OMG Murphy ❤️❤️❤️

ok so I updated skype because it kept bugging me about it, and usually that meant bad fucking news because skype always manages to fuck something up in every update

but then I noticed they added a little new button in the contacts screen

There’s a little robot on the right of the screen. Apparently, now you can add BOTS to Skype yourself. Normally, that’d be fucking ridiculous. Why would you add a fucking bot when bots are already adding you all the time looking to scam guys and gals with fake cam girls. BUT THESE BOTS ARE DIFFERENT. Let me introduce to you a specific bot that I find particularly interesting

Say hello to Murphy. This son of a bitch. His whole thing is that he CREATES AN IMAGE and learns from the suggestions that are given. You ask him a “What if” question and he creates an image based on the question. Of course, I thought this was stupid. So I decided to ask it a question for shits and giggles.

“What if Chewbacca was bald?”

Holy shit, I say. This fuckin’ robot created a meme in less than 5 seconds. And then I ask him the almighty question that has been asked since the early 90s.

What if Waluigi was real?



My favourite game is to sit in the garage and tell Murphy to “go get it” and watch as he disappears into the backyard on his search for “it” and just see what he brings me. Today he brought me the nail grinder case, three frisbees (all at once in a stack) and the dog door cover off the shed out back. I am forever grateful for these gifts.


Hey, guys, guess who changed the the profile picture again last night? 

I don’t know what kind of creepy communication system is this, or if he didn’t like our Michelangelo answer. But I liked the new meme… Change your profile picture on Twitter, send this to Jason, to @the100writers, to The CW, to the sponsors. Let’s show them that we are here and we won’t let them keep hurting us for fun. This needs to stop.