“my food is problematic”


Starting tomorrow, Murdock’s tumblr will update five times a week in the following schedule:

MONDAY: pupdate! #murdockmonday is just plain ol’ pictures of Murdock doing things and going places. He’s very well-traveled for a four month old.
TUESDAY: surprise! For all the updates that don’t fit in a category, Tuesday is the wildcard day - asks, quotes, reblogs, etc. Eventually I’d like to have spotlights on other dog blogs (since a bunch of you follow him!) & things like that, which will also be on Tuesday. :)
WEDNESDAY: video! We have lots of footage of Murdock being an idiotic puppy and it’s time you get to see it, too.
THURSDAY: throwback! Murdock’s just a baby but he used to be a lot smaller…
FRIDAY: costume! Also known as Colin’s least favourite day.

The schedule is also on the BRAND NEW header image, and any updates/changes will be edited there as well.

Thanks for your patience. I wanted this up Sunday night, but Tumblr proved to be a formidable foe… >_<