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dan accidentally giving phil a boner without even realizing what hes doing

🌸 The boys were both cuddling on the couch, tangled in eachother’s arms. Dan was trying to get comfortable, wriggling around and grunting.

🌸 Phil tried to stop Dan. He really did. But before either of them really knew what was happening, Phil was hard. Dan giggled, still trying to get comfortable.

🌸 When Dan realised, he stopped, looking at Phil with wide eyes. “Did… did I do that?” he murmured, making Phil blush and nod.

🌸 Dan insisted on helping, jerking Phil off through his pants, mouthing wetly at the older boy’s neck. He stopped just short of Phil’s orgasm, panting as he pulled off his pants.

🌸 They fucked lazily, Dan bouncing on Phil’s cock. As Dan moaned and whined, Phil tried desperately to hold off his orgasm. They came in sync, thick ropes of cum coating the other’s chest.

Since Pokemon Go came out

Saiko jumps at the chance to go on investigations. Everyone is shocked at the sudden change, Saiko has caught so many ghouls. Younger investigators look up to her as an inspiration as she is constantly heard murmuring “gotta catch em all”. Urie is the only one who caught on to how her actions are not for the betterment of the CCG. After her singly handily catching an S rank ghoul, he hears her muttering “fucker, distracted me for two long and the dragonite ran away”. Urie discovered that on investigations instead of actually looking for ghouls she just searches for Pokemon, and then just happens to come across a ghoul once in a while. Urie promises not to tell as long as she lets him go with her. He can already smell the promotion.

Kaisoo drabble

JongIn sits on the bed as he puts the laptop his lap. KyungSoo takes off his jacket as well as his shoes. The room is getting hot, not because of the weather exactly, but because of what KyungSoo imagines could happen.

But that’s it.

The images in his mind are is he will ever get out of this.
He sits next to JongIn and sees the website logo as the rest of the page is loading.
“What should we watch today?” JongIn murmurs more to himself but KyungSoo gets to hear him.
KyungSoo makes himself more comfortable sitting closer to JongIn. He likes the warmth that radiates from him. Even though it’s nerve wrecking because KyungSoo wants to do much more than just sit next to him.
But he has limits.

JongIn clicks on a video that shows a pretty girl with her mouth open, as if expecting something to fall in it.

KyungSoo sighs deeply.

It has been a couple a minutes and the girl is moaning as she is masturbated by the guy that showed up out of nowhere.
KyungSoo tries to focus but he can’t help but steal glaces at JongIn.

More like at Jongin’s crotch.

The girl’s moans are sensual, but not enough to turn him on. He wonders if the same thing happens to his friend.

JongIn looks at him and smiles shyly. KyungSoo thinks he sees a blush creep down his cheeks.

JongIn’s eyes go back to the screen and Kyungsoo’s hope dies a little more.

They have been doing this for a few days now. KyungSoo thinks that if there was a hope for him to be sane again, it was completely lost when he realized that he would rather hear JongIn moaning that a girl.

JongIn leans closer to him and KyungSoo flinches. He is starting to feel goosebumps around his thighs he needs to take deep breaths more often.

He looks up at JongIn again and finds eyes staring back at him.

“What?” he tries to mask his nervousness and frustration with a smile but his voice gives it away breaking in the middle of the word.

“Nothing” says his friend as he quickly looks at the tent forming under his pants.

KyungSoo follows his eyes and covers himself with a blanket. Never before he had gotten a boner while watcing these videos with JongIn. Because girls don’t affect him like that.

JongIn slowly places a hand on his thigh. KyungSoo stares at it but he doesn’t do anything to stop him. He wishes it would go up, closer to his crotch.

In the screen he can see the girl licking her lips as she collects all the semen the man spilled on her face but again, he’d rather look at Jongin’s face.

He feels a light and hesitant tug on his leg and looks at JongIn and finds his blush turned darker.

“Now we should watch one you pick” says the boy without taking his eyes off of him.

KyungSoo doesn’t answer and JongIn slides his hand a couple of inches up his thigh as if to get his attention back.

“I…. I-….I don’t know.”

Jongin’s hand there makes him more frustrated than ever. Anticipating something that he knows won’t happen. He hates how much JongIn affects him. He hates JongIn.

He hates him because the feelings that are growing inside of him are not something to be played with.

He hates him because JongIn is so oblivious of his feelings.

He hates him because JongIn is so handsome and so sweet, and his laughter makes him feel butterflies on his stomach.

Because he gets hard just thinking about JongIn doing what this girl on the video did.

He hates him because he likes him.

“Do you want to stop?” JongIn asks and somehow KyungSoo thinks he isn’t talking about watching videos.

KyungSoo shakes his head and the taller boy smiles. He clicks the back bottom that takes him to the main page. But he isn’t looking for videos anymore. KyungSoo feels the hand on his thigh slide up and down slowly and he gets goosebumps again and sighs loudly.

He is about to think that JongIn is playing with him. But JongIn isn’t like that, JongIn likes girls. But the hand on his thigh makes him doubt everything.

He feels his dick swelling more and he is starting to feel dizzy.

“What’s your favorite category, hyung?”

‘You.’ KyungSoo wants to answer but instead he answers that he doesn’t have one.

KyungSoo takes a look at jongin’s crotch again. He can see the tent on his pants and accidentally releases a moan.

“Hyung,” JongIn says and KyungSoo hates him even more because he made it sound needy.
He looks at him waiting for the next words, but they never come.

KyungSoo is tired.

JongIn keeps doing this kind of things where he subtly means to say or do something but he doesn’t do it at the end.

He is teasing him.

And it makes him angry because to JongIn it might be a game between friends but KyungSoo is putting his heart and feelings out on the line. And he doesn’t want those to be hurt.
JongIn looks like he wants to let him know something but at the end it’s just a smile what he gives and it’s not enough.

He is tired of this.

The frustration of having the deep desire to touch him and kiss him burns KyungSoo inside.

He can’t keep going like this.

That’s why when JongIn releases his leg and puts his hand away, it takes KyungSoo less than a second to get the computer out of jongin’s lap and replace it with himself sitting there. He grabs the younger by his neck making him look up at him. His eyes meet jongin’s lips and he leans down to kiss them. Its sweet and gentle compared to his previous rough movements.

KyungSoo parts away as he opens his eyes and lets jongin’s shaky breath blow on his mouth.
He is now afraid to look at him in the eyes and as he tries to get off of Jongin’s lap, he feels hands tugging his thighs not allowing him to move. He looks up and meets with a smiley JongIn who now leans up to kiss him and KyungSoo welcomes him by parting his lips and letting him inside his mouth. He brings his arms up Jongin’s shoulders bringing him closer to himself.

JongIn places his hands on his back as he brings him even closer, looking, searching, trying to get as much friction as possible.
KyungSoo without realizing, starts rutting his hips against Jongin’s. Making the latter moan against his mouth, which makes KyungSoo loose himself even more. Hearing JongIn moaning for him was better than he imagined.

It didn’t take long for him to feel the warmth on his belly letting him know that he was close. And KyungSoo smiles as JongIn keeps kissing his jaw going down to his neck.

JongIn starts thrusting up meeting his movements letting him know that he is almost there. Kyungsoo cups his face and kisses him again with all his being, whispering Jongin’s name every time they part to breathe.

When they reach their orgasms, KyungSoo holds onto the younger with all his strength, he wants to feel him as much as possible.

JongIn keeps placing lazy kisses on his neck as they tries to get their breath back to normal.

“I can’t believe I just did this.” says KyungSoo raising himself to meet Jongin’s eyes. The younger smiles and leans up to kiss his lips. It’s sweet just like KyungSoo thought Jongin’s kisses would be like.

“Took you long enough”

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Oh hi, sweetie! I'm so happy the askbox is open! So, um... could I request Kise, Aomine, Midorin, and Akashi finding out that neck kisses are their s/o's weakness AND taking advantage of that? Thank you very mucho (≧ω≦)!

Akashi Seijurou:
Akashi discovers it when he kisses the back of your neck after a long day of work. You were still hunched over your desk, writing away at a homework problem that had been confusing to you for the past hour and a half. He had done it merely to catch your attention, to ask you to take a break, but seeing your heightened reaction to it caused a devious smirk to form against his lips. “Oh? What’s this, a weak point?” He murmurs into your ear, his breath ghosting across the shell and sending shivers up your spine. You squeak again, and it gives way into a moan as his lips ghost peppercorn kisses across the side of your neck. You tilt your head and shiver, mumbling out his name. Eventually he pulls away just as it started to feel wonderful, leaving you shivering and looking up at him in confusion. He smiles, as if he had never done anything wrong in the first place. “You’ve been working for quite some time, _____.” He observes casually, “Perhaps it’s time to take a break. I’ll make it quite worth your while if you do.”

And with a voice like that, oh, you’re sure he won’t disappoint.

Aomine Daiki:
Aomine discovers this tidbit of information when he kisses your neck on a whim while the two of you are cuddling in his bed. You squeak and shiver, immediately moving to elbow him away from you with a breathy ‘no’! It causes a wry, feral smirk to blossom across his devious face. “‘No’ what, hmmm?” He drawls, “No this?” He leans and nips your neck this time with his teeth, and revels in the feeling of your body shuddering against his. When you try to squirm and wiggle your way free from his grasp, claiming unfair play, Aomine just brings you back and chuckles, sending warm vibrations up your collar bone.

“Are you crazy? I just discovered the most interesting thing in the world. We aren’t getting up until I kiss every. Inch. Of. It~.”

Kise Ryouta:
Kise had always had an inkling of this weakness. He had ever since he rolled over one morning while you were in his bed and went to snuggle you, only to have you jolt up and declare it time to get ready for school moments later. He was subtle about his play-experiments, blowing on your neck as he walked by or greeting you from behind by breathing a warm hello into it. Each time was always the same, and when he stopped you after school one day by bringing you into a sequestered corner of the schoolyard and murmuring, “____cchiii I know your secret~.” He reveled in the bright redness of your cheeks. What followed was an attack to your neck you could not squirm your way out of.

“No fair trying to escape, ___chi.” Kise’s voice was low and teasing as he kissed under your ear, “You kept it hidden from me, so now I gotta punish you for it~.”

Midorima Shintarou:
Midorima would later insist that he had discovered the sensitive point of your neck completely on accident. Really, he swore. In the heat of the moment, however, when his lips brushed over the spot just above your collarbone for what felt the third time as you hugged against one another in your bed, you began to gather the sneaking suspicion that he had locked onto the knowledge you were trying so hard to hide. He didn’t say much, but you could see how every time you moaned under the deliberate ministrations of his teeth nibbling at just the right point, he turned even more red than the skin he was irritating with constant attention. Needless to say, he did not stop until most every inch of your neck was covered in hickeys, for which he immediately apologized incessantly for.

happy birsday nicko

22nd of July. The party at Nico’s apartment is winding down and things are getting quiet. Beside the mangled leftovers of a large cake, Honoka sputters on drool and lifts her head when the phone on the table begins to ring. She puts a hand over it but doesn’t pick up.

“Hey, Nico-chan! Want me to answer for you?”

Nico, who had accepted her fate of being trapped in a cuddle sandwich between Nozomi and Rin on the floor, shrugs. She wouldn’t be able to pick it up herself anyway, what with her current predicament. “Just put it on speaker.”

So she does.


“Is that Ichinose from the volleyball club? It sounds like Ichinose,” Eli murmurs, but Kotori shakes her head.

Nico clears her throat and squirms between Nozomi and Rin, calling out loud enough to be heard. “Hello hello~! You’ve reached Yazawa Nico! Ya-za-wa Nico-nii, thanks for calling! Who is iiit~? ♥”

Yazawa… Nico-san.”

“Yes, yes, that’s me! Ni~co!”

For five long, awkward seconds, there’s nothing but the sound of steady breathing coming from the phone. Honoka makes a face and scoots her chair away from it. Even Nico is starting to look a bit uncomfortable, and not because Nozomi’s chest is squished against her back.

“… Oi. Say something.”


“Sounds like it’s just a fan…” Hanayo giggles a bit uncertainly. But Nico looks rather alarmed at the booming voice, like the rigid delivery of a stern general, despite the voice clearly belonging to a fellow high school girl. Not even Umi is ever that intense. Maybe. Just a little, then.

“W-well, Nico is very thankful for your birthday wishes! Tee hee!” Nico giggles in a disgusting falsetto. Rin promptly bites her shoulder. “Ow! You little—“

“Excuse me, how did you get this number?” Umi narrows her eyes.

More silence. More breathing. More uncomfortable shuffling from everyone in the room.

…That’s general knowledge.” Click. The call ends.

On the other end of the line, Dia closes her eyes and leans back in her seat, basking in the metaphorical glow of a mortal who had been acknowledged by the angels themselves.

Did You Ever Think?

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by quitehamish

“Shh, shh… That’s right, I’ve got you.”

Sherlock swallows hard around the lump in his throat and hugs a pillow to his chest.

“Don’t you know much I love you? I would do anything for you,” John murmurs upstairs, voice crackling over the baby monitor. Sherlock knows that John knows he can hear him. Knows that John’s words are for both of them.

Words: 1239, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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AND THEN DO THEY START DATING? does john ask him to be his bf officially?? Im invested in this now.

Monday morning, Sherlock finds John seeking him out in the sea of students, trying to find him, desperate to see him, eyes lightening up immediately when he gets to him, and Sherlock is already blushing deeply when John reaches for his hand. “Hi,” John grins, lacing their fingers together without a second thought and Sherlock can’t take his eyes off their hands. “Hi,” he murmurs, stunned at this direct display of affection in public. And John catches the look of uncertainty, his own smile faltering and hand re-gripping Sherlock’s as he glances up in concern. “I… is… is this not… okay? I just… I thought maybe you’d… you’d wanna be my b-boyfriend after… after Friday and-” and Sherlock cuts him off with a kiss, so full of warm happiness he can’t stop himself

I want to write a poem
       as simple as a glass of water
       or as a piece of bread abandoned
       on the table by a child
A poem transparent like a window
       light like a winged ingot of lead and
       yet heavy like butterflies among city lorries
A poem wrought of invisible words
Whose echo is heard for some hundreds of years
Murmuring like a river, forever.

Stefan Baciu, “Stylus,” trans. Robert Austerlitz, Poetry Northwest (vol. VI, no. II, Summer 1965)


A Min Yoongi/Suga Fanfiction

Summary:  Exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by a camera…So why can you only see rainbows when you look at him.


Part 20

‘I probably shouldn’t be sitting on your lap when they come in.’ you murmur off-handedly as you and Yoongi sit at the sound desk, him sat behind you watching you as you click away at the computer and slide a few of the levels up and down in preparation for recording the guys. Namjoon had left a few moments before to go and retrieve the guys from a dance studio they’d been practising in, and as soon as the door had closed behind him, Yoongi had pulled you back onto his lap, the move having made you smirk at the still prominent excitement in his trousers.

‘Why not? Its not like they don’t know about us.’ He mumbles, tightening his arms around your waist where he’d been holding you on him, his chin barely propped on your shoulder as he watches what you were doing.

‘Well I’m going to need to go and adjust the mics and stuff anyway.’ You murmur, frowning at a few of the inputs on screen, before clicking a few more times and smiling as you assess that everything was set up.

‘And I’m going to need you to sit on my lap to hide the boner you’ve given me.’

You snort at that, turning to look at him on your shoulder as he mock glares at you, simultaneously pulling you back into him to emphasize his point, the move making you moan softly as a smile stretches your face.

‘But surely me being sat on your lap isn’t going to help your situation.’ You argue weakly, shifting on his lap a little and giggling when he bows his head and headbutts your shoulder in retaliation.

‘What happened to the cute girl I fell for?’ he groans, his question making you frown as you hear what you think is a hint of regret in his tone.

‘What?’ you ask, confused, your tone of voice obviously alerting him to the fact that something was wrong, and he quickly looks up at you, about to say something just as the door opens and 5 rowdy boys walk through the door, followed by Namjoon.

‘Woah, whats with the PDA guys?’ Hoseok laughs, just as you get up from Yoongi’s lap, smiling quickly at the rest of the boys before heading into the recording booth to set everything up, not looking back at Yoongi as you go.

‘Did I say something?’ you hear the muffled voice of Hoseok say, some shuffling sounds following after it before the door to the booth opens behind you and Yoongi appears beside you, waiting till the door had shut again before speaking.

‘Melody, I didn’t mean it like the way you’re thinking. I meant-‘

‘You don’t have to explain yourself, Yoongi. Clearly im just not as ‘cute’ as you want me to be.’ You mutter, shooting him a look before pushing past him and out of the door, not giving him a chance to say anything else before you start explaining what you wanted the guys to do with a bright smile on your face as if nothing was wrong.

You put all your focus into the recording then, going over and over some parts as you discuss with Namjoon the best way to split the vocals, speaking to Yoongi in business terms so that he was well aware that you didn’t want to discuss or talk about anything else at that point, something that he got the message about pretty quickly.

‘Hey, Melody? Is it okay if we go and grab a snack from the store quick? We haven’t actually eaten yet-‘

‘Oh God! Yes! No, that’s fine! I didn’t even realise the time.’ You reply to Jungkook as you look up at the clock and see that you’d all been working solid for the past 3 hours, the darkness of the night outside being testament to that fact.

‘Do you want me to grab you anything, Melody?’ Hoseok asks as he gets to his feet, smiling warmly at you as he sits his hand on your shoulder, the way he squeezes it telling you that you probably had your stress face on.

‘If you could grab me some iced coffee, that would be amazing!’ you say, giving him a waist hug in thanks, before he and the others walk out the door- Namjoon and Yoongi being the only two to stay behind.

‘Melody, can I talk to you?’ the grey haired one murmurs, suddenly coming up beside you where you were shuffling some of the vocal plans on the desk, your hands shaking a little from your lack of sugar- and sleep.

‘What do you want?’ you ask in a monotonous voice, not particularly wanting to discuss anything with him until you’d fully finished working. But apparently Yoongi had other ideas.

‘Come with me.’ He mutters, not posing it as a question as he finds your hand with his and quickly pulls you to the door before you could protest, continuing to pull you along after him until you were in his usual studio and he’d grabbed your face to crash his lips against yours. Melting immediately into him wasn’t what you’d intended, but then again after being mad at him for the past few hours, and in turn being deprived of being near him, you just couldn’t help yourself.

‘You’re so aggravating.’ You huff, as you pull away, leaning your forehead on his when you feel his hands come to sit on the small of your back so that you wouldn’t push away from him, your fingers that had become twisted in his shirt pulling in your frustration.

‘I’ve been told. People actually want to sue me-‘

‘Sue you?’

‘It’s a long story.’ He dismisses, moving his hands to your face to get you to look at him as he sets his mouth in a line.

‘When I asked earlier where ‘the cute girl I fell for’ went. I meant it rhetorically…- I meant that I’ve got to know you, and I realised there is more to you than just a cute girl. So, please dont be angry at me…- i never intended to make you upset.’

He speaks with such determination for you to understand, with such hope that you’d see what he had meant that you find yourself regretting the silent treatment you’d given him almost immediately.

‘….I know. I’m sorry- I’m just tired.’ You mumble, leaning your forehead on his chest and feeling him settle his chin on your head.

‘Oh….well do you want me to tell the others that we’ll call it a day?-‘

‘But what about the song?’ you ask, looking up at him worriedly as you curl your fingers into his shirt, although you yawn even as he answers.

‘Jagi, you’re way ahead of schedule, you were meant to be helping us for a solid two weeks, but you’ve already pretty much created a whole album in the space of just under 7 days-‘

‘Has it only been 6 days?’ you ask, frowning as you think about how it felt like more like 6 months.

‘Yeah. ….i know.’ He murmurs, seeing you raise your eyebrows and smile to yourself in bemusement, clearly seeing in your eyes the same thoughts he was having about how it felt like you’d been with him for months.

‘Is it weird that im so comfortable with you? …even though we barely know each other.’ You ask timidly, changing the topic, not being able to meet his eyes and instead staring at his chest as you pick blindly at his tshirt.

‘…I don’t think its weird. It just feels like we’ve known each other for forever.’ He says, chuckling before he’s interrupted by loud laughter that comes from out in the corridor, and he leans his forehead against yours with a sigh.

‘I suppose we should go and give these guys the good news that they can go home.’ He says, pulling his arms back from your waist and sliding his hands into yours.

‘Yoongi?’ you ask, continuing to follow him as he opens the door and walks out into the corridor.


‘Have you got any schedules tomorrow?’

‘Mmm, not until 10am…why?’ he asks, pausing before he opens the door to the other studio, turning back to look at you with a small, curious smile.

‘Do you want to stay at my place tonight?’

The question is quiet, and timid, and you watch nervously as your eyes lock with his, seeing the million and one thoughts cross through his mind before he smiles shyly at you, quickly leaning forward to drop a soft, lingering kiss to your lips, and pulling back slowly with a smile.



okay but bobbi morse and jemma simmons getting drunk on their night out and waking up the morning after with matching tattoos saying science, dick, power. 

(hunter is oddly proud of it. ‘we’re the dick!’ he tells fitz, a little touched.)

(’you’re more than a dick,’ she says, hungover and teary-eyed. fitz murmurs ‘I  know, I know,’ gently patting her back as she bends over the toilet to vomit)

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and then what happens after their date??????

John holds Sherlock’s hand all the way up to his front door when he walks him home and they stand so awkwardly and shyly, Sherlock terrified of misstepping but then John grins up at him from beneath blonde lashes and says “I had a really nice time with you tonight,” and Sherlock is so overwhelmed, murmuring “Me too,” so soft. And John tucks his fingers under Sherlock’s chin and lifts his face up so he can kiss Sherlock properly, soft lips on soft lips, so gentle and tentative and shy and tender and Sherlock floats away on a cloud
Embers - Crollalanza - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Embers
Relationships: DaiSuga, AsaDaiSuga
Characters: Sugawara Koushi, Sawamura Daichi, Azumane Asahi.
Word Count: 6.8k
Rating and Warnings: Teen and up, kissing, tickling, sexual tension, thighs chilli sauce, Suga being a minx.
A/N: Here’s the OT3. I hope you enjoy!

Summary:  To Suga it was as if the air had thickened, a fug hanging between him and Daichi on one side and Asahi on the other. Not cold, or a wall of ice, but warm smoke that with luck or the right wind would wisp away. He reached across to squeeze Asahi’s hand, heartened when he squeezed back. “Have we put you off for life?”
“Want another kiss?” Suga murmured, and smiled.

“Whose idea was this?” Suga said, crossly slapping his hand on his arm to squash a midge.

Daichi, from his position on the ground, where he was currently sorting through the tent pegs, didn’t look up.

“Who is the stupid dumbass that thought a camping trip at this time of year would be a good thing?” Suga exclaimed.

“That would be you,” Daichi replied, trying to keep his voice even.


“’A camping trip’,” Daichi mimicked – grossly adding a higher pitched tone to his voice. “’It would be so cool, Daichi’  you said. ‘Just the three of us.’”

Picking up the pillow, he’d just fished out from the boot of the car, Suga threw it, scowling when Daichi ducked.

“That the best you can do!” Daichi taunted.

“Is that a challenge, Sawamura?” Suga seethed, his voice a low pitched rumble. “You really want to take me on?”

“Uh… guys, I found the cups. Shall I make us some coffee?”

Suga, still glaring at Daichi, blinked. Daichi blinked back, his lips twitching just a little. They both looked over to Asahi, holding a kettle in one hand and three mismatched mugs in the other.

“Coffee,” he repeated, and flicked his eyes towards Suga. “If we light the cooking stove, it will keep the bugs away.”

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all afternoon,” Suga replied, giving him a smile.

“The best all day,” Daichi agreed.

“All week!” Suga countered.


“Guys!” Asahi raised his hands. “It’s just coffee.”

But suggested by you just as we’re getting frazzled.

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A Hard Lesson in Love: Chapter 8

Authors Note:  Thanks to @xemopeachx and @mrschiltoncat for their comments to the last chapter! You guys made our day! And now, @vintagemichelle91 and I present some Friday night fun! Enjoy!!!

Aria:  Vogliatemi bene (Madama Buttefly)

            They left the cab in a tangle of arms and legs. Natalia held Rafael’s hand and let him lead the way towards a dimly lit lobby. A man in a skinny tie looked up when they entered and gave the pair a smile.

           “Nice evening, Mr. Barba.” Rafael responded with a nod and guided Natalia towards the elevator bank. As soon as the steel doors slid open, he pushed her into the car and pressed her against the wall.

           “Rafael, I—”

           “Wait,” he murmured. “I… I have to…” He kissed her with hungry lips, his long fingers lifting her rich pink skirt in search of her thighs. Natalia started to lean into his touch and twirled her ankle around his leg when the bell overhead dinged.

           “What the—?”

           He broke away and tried to settle at her side as a gray-haired lady joined them in the elevator. Resting her chest against his heaving back, Natalia ran her hands down his arms as the floors continued to tick by. The unexpected traveler hummed an off-key tune, and Natalia chuckled. Rafael’s gaze cooled as they silently shared the absurdity of the moment.

           “This was not what I had in mind,” he said, his voice a low growl that turned into a sigh as she kissed his shoulder.

           “I got that.”

           The elevator stopped, and the old woman started to limp away when she turned her head over her shoulder.

           “Mind that he doesn’t break your back, little girl,” she said. “No fun recovering from hip surgery.”

           As soon as the woman was gone and the doors closed again, they both burst into laughter and fell into one another as Rafael’s hands cupped her chin.

           “What goes on here?” she asked through a stream of giggles.

           “I have absolutely no idea,” he said as he dabbed his eyes. “But now I guess I know what keeps Mr. Felcher smiling.”

           Playfully slapping his chest as the doors reopened, Natalia took his arm, and they reached his door.

           “Be it ever so humble,” Rafael said.

           “You are joking, right?” His place was spotless and shining. The steel shelves lined with books set off the ivory-colored walls, and Natalia’s eyes darted between a small sofa resting below a massive HD TV and a desk where every pen and piece of paper pointed at a perfect angle.

           “Don’t tell me you do the housekeeping, too?” she asked.

           “There’s only me to clean up after,” he confessed with a small shrug as he pulled off his coat. Taking her wrap along for the ride, he deposited the garments in the nearest closet and swiftly returned to her side.

           “Doesn’t that get lonely?” she asked. His finger trailed down her arms as he nodded his head.

           “Sometimes,” he said. “How do you deal with it?”

           “I live with my mother,” Natalia said. They laughed again, and he wrapped her in his arms and tried to ease her towards the sofa when he suddenly came to a stop.

           “Such a sweet little girl,” Rafael said.

           “Sometimes,” Natalia confessed. “She needs me. I try to take care of her.”

           “The woman seems happy,” he said as he fondled her hair. “I can understand.”

           “What do you mean?” she asked.

           “My days are better since I met you, too.”

           He kissed her eyes and ran his hand down the length of her back, her spine quivering under his touch.

           “So you’re like a saint,” he said as his lips met her temple. “An angel. And I left you alone in the rain.”

           “Rafael…” Natalia peered into his eyes and cradled his face in her hands. “You’re very nice.”

           “Just nice?” he asked as he buried his head in her hair. Natalia moaned as his arms surrounded her. His hands suddenly turned gentler, and even as she delighted at the feel of his fingers, the sudden change of pace was not what she desired as nothing but the sounds of the city street passed by underneath his window.

           “I don’t want to be a saint or a daughter or a teacher right now,” she said. “I just…” Her voice drifted off as she claimed his lips in a quick kiss. Rafael’s hands lifted her skirt higher and she leaned into his hands.

           “What do you want to be, Natalia?” he whispered.

           “Yours.” Her hands were almost at his fly when he caught her cue and sent the pink gown pooling to her feet. Natalia shivered until she was back in his arms. Turning in the heat of his embrace, she loosened his bow tie, his vest. The buttons gave way under her fingers, and she stroked the fine hair on his chest as he started to push her down a narrow hallway.

           “What do you want?” she asked.

           “To take you to bed,” he moaned into her cheek.

           “Right here, Rafael,” she said. “Let me.” Returning his favor, she lowered his fly and felt his cock hard in her hand. He started to blush when she leaped into his arms and hungrily kissed his face.

           “The… the sofa is right over—”

           “The desk,” she demanded. His eyelids fluttered, but when she kissed him again, Rafael obeyed her order and sat her on the sleek steel surface pushing the assorted pens and papers to the floor.

           “You’ll have to clean that up,” she quipped.

           “My life could use a little chaos,” he shot back. Natalia nodded her assent and grazed her nails up and down his back. Digging into his shirt, she relished his whimper and pushed back to see is shocked stare brimming with anticipation.

            “Lo que le paso a mi delicada flor?” he asked.

            Natalia smiled into his shoulder as his body drew nearer. Savoring the feel of his cock as he pulled her panties away, she raked her fingers up and down his arms. Squeezing his palms as he peered down at her, Natalia lifted her head in search of his kiss. Their lips locked, and she nearly nipped his tongue before she spoke.

           “Aqui,” she said. “Hazme tuya.” Without another word, he slipped into the eager warmth of her cunt. Clenching her muscles around his length, Natalia sighed and stole another kiss before he started to thrust. On the back of each lunge, Rafael smoothed his fingers down her cheeks and kissed her neck. Natalia grasped his dark hair and struggled to catch her breath when her body arched towards his.

           “Like that!” she moaned. “Just like…” His hold tightened on her shoulders, and she quaked under his hands until the force of his lust resounded in her mind like an orchestra in full force. Her eyes grew bleary, and her body shuddered until he folded her into his arms and came to rest with her against the desk. Natalia blinked at her own reflection in the space of the monitor at rest and slowly spied his face coming into view. His lips were parted, and his eyes were wide. Still so green despite the dark, dormant screen that captured his stare.  But when his breath calmed and his head was at her breasts, Rafael Barba, the man who had raced into the night because she remembered the one thing that escaped his quick mind, looked perfectly at peace. He sighed and let her hold him until their eyes met.

           And then there was nothing but his smile.

           “You okay?” he asked.

           “More than that,” Natalia insisted. “You were worth the wait.”

           “I was?” he smirked. Helping her to sit up before she could answer he zipped up and moved to the other side of the room. Any sadness at seeing him depart vanished when he returned with a cashmere blanket that he quickly draped around her shoulders.

           “Think that’s my line,” he quipped. “And I’ll have no more sleepless nights on account of you, mujer joven.”


           “Like you really didn’t know.” He kissed her again and gathered her in his arms. His hold was strong as he finally carried her down the narrow hallway. Kicking open the door, Rafael revealed a large bed, and Natalia smiled as soon as the plush pillows hit her head. He kicked off his shoes and slowly reclined at her side.

           “I think I do,” she said. “Thank you for tonight.” They kissed again, his lips tender around hers when he suddenly pulled back with a groan.

           “What is it?” Natalia asked.

           “I had dinner reservations,” he said.

           “On top of the town car?” she asked.

           “I was going to take you to this little French place. In keeping with the theme of the night.”

           “But the libretto was in Italian, Rafael.”

           “Just can’t help yourself can you, chica inteligente.” Natalia sighed at what sounded like a compliment and stroked his cheek.

           “So pizza?” she asked. “With extra olives.”

           “If I’d known that you were such a cheap date, I—” Tickling his sides as he reached for his phone, Natalia listened to him order and wanted to find a way to stay with him forever as he ended the call and flashed a brilliant smile.

           “Your wish,” he said.

           “Good,” she answered. “And Rafael?” Easing him down to the bed, she rested her head against his firm chest.

           “Hope you’re up for at least one more sleepless night.”

anonymous asked:

i would appreciate it if you could write a cute sibling bonding between some of bruce's kids, maybe they aer watching a movie or getting ready for comic con. thank you very much. i love your work.

“Um… I don’t know about this,” Duke murmurs, tugging at his wig.

“Oh, no! No no no! I’m not letting you chicken out! You’re gonna commit!” Tim tells him. “I can’t just do this by myself! I’ll look like a dweeb!”

“As opposed to how you usually look like?” Damian says with a snort.

“Shut it.” 

Duke purses his lips. “I’m sorry, Tim. But I just…”

Tim grabs Duke by the shoulders. “Hey, hey. Look me in the eye and tell me you’ve never thought about this. You’ve been to one of these things before, right?”

“Um? No? I mean, conventions and Gotham don’t really mix well. And I don’t get outta the city much. So, like…”

“But you’ve seen cosplays before right? C’mon, Duke. I think you look awesome!”

“It’s not like you don’t wear costumes regularly,” Damian adds. “At least this one doesn’t have pointy ears.”

Duke eyes his reflection in the mirror. He’s got a billowing cape and a faux five o’clock shadow. Alfred worked his magic, something from his theater days apparently. Duke has to admit. He’s not half bad as Aragorn.

“There’s nothing wrong with pointy ears,” Tim mutters, fingering his ear prosthetics.

“You sure you don’t want to come, Damian?” Duke asks. “You can be Gimli. We could be a complete trio.

Damian shoots him a look. “I swear, one day I will get my growth spurt. And you are going to all pay.”

Orange: [Waking up Snail from nap as they requested]

Snail: [Unintelligible murmuring]

Orange: “What?”

Snail: [More sleepy unintelligible murmuring]

Orange: “What?”

Snail: “Who’s doing it now?”

Orange: “Who’s doing what now?”

Snail: [Gesturing vaguely while pointing to the ceiling] “The ghosts.”

Orange: “I don’t know.”

Snail: [Falls back asleep]

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Alien!ty getting high for the first time with Josh??

he’s giggling n humming fob eyes partially closed n murmuring about how earth is so weird n j laughs at him because usually he’ll talk about aliens but ty’s talking about humans n they feed each other cheetos in bed fogging up the room

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Prompt or headcanons on what would happen if s/o and Tommy were out on a date and they accidentally ran into his biological parents?


word count: 304.

“Tommy, babe? You okay?”

“Yeah, I thought I just saw…” The boy shook his head. “Nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

He was lying. Tommy Shepherd knew exactly what he saw.

“Can we go sit over there, actually?” He murmured, yanking the hand of his partner towards a bench behind a potted plant in the mall.

“O-okay. Are you sure nothing’s up? You’re making that face you make when you’re nervous.” [name] said, squeezing his hand.

Tommy bit his lip. “I don’t get nervous.”

Then, [name] laughed. Quite loudly, in fact. Enough to turn the heads of a certain pair of people.

“Shh! Shut up, they’ll hear you!” Tommy pulled them down hard onto the bench.

[name] was starting to look upset and, frankly, Tommy couldn’t handle three people being mad at him in the same building. They opened their mouth to speak again, when—


Tommy felt his whole body slow down. He could feel his hands starting to shake, his mouth was dry. His body was merely a vessel for his anxiety.

“Oh, who’s this?” [name] asked politely, squeezing his hand again.

What would he say? Oh, just the fuckwads that conceived me. No, not Wanda? He heart was literally beating a million times a minute.

“We’re his… Parents.” The woman said briskly.

[name] looked confused. “Well, I thought…”

“Get your backpack. I’d like to leave.” Tommy muttered quietly. Sometimes he was hard enough to understand with his speed and accent, but he was clearly upset.


“[name], please,” he spoke a bit louder, voice shaking. “Get you backpack. I’d like. To leave.”

So, they did. [name] pulled him out quickly. He was all over the place and couldn’t think straight. Tommy thought he’d never have to see them anymore. “Okay, what was that about?”