i like the idea of the knight-lava monster swap au. i also like the idea the humanoid lava monsters used to be humans (maybe even knights

anyways for the sake of this whole concept -

lavaria - javaria linn (javelin / black raven)

general magmar - magnus murgleis (murgleys sword / gold wolf)

whiparella - her name stays the same (snake whip / wine red snake)

beast master - beck de faucon (poleaxe / brown bear)

tag game

tagged by @whimzzz!

Nickname: murg, murgs, mei, julio (don’t ask l o l)

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′4 -ish

Last thing you googled: “command pattern uml” fml i hate school

What are you wearing right now: over-sized t-shirt + joggers + sweater bc it’s still cold as hell here

What do you post: my trashy pupship content but i mean i’m trying my best LOL

Why did you choose your URL: aside from ygo i used to be FE trash ahaha so that’s where it came from

i played FE7 years ago when it first came out in NA so nostalgia is also super strong with that one since i kind of grew up with the series… so yeah ‘murgleis’ is one of the legendary weapons and it gives +5 to (imo) the best stat speed and yeah i thought that was pretty good even tho bows suck l o l

What did your last relationship teach you: no boyfriend since birth LOL. but i mean with regards to my best bro @myrmmidon, i’ve learned from the past few weeks that we can share ANYTHING with each other bc we’re actually the same crazy person LOL so i guess there’s nothing to be ashamed of since you’re not alone? (wait does this count as answer)

Do you have any other blogs: yeah, my main multi-fandom blog is @nnosferatu (even tho it’s like 99% ygo now), so that’s the one that i follow/like from since tumblr doesn’t allow me to do that stuff on this blog :’)

Religious or spiritual: i was raised to be religious, though i wouldn’t consider myself very much so… probably decently religious then? lol 

and yeah i do believe in the afterlife, ghosts, and that sort of stuff ahaha

Favorite color: most favourite is red, but i mean also purple, blue, and black

Average hours of sleep: during school, usually 3-5. on friday nights, or during breaks, like 12-14 LOL.

Lucky number: 4, 7.

Favorite characters: Kaiba, Jounouchi (ygo dm); Manjoume, Kaiser Ryo (ygo gx); Gin (bleach); Kagura (gintama); Ike, Serra, Matthew, Sain (fe); Red, Green, Steven Stone (pokemon); Tohsaka Rin (Fate); Mitsutada, Ookanehira (tourabu) LOL

How many blankets you sleep with: 1

tag twenty people: ermm idk enough people damn LOL @myrmmidon, @silent-kea, @oneeyefish (sorry for bothering you guys again orzz do it only if you want to!)