murfy's school

Another Teacher! Meet Coco; the Art Teacher!

He’s a Sea Dweller Wolaz Octopus. Coco’s an interesting type of teacher; he’s very “stoned” Chill, smooth and zones out alot during class, but he’s responsible and disciplined.  He’s very kind and silly, and likes to creep out Mr.Waltz with his tentacles kissing his neck.

ah fuck it i’ll crap this here too even if it’s still in progress and I need to tweek some things up.

Turtle Teacher attempt, called Daryl (adult) and Tito (kid), very inspired by Crush and Squirt from Finding Nemo because I just really like them.

Tito’s like his assistant and his own kid and stuff. I still havent figured out what Teacher Daryl is tho. Like i said theyre still in progress.

you should open to picture on a new tab to see them better too.

aaaa Mr. Shuun Waltz, finally I drew you!

Murfy’s closest friend and ear to speak to in the school. Murfy’s aware of his homosexuality and little crush on him, but it doesn’t bother Murfy at all. Shuun, or simply Mr.Waltz is a very shy teacher, he speaks with a soft tune, never speaks loudly. He’s quite gentle, for a naga. He’s murfy’s substitute teacher and pretty much his helper around the school.


I drew one of the teachers! Meet Jenna; The Gym Teacher! She’s a sea dweller Wolaz like Mano, but she’s no shark, she’s a bottleneck dolphin! 0u0 She lost her legs and a part of her tail fin in a big accident, but it doesnt change anything to her. She’s pretty Rad and energic, like most Wolaz. And loves to Skate. `v`she skates in the school too. haha. She’s also an old friend of Setsuna.

( and I made her hips to be big ok?? this is her true proportions e3e  I needed a slightly chubby oc after all )

Coco fun fact;

have you guys noticed those bracelets on Coco’s arm?

of course not, you could barely see them on the sketch, and this is part of the lineart im working on.

In the beggining of the school year, both of his arms are full of these bracelets. kind of like this;

He gives himself and his classes the goal to make sure he has no more bracelets by the end of the school year. What he does is that each student that does an act of kindness will be given a bracelet. (during summer he makes more bracelets for the next year to come, it’s one of his hobbies, and he wanted to do something special with it.) The act of kindness can be the simplest things; like holding the door open to someone, smile to a stranger, hug a stranger, carry things too heavy for an elder person, little things like that.

Coco believes in kindness very strongly, so yeah <3

Poops this here because I can.

another teacher from Murfy’s school, Darren. I kind of forgot about him (and the fact that he’s Jenna’s twin brother, they’re recycled characters so yeah I forget stuff about them. ) So he’s also a gym teacher.

random fact; he was like, my very first “Murfy”. He’s blue, he’s energic, he’s a party guy. BUT Darren was based off Sonic, humiliating fact. But then I started to get more original and tweaked him up a bit to make him less like Sonic and more like an original Oc.

he has grey spots on his skin ‘cuz he’s a dolphin, like Jenna.