murdoc in a boat


Plastic Beach Horror AU i guess hehe

Basic plot: 2D is still kidnapped by Murdoc, kind of paralleling Misery (1990), where he manipulates and traps him into finishing the album. And while 2D trapped in his room doing that, Murdoc goes and builds Cyborg Noodle; mimicking Frankenstein but I got too lazy to draw it. And eventually Murdoc starts to go a bit mad kind of like the Shining, but Cyborg beats him to it. Something happens with her programming and she goes on a rampage killing all the maintenance men and destroying all the boats/planes so 2D and Murdoc are stranded until the maintenance man comes next week. And of course the electricity cuts since they don’t know how to maintain the power. Murdoc has to try and get 2D to cooperate with him so they can get off the island but 2D is still scared shitless of Murdoc for what he’s done so they both are on their own for a while Cyborg hunts them down through the island. There is a scene like the shower scene from psycho where Cyborg almost gets him, and after that 2D is willing to work with Murdoc.

Meanwhile at sea Noodle and Russel are having a Jaws situation where they have to deal with a huge shark, or whale ? (I guess Russel could just eat it but I haven’t seen enough horror movies to think of a better fit wknad)

In the end Russel and Noodle reach the island before the maintenance guy and Noodle kills Cyborg

  • Him: Is there anything on your mind?
  • Me: no
  • Actually me: Murdoc Niccals is a bad person because of his upbringing. As a child, he was shown that being assertive and aggresive will get you what you desire. He has coitus with so many people not all because of his secret wants and desires, but because he wants to show himself that for once, he is in control of his actions. This is why Murdoc drinks excessively and has intercourse with so many strangers-- some victims of childhood abuse grow up to be this way; you might find their actions to be irrational or harmful to themselves, but they see the motive behind it to be a good one, because all that matters is that they can control their body /now/. It takes a lot to force someone into being categorized as this type of person, which is why Murdoc is said to be this cold, unloving brute who only cares about himself. I'm not trying to support abuse, and I don't appreciate his erratic behavior, but I'll be so happy when the days comes in which Murdoc will tear down this facade he has created for everyone to see. His true self is waiting, we just haven't been able to see it in full-boat action yet. I hope Murdoc treats 2D with love and respect this time around. I hope he gives everyone a hug. I hope he bonds with his bandmates on a more personal level and opens up to them fully, so they can help him cope.
I Am Damaged: 2D and Murdoc fic

(Not necessarily 2Doc but whatever floats ur boat)
The Gist: Everyone noticed Murdoc leaving the house more often and realize he’s going to therapy. 2D takes it upon himself to confront him and learns information that was a long time coming.

“Out,” Murdoc responded to Russell’s question. Its like he’s a teenager all over again. Russell didnt seem thrilled about his lack of specifics, but went back to his sketchbook, allowing Murdoc to snatch his worn leather jacket and leave the house. Noodle came from the garage after hearing the front door open and close, covered in grease stains.
“Where’s he off to?” She laid a rag down on the coffee table and sat next to Russell. She peeked at what he was drawing: a slightly morbid still life of the Bonsai Tree that now resigns in Cyborg Noodle’s severed head, the small trunk emerging from the mouth, a grotesque sight to visitors (if they had any).
Russell sighed and shook his head.
“Beats me. Man, he’s been out like that these few months.” He snapped to display the speed of his disappearance from the house hold. Noodle put her cheek in her hands in thought.
“He’s behaving quite odd. He’s not drunk when he gets home, like the old tosser used to be. Have you think he’s met someone?” She turned to him fully, demanding his full attention. He obliged, setting down pencil, hands flat on the book, turning to her.
“Nah, he’d be in a better mood about it. Maybe he’s keeping it tight with nature or something.” Noodle laughed at the thought of grumpy old Murdoc hugging a tree. Russell smiled, at awe for the millionth time of how big Noodle’s gotten. How proud he was of her. It made him sad to think that one day he’d have to let her go. She’d have a wife, kids… No, it pained Russell like he was her real dad, though in a way, he kind of was. That blood being thicker than water saying was bullshit. He loved her as much as a good dad would love his biological daughter.
Both their thoughts were interrupted by 2D walking into the kitchen.
“Hey, D. Where do you imagine Murdoc’s off to?” Noodle shifted her seating position to face the indigo haired man pouring himself orange juice. He shrugged and sat across from the two in an arm chair.
“A concert, per'aps?”
“Yeah, but 3 days a week. And in the morning?” Noodle emphasized the confusion and Russell nodded in agreement.
“Noods’ got a point. Something ain’t right about that.” 2D thought for a moment. He looked at the calendar. Saturday.
“Hold on, what time is it?”
“Almost 10, why”
“Ha,” 2D chuckled to himself, “right now’s about the time I’d be off to…” His happy expression dropped as he realized “therapy.” He looked up in shock at the two, them having the same expression. The silencing was grim in the house. Noodle was the first to break it.
“You.. dont think…”
“Where else would he go? You heard D. The exact day, exact time?”
“But why-” Noodle began, in shock for her practical family member, but 2D interrupted.
“Me.” This gained stares from both of them. 2D elaborated. “Well think about it. Muds been ‘ittin’ me loads less, been less mean to me. We been ‘angin’ out more.” Noodle smiled as she began to understand.
“Yeah. Maybe he’s turning around.”

For some reason the thought of that didnt sit right with 2D. Why now? After almost 20 years of abuse and bullshit, why now? Maybe he was wrong. Maybe it wasn’t because of him. Maybe he just wanted to be more likable or something. Still, he couldn’t shake the feeling that, for once, it was him. ***
“Where were you?” Murdoc paused in the door way looking at 2D sitting in an armchair towards him, his expression as plain as the feeling in his eyes, or what used to be. you’d think just because they’ve been filled with blood, they’d still be considered eyeballs, especially since they still did their job. Which, right now, was noticing Murdoc hesitantly hang his jacket on the rack and close the door behind him.
“Why does it matter?” Murdoc avoided the question with another, finding that worked best with most people. Unfortunately, 2D was not like most people.
“Cos’ we care about you. ‘Ell, we’re a band afterall. So I’m goin’ to ask again, where were you?” 2D stared at Murdoc, not with disappointment or fear like years ago, but with concern… appreciation. Murdoc’s silence stood as a refusal. 2D sighed at his resistance. “Actually, don’t. I already know where you been off to.” 2D revealed a business card for Dr. Carol Young, with the number circled and dates written: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 10:00 AM. Murdoc’s handwriting.
“Most people would consider that a breach of personal privacy, Pot.” Murdoc tried hard not to look at him, but couldn’t help it. 2D’s aura and appearance didnt just demand your attention, it gripped it away from you. He sucked in attention like a vacuum.
“That was breached a long time ago,” He chuckled but became serious again, “Y'know, Muds, this isn’t something you should be embarrassed of. Even if you dont want to tell the others… you can tell me. So why are you going?” Murdoc tried his best to keep his cool demeanor, not to fall apart, but Carol’s words were ringing.
Its okay to cry.
And he did. He years of held back tears flow over like an old dam breaking. He slid against the front door to the floor, shaking, sobbing, because someone always cared when he thought no one did but he was too narcissistic to see it. 2D, oddly, was kind of expecting this. 2D may have some brain damage, but he’s good with people and emotions. He was a huge heart that sees people. He knows how much pain Murdoc’s been building up. He got up and moved over next to Murdoc, sitting next to him.
“I’m so fucking sorry, Stuart.” Murdoc choked out. 2D felt like the part in Moana where the land lady became good again. He found the missing heart.
“I accept your apology. But let’s get one thing straight: I don’t forgive you. Per'aps one day, I will. ‘Owever thats not today. But I will give you a second chance, because you’re my best friend. I believe friends see the best in one another. I see your change, and I quite appreciate it. I appreciate you. You 'aven’t been treated the best when you were a little sod, but I personally want you to get better, ya 'ear? One step at a time. Me, Rus and Noods are goin’ to 'elp you. I mean, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be in the biggest band in the world. I wouldn’t 'ave met Rus and Noods. We’ll 'elp you. We love you, Murdoc.”
Murdoc can’t remember when Russell and Noodle came in or when he actually stopped crying. But he does remember when they all calmed down and just talked together like one weird, fucked up family. Murdoc’s first real family. It felt like the best thing in the world

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, but could I have something where a friend of the band is trying to find her sexuality and she finds that she is pansexual, and tells the group? sorry again, and thanks!

(Hey anon, no reason to say sorry, bab! I will gladly write this for you. I don’t identify with pansexuality so bear with me, I’ve tried to do some research! If anything comes off as a little not-good, remember Murdoc is 50 years old and a knob sometimes. EVERYONE IN THIS STORY APPROVES)

Here you were, standing in front of the band who were quietly sitting in the sofa, about to have the most nerve wrecking conversation in quite a while. Coming out as pansexual, this was it, and in reality, you knew it wouldn’t be a big deal for them but still you felt your heart race, as if it was placed in your throat. You had been through several phases with finding out who you truly were; gay, bi and now it finally hit you that you were pan. It had taken quite a while to find out but when you had heard the term for the first time and then looked it up, you realised that it fit you like a glove. Gender did not determine your attraction to people at all and you found yourself remembering several times you had fallen in love with lots of very different people. Bisexual had fit you too but somehow you just knew it wasn’t right. Finally putting a label on yourself made you feel more comfortable in your skin and with your sexuality. Now the talk just waited.

You took a deep breath, “So… Uhh… I’ve just got something to share with you guys and I want to make sure you know that I am still me after saying this.”

Murdoc sat up straighter at that comment and 2D’s brows rose. It seemed as if they all sat a little closer to each other after such a comment. Noodle and Russel looked at each other briefly and Noodle shrugged at his questioning look.

“Please look at me,” you mumbled and their heads immediately snapped back to you, “This is important to me because it makes me feel more whole as a person… I’m pansexual.”

There was silence for a moment but suddenly Murdoc threw his arms up in the air, “What on earth does that even mean? You kids and all your sexualities.” Noodle reached over to slap the back of his head, causing him to groan, “Ow! What was that for?”

“You’re being a knob,” Noodle said as if it was obvious and Murdoc shrugged, looking quite miffed as he sunk into the sofa as before. Noodle rolled her eyes, “You’re always being a knob but this is not the time to be a knob.”

You chuckled at that and went to sit on the armrest of the sofa, sitting besides Murdoc, “I can explain it to you, if you want. Seems like you have some stuff to read up upon if you want to ‘be down with the kids’ as you say.”

“Oh thank God,” 2D said loudly as the next person to react before Murdoc even had the time to reply to that snarky comment of yours. It seemed as if it had only been processed in 2D’s brain now. He looked up at you and then leaned his head on the back of the sofa in relief, “Thought you were going to say you were dying or somefink.”

“I’m most certainly not dying,” you replied with a grin, looking down at them all. Murdoc was still sulking in the corner of the sofa, 2D was looking confused and Noodle as well as Russel were smiling, “I’m just pan.”

“What are you? Attracted to cookware?” Murdoc asked with a smirk and earned a new slap to his head, this time from Russel.

“What is the difference between bisexual and pansexual anyway? I don’t understand,” 2D mumbled, scratching his chin.

“Bisexuality is being attracted to two or more genders whereas pansexuality is being attracted to all genders, or as many people say, being attracted to the person and not as much the gender of the person. It has no say in your attraction but people would rather say all genders instead of using the ideas of gender-blindness. It can seem like you reject a big part of a person’s identity,” Russel explained calmly and you smiled almost proudly. Of course, Russel knew, “I’m very glad you told us, y/n.”

“I’m so proud of you! The point is that we all love you no matter what, you know,” Noodle grinned and hopped up from the sofa to hug you from the side, squeezing you close.

“She’s right, we support and love you no matter what,” Russel stood as well, hugging you from the front.

“Yeah!” 2D followed, hugging you from behind.

You all looked down at Murdoc who eventually leaned into your side, all of them wrapping their arms around you.

“Whatever floats your boat, kid,” Murdoc finally said and you knew all was well.