and buries her head in his neck😍😭

Highlights of 4X06

- Nyliah and Clarke because that was cute asf
- Raven trying hard to save the world (like always)
- Sea Mechanic
- Murphy tying to repeat Luna but instead said he was a horny mess
-Luna trying to comfort everyone because she’s an actual angel
- Bellarke and Roan family road trip
- Bellamy still trying to prove himself by saving everyone he can
-Kane being protective dad
- Moonshine
-Bellamy’s face when he saw that it wasn’t Clarke in the tarp
- Roan exposing Bellamy’s feelings…again
- Bellamy and Roan Mr and Mrs Smith type sh*t
- Roans gorilla leap
- Bellamy going from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK when he saw the knife at Clarkes throat
-Bellamy’s gopher dive into the rover
- Bellamys smile to Clarke
- Clarkes smile to Bell
- Murphy helping Raven and her saying thank you
-Raven being brilliant
- Octavia being put in place because of her hypocrisy
- Dad kane again
- Illian is free
- Bellarke beach scene 2.0
- “If I don’t see you again-” HE WAS GONNA SAY I LOVE YOU Y'ALL

“Non dimenticherò mai le cose che mi hai detto. Non perché fossero importanti, ma perché mi hanno fatto sentire bene. -Anonimo ” Foto mia, non togliete la fonte per favore :)

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Murven text post AU where Raven and Roan are dating and Murphy schemes to break them up because HE SAW HER FIRST AND THAT ICE NATION BASTARD HAD NO RIGHT TO ASK HER ON A DATE BEFORE HE DID! 😉

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

10:09 am


Murph-Man: Your mom?

Caw Caw Little Birdy: THIS GIRL

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Dammit Murphy

Caw Caw Little Birdy: You fun-sucking, last-piece-of-pizza snatcher, lotioned foot slipping around in a sock, uncouth garbage human, son of a bitch

Blake 1: You’ve gotten real creative with your insults lately

Blake 2: Rey just shit on your entire life son

Commander Clarke: #loveofmylife

Blake 1: #rude

Caw Caw Little Birdy: ANYWAY

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Roan’s got it all planned out He’s picking me up at seven and we’re going to a fancy dinner and a show. There’s also talk about getting coffee as we leisurely stroll back to my apartment under the light of a thousand brilliant stars, conversing about interesting topics 

Murph-Man: Roan Azgeda: A modern day Jane Austen

Blake 2: Calm yo tits, Mr. Darcy

Commander Clarke: Murphy is SUCH a Darcy

Murphy-Man: Wut

Blake 1: Clarke is Jane Bennet and I’m Mr. Bingley

Blake 2: I’ve always wanted to be a snotty society lady

Blake 2: Count me in as Caroline Bingley 

Murph-Man: I actually hate you all????

Caw Caw Little Birdy: I’M LIZZIE BENNET

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Watch me read all the books and slay men’s hearts with a slightly haughty attitude

Caw Caw Little Birdy: I deserve more than to be married off to a rich man I don’t love to save my father’s estate 

Commander Clakre: ^^^ Same

Blake 2: ^^^ My new Instagram bio 

Blake 1 + Murph-Man

10:40 am

Blake 1: So……

Blake 1: How you doing with all this?

Blake 1: And by this, I mean Raven and Roan

Blake 1: And by Raven and Roan I, of course, mean them dating 

Blake 1: Murphy?

Murph-Man: Sorry I can’t guzzle vodka and text at the same time

Blake 1: It’s not even noon dude

Murph-Man: Then I’ll put the vodka in some orange juice

Murph-Man: Make some toast

Murph-Man: Call it brunch

Murph-Man: Like a middle-aged rich white woman

Blake 1: Buddy…… no

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

12:34 pm

Caw Caw Little Birdy: When you actually care about how this date will go so you shave your legs

Blake 1: Wow, when should we expect to receive the invitations to your wedding?

Murph-Man: Too much work. Just wear sweatpants and call it done

Commander Clarke: Darcy strikes again

Misson imPOSSIBLE 

2:15 pm

Blake 2 added King Azgeda to the group chat

Blake 2: Plan is working perfectly

Blake 2: Or WAS

Commander Clarke: Don’t be passive aggressive to my boyfriend 

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Yeah just be flat out aggressive towards him

Blake 1: Well maybe next time we try and secretly try and set up our friends, yOU GUYS WON’T BASE THE PLAN AROUND ME TRYING TO COMFORT PEOPLE

King Azgeda: Our first mistake

Blake 1: Roan you absolute winter coat made out of Wookie fur

Blake 1: Fight me 

King Azgeda: With pleasure

Blake 2: #TeamRoan

Commander Clarke: (I-think-tf-not-you-trickass-bitch.jpeg)


Caw Caw Little Birdy: We WANT Murphy to come and try to stop the date. Not be drunk off his ass

Blake 1: Before we all start yelling at me again, I DID fix things

Blake 1: Miller is covering Murphy’s shift at the precinct tonight. Jasper and Monty are on their way with coffee and the world’s greasiest burgers to sober Murphy up

Blake 2: Then Bell and I will go over right around the time Roan picks Raven up and trick Murphy into sabotaging the date

King Azgeda: And double check him for weapons before he leaves for said sabotage 

King Azgeda: That’s important 

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

6:43 pm

Caw Caw Little Birdy: I look bomb if I do say so myself

Blake 2: Yeahhhhhhhhhh Rey

Blake 2: Get. Some. ;) 

Commander Clarke: Bow-chicka-bow-wow

Murphy-Man: Bow-chicka-bow-wow?

Murph-Man: My eyes have been sinned upon

Commander Clarke: SEND A PIC OF YOUR DRESS

Caw Caw Little Birdy: (Date-Night.jpeg)

Blake 1: Our little girl is all grown up

Commander Clarke: 21 years of sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears… All for this moment

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Thanks mom and dad <3

Murph-Man: You look really really pretty Rey 

Mission imPOSSIBLE

8:09 pm

King Azgeda: We should have picked a restaurant that served an actual meal

Caw Caw Little Birdy: What even are these portions

Caw Caw Little Birdy: My name is a bird, but I do NOT eat like one

Blake 2: Murphy has left Casa De La Sadness and is on the move

Blake 2: I repeat, on the MOVE

Blake 1: dfsjghorejgirjgjbfdk 


Caw Caw Little Birdy: FAILamy Blake 

Murph-Man + Nathan Miller


Murph-Man: Hey man what beat are you patrolling tonight?

Nathan Miller: The usual 

Murph-Man: That’s good

Nathan Miller: These vague texts aren’t tho

Murph-Man: If you want to pass a polygraph, you drive really slow to the Dropship Theater and you do NOT look closely at the face of the man with the baseball bat when that call comes out

Nathan Miller: WTF 

Mission imPOSSIBLE

9:24 pm

Commander Clarke: I’m stationed at the coffee shop across from the theater

Commander Clarke: Also, this coffee tastes like piss so it’s a good thing this whole date is fake because if I were Raven and Roan bought me coffee from this place?

Commander Clarke: I’d dump it all over that nice-ass suit and there would be NO second date

King Azgeda: wow ok

Blake 1: I’m in love?????

Blake 2: Murphy’s on the move


Blake 1: I’m stuck in traffic what’s happening !!!!!!!!!?

Commander Clarke: Roan looks like a gallant European prince 

Commander Clarke: Murphy looks like a disheveled…. Well just like straight up disheveled in a big old grandpa sweater and dark jeans

Blake 2: Roan snatched that bat from Murphy right quick

Blake 1: Catch them hands too lmao

Blake 2: You right lols

Commander Clarke: We’re like all sitting together watching this right now? And we’re texting each other?

King Azgeda: Raven dragged Murphy back around to the parking lot so they could scream at each other in private. And make out

King Azgeda: (my-longest-yeah-boi-ever.jpeg)

Blake 2: You’ve done well young grasshopper 

Blake 1: Yeah come across the street and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee as a thank you 

King Azgeda: The same coffee your girlfriend said tasted like piss?

Blake 1: That’d be the one

The Island of Misfit Delinquetns 

11:02 pm

Caw Caw Little Birdy: (We-Cute-AND-an-Offical-Couple.jpeg)

Blake 1: Murphy flipping the camera off as you guys kiss is everything I expected your relationship to be 


Blake 2: My skin is clear, my bank account is full, an angel delicately plays the harp in the background 


Murph-Man: Pass

Blake 1: Pass

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Sometimes I’m jealous over how in sync you guys are

Blake 2: *added King Azgeda to Island of Misfit Delinquents*

King Azgeda: Happy for you guys!

Murph-Man: I could have done without the emotional trauma tho tbh

Murph-Man: I’m only 178 pounds of delicate pale skin and sarcasm

Murph-Man: I’m fragile

Caw Caw Little Birdy: It was the only way

Blake 2: We knew your anger would win over your pride

King Azgeda: Why confess your feelings when you can try and beat the fake boyfriend with a baseball bat and hope your point gets across as you shatter the competitions knees?

Blake 2: I would have intervened before he shattered your knees

King Azgeda: Thanks babe <3


Commander Clarke: YOOOOOOOOOOOO 


Caw Caw Little Birdy: It was supposed to go- Go on Fake date, Murphy confesses his feelings (finally) and Octavia somehow breaks the news to her brother that she’s daTING ROAN

Blake 2: I was going to buy him a history book and get him about three glasses of fancy wine deep before I told him

Blake 2: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Azgeda: …….. well this is awkward



Commander Clarke: Guys you gotta break stuff to him gently he has the heart of an 87-year-old man

Caw Caw Little Birdy: He’s gonna go BOOM


Murph-Man: I’d actually like to retract my earlier statement about double dates and propose a TRIPPLE date instead 

Murph-Man: I think that would be good for our friend group 

Being Best Friends With Bellamy Blake And Dating John Murphy Would Include:

• Keeping it secret and making sure Bellamy doesn’t know

• “Murphy, if Bellamy finds out, you know he isn’t gonna be happy” “What makes you say that? The fact that he had me hung for ‘the people’? Or the fact that he banished me, and threatened to kill me when I came back after being tortured?” “Shut up, Murphy” “Love you too”

• Always giving each other looks when you thought no one was looking

• Trying to go on watch with Murphy as much as possible, which Bellamy always thought was suspicious

• “Why’re you voluntarily going on watch with him? I don’t want you hanging around with a criminal like him”

• “Bellamy, we’re all criminals here”

• “Yeah, but he’s the murderer-” “You had him hung for something he didn’t do, and threatened to kill him when he came back after being tortured. Cut the guy some slack, he isn’t a bad guy, Bell

• Murphy insisting you don’t defend him around Bellamy

• “He isn’t wrong, besides, he’ll only get more suspicious if you act like you like me” “yeah, but I do like you”

• Bellamy finding out about the relationship when he caught you and Murphy kissing each other while on watch

• “Get the hell away from her, Murphy!”

• Him punching Murphy before you could stop him

• “Bellamy, fuck off! I love you, you’re my best friend, and being my best friend means listening to me and supporting me” “It also means protecting you from people that will hurt you, like Murphy

• Convincing Bellamy that Murphy wouldn’t hurt you

• “Bell, listen to me, okay? I’ve talked to Murphy since day one, and trust me when I say he isn’t who you think he is, okay? He isn’t a bad person, he just makes bad decisions sometimes, and that doesn’t define him, because you’ve made bad choices too. All of us have”

• Bellamy overworking Murphy so you’d see him less during the day

• “Well, the king making me work seems better than him banishing or beating the shit out of me again. Besides, I get to spend nights with you, now that you’ve convinced him to let us share a tent” “I wouldn’t say I convinced him”

• Murphy always trying to show off your relationship around Bellamy once he found out about it

• “Murphy, I know what you’re doing” “What, can’t your loving boyfriend kiss you?”

• Trying to get Bellamy and Murphy to get along

• “I love you both, why don’t you guys stop fighting?” “Sorry, princess, I don’t think the king will give up”

• Bellamy and Murphy somewhat getting along after Murphy risked his life to save yours

• “I can deal with you, but you do anything wrong and you’ll regret it” “I don’t doubt that for a second, your highness. I wouldn’t dare”

• You teasing them sometimes

• “God, you guys fight so much sometimes I think you’re in a secret relationship together” “Shut up, (Y/N)

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I’m Alive

Request: Hi. I would like to request a bellamy image in which the reader is in the position of Raven. she has brain damage & decides to stay at the lab. she tells murphy to tell the others that she floated herself. when murphy tells bell who the reader is rly close with he is devastaded & goes on a mission to see it with his own eyes. He finds her there & she is healed & they hugg & bell is super relieved & near crying. He confesses his feelings then & she does too & just fluff pls. thx! ❤ love ya

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: italics is a past conversation.

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“Tell them I floated myself.”

“She… she’s not coming back Bellamy.”

“Tell him i’m sorry.”

“What the hell are you talking about Murphy?” Bellamy snapped, looking at the crowd before him as his eyes desperately search for you. He felt his heart speed up and panic set in when he couldn’t find you. “Where’s Y/N?”

“Y/N, there’s still a cha-”

“I had to.” Murphy replied, shaking his head. This was as hard for him as it was for Bellamy, though for different reasons. Murphy had grown to trust you, one of the only people he could say that he did and having to leave you back at the lab was the hardest thing he’d ever had to do.

“I’m dying, Murphy.”

“She’s dying. I tried to get her to come despite, but she wouldn’t.” Murphy shook his head, turning from Bellamy. Bellamy’s eyes widened and looking down at his hands, he found no words to describe what he felt. You couldn’t be gone… He couldn’t just leave you to die like that. Never. He refused to.

“I‘m losing my mind. A-And there’s nothing I can do.”

“I’m going after her.” Bellamy stated, grabbing his pack and turning to leave. Murphy turned back at him, confusion evident in his gaze as he stepped in front of Bellamy, effectively stopping him. Bellamy only glared down at him, “move out of my way Murphy.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Bellamy, she’s gone. There’s nothing you can do.” 

“This isn’t your fault Murphy.”

“Like hell there is.” Bellamy snapped back, raising his voice in frustration. Shoving Murphy off of him, he moved past Murphy heading towards the door. “There’s always another way.”

“I-I’m glad you’ve been here.”

“Not this time.” Murphy mumbled, shaking his head. 


“You can either stay here and fail her, or you can come with me.” Bellamy stated, looking back at Murphy. There was a moment of silence as a sort of conversation echoed between them. Murphy looked back at the safety that was so close to him, debating. Sighing, he shook his head, turning and walking towards Bellamy. “Good.” Bellamy nodded, “now let’s go.”

“Y/N?” Bellamy called, running down the steps in a hurry. Murphy trailed behind him, but Bellamy barely paid mind, his eyes searching all over for you. He sighed frustrated when he couldn’t find you, thinking he’d been too late. He dropped the mask to the ground, grunting in anger.

“B-Bellamy?” He heard a rough voice call out, turning to the direction of the voice, Bellamy’s body relaxed when he saw you on the ground. He ran towards you, picking up your soaking wet body, and setting you on his lap. You looked up at him in confusion, shaking your head as you shook desperately from the cold of your bare skin open to the world. “What? What are you doing here?” Your gaze turned and fell on Murphy, your face twisted into further bafflement. “Murphy? I thought I-”

“I did.” Murphy interrupted, softly smirking down at you. “But he wouldn’t listen.”

“I’m not leaving you behind, Y/N. I’m gonna get you better.” Bellamy reassured, grabbing your hand as he nodded down at you. You laughed lightly, coughing in the mix as Murphy and Bellamy shared a look. How could you be laughing when the circumstances were so serious?

“Well it’s good you came back.” You chuckled, “i’m alive.”


“I’m better. I healed myself.” You explained, watching as a relieved smile fell over Bellamy’s face. Suddenly, despite Murphy standing just next to the both of you, Bellamy grasped your face in his hands and brought his lips down on yours. You gasped against his lips, confused but eventually returned, leaning against him.

“Oh god, get a room!” You heard Murphy grumbled, and his footsteps left.

Pulling back from the kiss, you looked up at Bellamy’s bright face, laughing to yourself. “Well that’s one way to confess your feelings.”

As I know many braven/rellamy shippers/editors struggle in finding the scenes I figured I'd list all of them:

01x05 Raven arrives to ground and Bell threatens her with a knife
Later they search for the radio on the river and Raven is glaring at Bellamy
01x06 Raven snaps at Bell bc he messed up the radio and they couldn’t contact the ark in time
1x07 they torture lincoln together
1x09 bell comes to ask for bullets from Raven (with Jasper in the tent)
Later Bell and Raven go under the bridge where the grounders and klork are
01x11 first Bell talks raven out of leaving
Then they fuck
And in the end Bell apologizes for finn being lost
01x12 they talk a little about the landmines in the beginning and then a little to each other “show them you give a damn” etc
When jasper is in the dropship with Murphy bell and ray have a brief talk and later when Bell is getting hanged raven helps him and gets shot, bell screams “no” when it happens
In the end raven comes with a bullet wound and bell runs to her
02x01 bell is in the camp and when he sees raven being taken away with the bullet wound he looks at her from the distance and finn convinces him to leave so he can ensure raven is fine or smth. Before that he beats up murphy bc he shot her
2x2 bell hears raven’s screams while being locked up when she’s in surgery
2x8 first bell pushes people away from raven when they yell at her. He also confronts abby with her and is with her in the dropship before murphy comes + he catches her on the end when finn is killed
2x9 he stands beside raven when clexa burn finn
He stands with her when they are waiting for what will happen to her bc she poisoned lexa’s drink, he pushes grounders away again and yells she didn’t do anything or smth when they come to get her. Then when the grounders cut her “we have to do something” and he is the first one to rush to raven when she is released.
In the end he and raven go to tent to go through the plan in mw, only them ourside the tent is shown
2x11 they talk a little through the radios(bell climbing up in mw) and when bell finds out klork lied bout octavia being in arkadia he asks how could RAVEN lie to him, before that ray also asks from klork why she lied to him
2x14 they work with wick to get the acid fog off “hello to you too” “don’t mind wick, he’s an idiot”
2x16 Raven’s bone marrow is taken and bell sees it through camera “tell them to stop”, then in the end he looks at her when wick carries her inside arkadia
3x1 raven comes from under the rover “hey!” “hello to you too”
Then they talk a bit in the rover “she’s too good for you”
Later they arrive to where grounders have been spotted (azgeda) “raven stay in the rover”
3x3 they arrive to mw and bell looks at raven a few times
In the end when mw blows up Raven contacts bell with her walkie “I’m sorry”
3x11 bell takes raven from jasper and carries her into the cave, then basically almost everything at Niylah’s place has rellamy:
-raven roasts jasper “it’s not raven”<- bell. Then she roasts bellamy “just you and me huh”
-she’s trying to kill herself
-he gives her a lot of sad looks being the only one who ain’t offended bc he knows it’s not her
3x12 when emerson is going around arkadia bell calls to raven (and sinclair$ to check if everything is okay
Later she is locked up with him in the airlock
In the end they hug a goodbye bc raven has to stay behind “you got this”
4x1 bellamy radios raven to make sure she’s okay
4x2 when in the end bell returns, raven questions what he has done (blew up the water maker) and they stand side by side in klorks talk
4x3 in the beginning they are in a storage room (+klork) “I’m not starving bexause I won’t be inside…”
Then they go outside to where luna etc are and bell and ray stand side by side
Jaha is leaving in the rover so they and Crust Graffiti go to him
4x11 bellamy asks who is going after raven in the end (barely heard but I posted bout it)
4x12 at the end bellamy makes his awesome entrance to save raven and he is the only one who hugs her (raven also looks up and down his body when he walks down the stairs) “we’re not leaving you behind”, then he looks at her proudly when she explains da shit
4x13 all rellamy but a few important ones I wanna point out:
-bell stands up for ray when Murphy “you’re good at convincing(or smth)l
-Raven doesn’t believe she can do it so bellamy reassures her "we need you”
-echo done killing herself, Raven looks at Bellamy with a slight sad look as Klork ain’t back
-“bellamy” raven’s soft voice not to wait for klork
-bell glances at her on the rocket
-he makes sure she gets her spacewalk and helps her out
-even if raven told them not to try floating bellamy still does it and looks at Raven through the window as she tries to open the ark
-AND IN THE END “you with me?” “A L W A Y S”