- Lyn’s bow is named Mulagir. It’s based off of the sword Murgleys, used by the villain Ganelon from the epic “The Song of Roland” (La chanson de Roland)

- Lucina spear, Geirskögul, is named after the norse valkyrie of the same name. Geirskögul and her sister Skögul (who may or may not be the same person) were famous Valkyries personally chosen by Odin to find the greatest fighters amongst the Norse kings in the poem “Hákonarmál”. Geir meaning Spear and Skögul meaning Shaker or High Towering

-Durandal, or course, being the sword of Roland. One of Charlemagne’s 12 Paladins and the most famous of the bunch (of which Astolfo is one of those Paladins). It’s said that Durandal was once owned by Hector of Troy and given to Roland by one of God’s angels. And it’s also said that the sword still exists, hidden inside the cliff wall in the French town of Rocamadour.

- Urvan coming from the Zoroastrian concept of the Soul. I can’t find much more beyond that.


i like the idea of the knight-lava monster swap au. i also like the idea the humanoid lava monsters used to be humans (maybe even knights

anyways for the sake of this whole concept -

lavaria - javaria linn (javelin / black raven)

general magmar - magnus murgleis (murgleys sword / gold wolf)

whiparella - her name stays the same (snake whip / wine red snake)

beast master - beck de faucon (poleaxe / brown bear)

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Mythological weapons for allies, nordics and axis please!! :D ((I need help with a fanfic so I want ideas of what weapons would they have like ie England and Excalibur))

((I hope you know that when it comes to standard weapons I’m pretty good, but I know damn near nothing about mythical weaponry, so this took a couple hours of research and digging through some of my old knowledge to bring together. It sounds like an interesting fic though! Also, I know the Nordics sources are not quite reliable, but I know damn near nothing about Norse mythology so please feel free to correct me or add additional information because I admit to Wikipedia use for some of it and I feel terrible for it.))

America/Alfred F. Jones: Shá bitłʼóól kʼaaʼ- 
The deadly sunbeam arrows given to the Hero Twins in Navajo legend by their father, the sun. This arrow struck the final blow that killed the Big Giant Yéʼiitsoh.

Canada/Matthew Williams: ((After some extensive searching, I was unable to find any mythical weapons related to Aboriginal Canadian tribes such as the Cree or the Inuit. I have decided to give him a sword from French legend and if you can find a weapon related to any Aboriginal Canadian tribes, please inform me so that I may modify this.)) Murgleys- A sword wielded by the traitor of Roland, Ganelan from the epic The Song of Roland. It is written to have been the greatest sword in France.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Excalibur- ((Bet you didn’t see this one coming lol)) King Arthur’s sword, some times attributed to magical powers and offered to him by the Lady in the Lake.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Durendal- A sword from the epic The Matter of France. Given to Roland by Charlemagne and was said to be the sharpest sword in existence. 

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Axe of Perun- Origin of the symbol often worn on amulets in Slavic countries, it was the ax carried by the Slavic god of thunder and lightning, Perun, that was thrown at evil people and spirits.

China/Yao Wang: Ruyi Jingu Bang- A magical staff used by the immortal monkey king Sun Wukong in Journey to the West, a 16th century Chinese classic. Adapts to it’s owners needs in terms of size.

North Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Apollo’s Bow-
A bow wielded by the Greek god Apollo that is said to have brought health, brought famine or cause death in sleep.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Nothung- A sword used by the hero Siegfried the dragon slayer of the Nibelungenlied.

Japan/Kiku Honda: Amenonuhoko- A naginata, wielded by the Shinto gods Izanagi and Izanami to create the world and raise the land mass from the sea.

Denmark/Mathias Kohler: Mjölnir- Thor’s hammer in Norse mythology, said to have been able to level mountains and is able to hit any target before returning to Thor’s right hand. (Source)

Norway/Lukas Hansen: Dainsleif- A cursed sword that can only return to it’s sheath after it has killed somebody. A strike from this sword will either kill or leave a wound that will never heal. (Source)

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: Svalin- The iron shield that protected Sol in the chariot from the sun. (Source)

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Gungnir- The spear belonging to the Norse god Odin that always hits its target and always kills. (Source)

Finland/Tino Vainamoinen: Ukonvasara- The magic weapon of the Finnish god Ukko and shares many characteristics with Mjölnir.