murdoc in a boat

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How would the band react to a S/O telling them they're straight edge (doesn't drink or do drugs)?

2D: He’s somewhat interested in the scene but it was obviously never something he got into. At first he doesn’t really get it but after getting to know what it’s all about he isn’t really that bothered by it

Murdoc: He doesn’t really get it but hey, whatever floats your boat. When it comes to the community he’s kind of put off by certain loud minorities but you’re able to show him the nicer side after some persuasion

Noodle: She actually knows quite a few people in the straight edge scene so she’s not a huge stranger to it. Despite being somewhat health conscious drinking and smoking are probably her biggest vices, however she is super supportive of you

Russel: For the most part he isn’t that bothered by you not drinking or doing drugs. He thinks it good that you don’t really depend on either of those things. As long as you don’t shame others he thinks its a good thing 

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Maybe 2d doesn't fear whales anymore because he spend some time in moby dick. I still don't understand what's up with murdoc. Is he less bigoted and controlling now? Did he stopped abusing 2d? Why do they mention s&m in every single interview

I actually think this is a pretty great explanation especially since iirc he also read the book while he was in there, and then on top of that, he later ate the entire whale himself lmao. Like, he literally and figuratively conquered his fear. But again, this is all conjecture on our part, though it would have been very easy for whoever is writing to connect the dots and include it in some of the interviews but…yeah we know how that goes.

Murdoc is in the same boat. I think you could draw reasonable conclusions that he’s gotten better in some ways and worse in others, and that other areas (i.e. his immaturity) have stayed the same. I’ve been going by my own personal “if it’s mentioned more than three times then it’s true…for now” rule and so far, the feminism and S&M and increased drinking have all been mentioned >3 times so I’m going to accept those for now. I think there’s a lot anyone could read into rn and it kinda sucks that we can essnetially pick and choose what we want to believe with reasons like “Murdoc’s a chronic liar” “2D never knows what’s going on and has no memory” “Noodle’s just saying this to be nice” etc. Like, it’s how they’ve set up the story from the start but  again, it makes for a very murky and uncertain direction for fans to follow. I would say “wait it out for the TV show” but who even knows it that will come to fruition.