CLAMP 30 day challenge: Day 2
Number of CLAMP series you’ve read/watched

danganronpa-life-lessons replied to your post “Some CLAMPs”

What about Angelic Layer?

I have gotten multiple questions/comments like this, and I guess I’m not?? 100% sure how serious they are? so let me answer here:

Angelic Layer isn’t the only one missing from this list. Other titles like Kobato., Wish, RG Veda, Suki, CLAMP School Detectives, Man of Many Faces, Shin Shunkaden, Shirahime-syo, MuriKuri, Shining Star, Blood-C, Code Geass and other numerous oneshots, collaborations and doujinshi. CLAMP is prolific.

I didn’t omit these titles out of any kind of value-judgment toward the content. Indeed, Wish was the first manga I ever read and will always be uber special to me because of that fact alone. I also didn’t overlook a title or forget it. I haven’t completely filled out my punch card but I feel like I know my CLAMP pretty okay?

If I didn’t include a title it was because I didn’t have anything even halfway funny to say about it while I was writing the original list and in that case I probably should’ve crossed off Duklyon because my comment about it wasn’t particularly funny or insightful? Y’all are welcome to add on with your own little series blurbs or make your own posts. I am but one woman.