So this is the scene that transpired behind closed doors:

Murdoch comes into the room and both Julia and the inspector are waiting for him. This in itself is a bit odd but on top of that all the blinds are also drawn and he becomes a bit uncomfortable. Then he quickly remembers that he asked her to check into Brax’s behaviour and knows it has something to do with that.

The inspector is holding a wooden box in his hands looking somewhat wild. Julia is off to the side trying not to laugh at Murdoch’s bewilderment and the coming task. He chooses to ignore her stifled merriment. Brax shoves the box in his hands and tells him to open it. Murdoch does and finds a large needle there. Some of his composure fades away since he is afraid of them, all the more so since he was stabbed many times quite recently after he fell from the ladder. Now he’s confused again as to why he is there since Julia could have just given him the shot. He looks to her but she isn’t giving anything away.

Abruptly Brax drops his trousers and Murdoch jumps and hastily looks away, intensely embarrassed. Julia is unable to completely stifle her laughter and some giggles come out. Brax is bent over, resting his arms on the desk. ‘What are you waiting for Murdoch?! Get on with it!’

Julia does her best to regain control and tells him where to specifically stick the needle, how much pressure to apply etc. Murdoch is trying to look anywhere but his bosses rear end but it’s impossible not to look a little in order to give the shot. His hands are shaking lest he screw up. Somehow he completes his task and Brax immediately releases a great sigh of pleasure. Murdoch jumps back, very uncomfortable to his continued proximity to Brax’s buttocks. Julia is looking at him evilly and he knows that if they were still courting she would soon be teasing him mercilessly about this.