Can we talk about the fact that every time anybody is asked “what would you do if you won the lottery”, everybody’s first and immediate response is “Pay off all my debt”. It’s not “buy a sports car”, “go on vacation”. First response is always “pay off all my debt”

Like America’s citizens are so damn poor that people literally have to fantasize about winning the lottery in order to not be in debt anymore.
That’s so sad and pathetic of America. Richest country in the world and people have to fantasize about winning an impossible game in order to live the standard American dream.

Detroit Cops Have Left Two Black Children To Die After Runover

On Wednesday a car of criminal suspects has casually rammed into multiple children during the chase by Detroit Police. Patrol car refused to stop and continued the pursuit. Two kids were killed, they were - Michaelangelo Jackson and his sister Makiah, ages 6 and 3. They and the rest kids were playing in front of the house when the cars appeared nearby and plowed them.
I understand that chase of criminals on cars must be very hard work, but cops should be professionals! How could they just keep chasing the criminal after runover into the children? That’s an example of criminal negligence! True bastards.

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i’m so sorry forgive me idk what this is

The one thing that will get a cop fired

This simple story vividly shows what the police is all about.

Here’s Andrew Fleischman, writing at the excellent Fault Lines blog:

There aren’t many things that can get a police officer fired. A history of incompetence and the reckless killing of a 12 year-old boy, on video, didn’t do it. Choking a man to death in front of a crowd of onlookers, on video, didn’t do it.

But don’t lose hope. There are still some offenses so heinous and wanton that even a police officer can’t avoid consequences. Namely, insubordination.

But not your garden-variety insubordination …

Jay Park was a police officer who worked in Athens, Georgia, a college town built around the University of Georgia. Between prayer breakfasts and abstinence rallies, UGA students are known to occasionally imbibe small amounts of alcohol, presumably filched from communion cups at the local seminary.

Park was called to the scene of a minor suffering alcohol poisoning. His supervisor told him to arrest the student, but Park was aware of one of Georgia’s recent evidence-based laws.

See, since 2014, Georgia lawmakers have decided that it is more important to make sure that underage drinkers receive medical care than punishment. So, under the law, “[a]ny person who in good faith seeks medical assistance for someone who is experiencing an alcohol related overdose shall not be arrested, charged, or prosecuted.”

You also can’t arrest the person suffering the overdose …

So Park knew the law. His supervisor didn’t. But Park’s supervisor ordered him to make an illegal arrest. Park refused. You can probably guess who got fired.

I guess the lesson for Georgia police officers here is that you can shoot unarmed suspects in the back. You can gun down an innocent pastor. You cankill an innocent man in his own home during a botched drug raid. You canblow a hole in a baby’s chest during another botched drug raid. You canrepeatedly abuse inmates after strapping them into a restraint chair. You cango to the wrong house, then shoot an innocent man and kill his dog.

But never, ever embarrass your fellow police officers.

In October, Park settled with the department for $325,000. That settlement included a letter exonerating him of any wrongdoing, which will hopefully help him find another job. The money will come from Georgia taxpayers. Jimmy Williamson is still the chief of the University of Georgia Police Department. In a just world, Jay Park would have his job.

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one of the creepiest and most fascinating parts of american history is that john adams and thomas jefferson, the last surviving members of the continental congress, both died on the same day, july 4th 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the declaration of independence. not only that, but adams’ last words were “thomas jefferson still survives” despite the fact that jefferson had died five hours before