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All The Parts

Matt Murdock x Reader

A/N: Commission for @savinghellskitchenwithmatty

Summary:  Someone had been trying to hunt down the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and they finally caught up with him, breathless and tired in an alley with a woman. A woman who was helping him up. That woman was you, Matt Murdock’s girlfriend.  

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anonymous asked:

i dont get how matt always had a cane?? he kept throwing them on the floor. did he go back and get it? did he buy like 24234 through the mail? or does he show up at some store every few days like "uhh i need a new one" why not just get a dog that could walk himself home everytime he leaves.

he has a closet full of canes


he has the captain america thing and all of his canes are magnetic

feedmecomicart I guess I finally finished the piece. Thanks for the support and the patience. Pay job has been crazy this last few weeks, what with meeting the deadline and all that. Anyway, here`s what you asked for (kind of). If you want the big file just PM me with the email you want me to send it.