Sparks will fly!!! Ms Frizzle’s friends ranked on the romantic potential/flirtatiousness of their interactions in the show!!

Cornelia Contralto the Second

excellent musical chemistry, but i dont think theyre vibing on that level 

4/10 no sax here

Archibald Seedplot

classic charming nerdy professor man, but the attraction seems pretty one sided 

5/10 keep ur seed to urself

Carmina “Bonesy” Skeledon

brilliant, caring, and a lil cheeky w that leg peek, this paleontologist is ready to sweep the friz of her triceratops-clad feet with that indiana jones hat and neckerchief 

9/10 these feelings arent goin extinct

Mr Junkitt

i cant believe Val puts up with this cynical peanut butter boy, no one gets to talk about our bus like that

2/10 Vehicle Maintenance Inspector of the Year my ass

Garth Sinew

the friz may be impressed by his shirt-shredding show but she’s not gonna let that distract her from victory in the teacherathalon

4/10 size aint everything bucko

Katrina Eloise “Murph” Murphy

these two are cousins so were not gonna rate them on the scale but Murph is a cool lady who can sing and handle molten metal like a pro

0/10 for romance 10/10 for quality cousin material

Molly Cule

i may have saved the best for last because the chemistry here is happening at a molecular level. and she does sing “babe you know i love you down to the very last bit” to Val so

9/10 original frizzelette indeed

Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper, the founder of talent management agency Wilhelmina Models, with some of her models, Jean Condon, Jackie Perrin, Jani Hayes, Maggie Brown, Sheri Mumby, Belinda, Sue King and Murph, London, UK, 13th October 1967. (Photo by Victor Blackman/Daily Express)

I really hope in a future story, Dresden mentions that for back-up, he has a puppet.  Nobody believes him, thinking he’s just gone snark happy again.

But when shit looks the worst, Harry’s on his last legs, Murph is whipped again, the dreaded call sign is referenced.

“Bolshevik Muppet.”

Upon which Kincaid ruins the rest of some poor bastard’s very, VERY short life.