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Mark your calendar ;)

AIR FARCE CANADA 150 premieres on Saturday, July 1, 2017:

9:30 PM Newfoundland & Labrador
9:00 PM Atlantic Canada
8:00 PM Ontario and Québec (Eastern)
7:00 PM Manitoba (Central)
6:00 PM Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the North (Mountain)
5:00 PM British Columbia (Pacific)


Beware! Murdoch Foyle Posing as Amazon Delivery Guy

Let me first say, I haven’t even watched any episodes lately… but ya know how frickin’ creepy those episodes are at the end of S1…  (with the saw music and the wolf.) Last night i had a dream that Murdoch Foyle broke into my house pretending to deliver an Amazon package! He was stomping around in my attic (I admit - he’s not really a stomper.  He has more of a sinister glide but this was how it went down.) I was terrified because I could hear him coming to get me and I couldn’t find my phone to call the cops!! Which is ridiculous because my phone is in my hand practically at.all.times!  Why now?!? 

He came down - he threatened me verbally and left.  ? I was shaking but then I realized I got a package!! I’m all, “ooooh!”  I open it and see that it contains Christmas decorations I apparently purchased. And just when I thought everything was going to be ok…. I realized… THEY WERE DAMAGED!! 

MURDOCH FOYLE YOU MONSTER. [shakes fist in the air]

Just re-watched 601 and I still enjoyed it as much as the first time so it wasn’t just cuz I was anticipating greatness or anything like that. It was just pure entertainment at its finest.

My only real complaint about it was that George barely registers that Julia is back after she had been gone for like 3 or 4 months! I thought they had a better relationship than that…