muriel matters

Muriel Matters

Why she kicks ass:

  • She was a prominent suffragist in Britain, even though she was born in Australia, where women already had the vote.
  • She is most recognised for chaining herself to the grille of the Ladies’ Gallery in the British House of Commons on 28 October 1908. The ‘grille’ was a piece of ironwork placed in the Ladies’ Gallery that obscured the women’s view of parliamentary debates. Muriel was technically the first woman to speak in parliament in Britain, shouting “We have listened behind this insulting grille too long!” as a group of men removed the grille in order to remove her.
  • She spent one month in prison for this incident.
  • She once flew over the outskirts of London in an airship emblazoned with the words “VOTES FOR WOMEN,” while showering the streets with women’s suffrage flyers.