murdock the marvelous

Future Wife (Matt Murdock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Matt Murdock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, DareDevil

Warnings: None really.

Request: Could you write something about Matt meeting or dating a good Catholic girl? Like she’s a Virgin and doesn’t drink etc, and he’s just kind of taken aback because that’s rare in Hells Kitchen

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Matt felt his suit for any ripples before grabbing his cane and leaving his apartment.  Walking out the complex and onto the street, he felt excited, as he was going on a date with you, Y/N.

You had met Matt at Church when he was visiting. You had just stopped by to give some treats to be handed out to the homeless finding comfort in the church’s walls. The Priest introduced you to Matt, and you offered to walk him home. In that short walk, Matt learned a lot about you, and you learnt a lot about him. You learned you were both Catholic. At first Matt thought you were just brought up Catholic and that you didn’t follow many of the rules of the religion, but when he accidentally said Hell, you gave his arm a slap, telling him off. Seeing you were a genuine good person, he decided to offer you a date. You took it happily, and that’s where you are now.

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  • Matt Murdock: constantly questions the morality of killing his enemies
  • Luke Cage: constantly questions the morality of killing his enemies
  • Danny Rand: constantly questions the morality of killing his enemies
  • Jessica Jones: "smile :)"
Actual line from the upcoming Defenders mini series
  • Jessica: It's so dark down here. I can't see a thing.
  • Matt (sarcastically): Oh no, what a nightmare!
  • Jessica: Sorry.