I’ve been meaning to draw Des and her birds with their held items for awhile now! I finally colored it -u-

From left to right (all oc’s from mysste):

Teale (Swanna) - blue scarf. Won from Crystal Cup. also I’ve been wanting to draw her fucking winged eyeliner that she makes Des apply lmfao

Pike (Wingull) - wave incense

Reece (Murkrow) - lava cookie, ducklett badge (rip Teale)

Lefty, Righty, and Dennis (Dodrio) - small dodrio plushie. They bit off the middle head and Dennis is upset.

Desdemona (human) - silver wing. Won from Crystal Cup. She strung it around her neck. Also I’ve been wanting to draw her shitty dyed hair and baggy thrift store clothes omg

Slim (Honchkrow, Reece&Teale’s kid) - blackglasses. Stolen from Harvey because he’s a tool

Falk (Fearow) - sharp beak (ex-dodrio beak. Incinerated)

Pidgey (Pidgey) - nothing, but adorable ?? still catching her

Arco (Staravia) - safety goggles

Zira (Skarmory) - steel gem

Cage (Pidgeotto) - sky plate (headcanon that it levitates so could theoretically be like a hoverboard)


Day Seven: Most Adorable Pokemon

Lmao okay, so they’re the wrong way around, whatever. The most adorable Pokemon ends uuuuup Skiploom. Gosh. It’s just the cutest. Look at its floppy little ears gaaah. And a dandelion on its head! Omg. And it’s round and I like round things. Yep. That’s all you get. (Okay, I like Wurmple and Shellos and things like that too, but Skiploom looked cuter with a Jigglypuff, so you can deal.)

Day Eight: Most Amusing Pokemon

Jiiiiigglypuuuff, ji-ga-lee-ee-ee-puff~ in anime terms, Jigglypuff is the best of all comic relief, psh. Seriously. It’s been everywhere from at an amusement park in Hoenn to inside a Blastoise’s cannon back in Kanto. Gosh. And it sings and goes PUFF and reminds me of one of my aunts. And I saw a different one the other day that knew Rollout and Flamethrower LOL and was a badass. (This thought is very disorganized, whatever.) But yeah, yeah, I’ll be on top of it tomorrow.