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I was watching the music video of Secret by The Pierces (PLL’s theme song) and I found some VERY interesting connections between Mona and Charlotte/”A”, as well as Mona’s “death” and Charlotte’s murder.

In the music video, we see Catherine (the BLONDE) and Allison (the BRUNETTE; yes, she has the same name as Ali from PLL but we’re gonna ignore that, considering she has two L’s in her name anyway). They’re the two singers that make up The Pierces. Catherine and Allison are having tea when Catherine says she has to tell her something, but makes Allison swear to never tell. We never see what Catherine tells her, but as many assume, it is that Catherine murdered someone.

The next scene has Allison on the phone talking to someone, and she is revealing Catherine’s secret to them. This is parallel to when Mona called Aria telling her that she has proof that Alison is “A”.

Keep in mind that Catherine is blonde. We see her walking down the hallway heading to Allison’s bedroom, just like how “A” (Charlotte) broke into Mona’s house and headed up the stairs.

Catherine then enters Allison’s bedroom, and Charlotte walks into Mona’s bedroom.

Both victims are then “killed” and dragged around.

What I found intriguing is that Catherine put a blonde wig on Allison, much like Mona’s hair having been dyed blonde in the Dollhouse.

The episode Mona “dies” is 5x12, titled “Taking This One to the Grave”, which is obviously a homage to the song itself. Both victims are seemingly dead.

That’s until Mona was revealed to be alive in 5x25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, and Allison comes back alive at the end of the music video. Allison KILLS Catherine in revenge by strangling her.

Who else died by strangulation? CHARLOTTE! She was hit with a rod then strangled from behind, like Catherine was.



Thanks for reading and tell me what you think! ^_^

If there’s something I love it’s hearing people’s book recommendations so today I’m giving you mine!

  • Only Ever Yours - this book is amazing and hardly anyone talks about it. The best way I can describe it is a feminist critique set in a dystopian society. Beware, it is not a happy read, but I do think it’s extremely eye-opening and something everyone should read.
  • Carry On - sort of a spin off of Fangirl (but not really) and kind of a Harry Potter rip off (but not really). The characters are lovable and the universe is actually pretty interesting in spite of being based off of HP. And the fluff. All the fluff.
  • We Were Liars – this is a mystery that starts with Cady going back to her family’s vacation island and meeting up with her childhood friend group, the Liars. May possibly make you flip a table. Also E. Lockhart’s writing style sets the pace for this novel so well. So much said in such few words.
  • The Darkest Minds – superpowers, concentration camps and a roadtrip, need I say more? It’s fast-paced, interesting and the heroine actually has a personality.
  • Vicious (actually all of VE Schwab’s books but let’s start here) - this book tells the story of the rivalry between two (super)villans. The superpower-holders are complex and the constant POV switch just makes the story a lot more interesting ALSO IT’S GETTING A SEQUEL AND I’M DYING
  • One of Us is Lying - a high school murder mystery à la PLL. The characters and the amount of development they go through alone make this read worthwhile.
  • The Raven Boys – if you haven’t heard about these books have you been living under a rock?, I promise you, you’ve never read anything like them  It’s technically about a boy looking for a ancient Welsh king but the characters make it so much more than that and also it’s just so atmospheric and aesthetic?
  • The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - aka a vampire book done right. The plot and situation is extremely believable and despite being a standalone, the world is well developed. Also the romance is so not in your face that you can just ignore it {but you won’t want to tbh).
  • Kill The Boy Band – hilarious commentary on fangirl culture that takes an unexpected turn (fine maybe not so unexpected). It’s short, fast-paced and if you’ve ever participated in fangirl culture (who hasn’t?),you’ll relate so much.
  • No Good Deed – written by the same author as Kill The Boy Band and equally as great. Follows a summer camp for young activists who, after a competition for a juicy prize is announced, begin sabotaging each other. If you’ve spent more than two minutes on Tumblr, the constant parody of extreme social justice should resonate with you.
  • Ready Player One – a scavenger hunt set in a virtual reality. The world is fascinating and well crafted and the plot’s sense of urgency will keep you turning the pages. (Also I just did a review on it if you want to know more).
  • The 5th Wave - the real selling point of this book is how it makes you second guess yourself until the very end. Also the main character’s sarcasm and sense of humor is on point. Yes it’s about an alien invasion but who cares.

Two recommendations that are probably not for everybody

  • Pretty Little Liars (yep the books) - if you like really immersive and realistic writing with well developed characters that deal with relatable problems, you will love these books. Also it’s an actual well-woven mistery with real answers, not a total tease like the TV show, and it delves much deeper into issues that the show shies away from. But beware, there are like 20 books in the series.
  • All of LJ Smith’s books ALL OF THEM. If you like your supernatural YA romance, these will be your jam. I specially recommend the Night World series (I’d actually say start with the second one and once you’re hooded read the first one), the Dark Visions trilogy and The Forbidden Game. Skip The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries if you’re not into slow reads.

Also!! Please give me book recs (put them in the tags if you want to, I’ll be reading them)!! it’s not like I already have a ridiculous TBR.

Thank you @nasa-hopeful for encouraging me to post this (it’s like eight months late but better late?)

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Shows featured: The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Sherlock, Shadowhunters, Skam, Riverdale, The 100, How to Get Away With Murder, Gossip Girl, Orphan Black and lastly 13 Reasons Why.

Song: Trouble - Memorecks

I like how there are certain unspoken roles in each fandom. There are the:

  • Meme/Gif makers
  • Video makers
  • Fanfic Writers
  • Fan Art Makers
  • Panel Goers 
  • Distributors 
  • Consumers

Which one are you? 

Pretty little liars would be such an amazing show if it was like How to get away with murder in which every question has an answer and with every answer you get a new event covered in mystery appears that needs an answer! Also the plot of How to get away with murder has consistency unlike Pretty little liars that has a lot of plotholes! I still like Pretty little liars though and I hope in the end some of the many things will add up together!

For me a perfect explenation would be if Mona and Cece where working from the beginning for someone else that has a serious motive to torture those girls for years! Both Mona’s and Cece’s excuses as why they did all that to the girls where pretty lame! At this point I don’t care who A.D is but I want very good answers to so many questions! 

Mona’s Murder

Mona’s fake murder provokes so many unanswered questions in Pretty Little Liars. 

Right before she was “killed,” she calls Aria and says, “Ali is A, and I can prove it.”

I always believed that TWO people went to her house that day. You can see that the bottom of the hairline is different for the two girls they showed in black hoodies, unless this was an error on the producer’s part. In the first picture, the hair is shorter and straight, and has a blunt cut. The second picture has longer hair, that looks curlier.

The girl in the second picture walked and moved just like Alison.

Remember the look on Ali’s face when the cops were in Mona’s house?

And look at her hair! It’s exactly like the picture above of the hooded girl in Mona’s house.

But why would Ali be a part of this when Mona’s fake murder lead Ali to be jailed and put on trial for her murder? 

I think I have the answer. 

What if Ali is- and always has been- the leader of the A team? 

She purposely framed herself for Mona’s murder, so that she would be in JAIL when the girls got abducted and taken to the Dollhouse. Eventually, Mona would be let free- and Ali would be released from prison.

What’s a better alibi then “I was in jail when the girls were kidnapped/tortured?”

CeCe took credit for the Dollhouse  (although I still don’t believe that was her dressed up in the tux) AND we saw that Noel was involved (pouring the blood on Spencer). CeCe, Noel and Ali have worked together before, remember? 

Why did Mona call Aria and say that she has proof that Ali is A? 

What if Mona actually DID find evidence that Ali is in fact A. Ali has a hidden camera in a doll in Mona’s room. She saw that Mona found out she was A, and decided to put the “fake murder” plan in motion to divert attention away from herself. 

Once Mona was released from the Dollhouse, and Ali was released from jail, Ali knew that Mona couldn’t put the blame on her because she was in jail the whole time.

This seems crazy, but it sounds exactly like something Ali would do. As we have seen, A will do anything possible to protect their identity.


There are so many things that do not make sense when Mona reveals what actually happened to her that day. 

Mona claims that her and A planned to fake her death and frame Ali for the murder, that’s why she was keeping vials of her blood. However, Mona claims she was going to double-cross A, find out shims identity, and come back to Rosewood to free Ali from jail.

YEAH RIGHT. Is this the same Mona who formed an "army" of people to fight against Ali’s return?

But apparently A double-crossed Mona,put her in the Dollhouse, and used the vials of her blood to make it look like she was dead (confirmed by Marlene on Twitter). We see footage from a hidden camera in Mona’s house, of a hooded person attacking Mona, pushing her down the stairs, etc. It is later explained the A wasn’t trying to kill her, just trying to drug her so she could take her to the Dollhouse.

Ali is arrested for Mona’s murder, but the girls aren’t sure they believe that Alison killed Mona because A keeps terrorizing them while Ali is in jail. Which if my theory above is true-is exactly what Ali wanted. Ali now looks like a victim to the girls.

Eventually the girls and Mona are rescued and taken back to Rosewood, and Ali is released from prison. 

If CeCe truly was behind the Dollhouse, why would she want Ali (who she claimed to love) to go to jail for the rest of her life? Wouldn’t she rather have the real Ali in her Dollhouse along with her other ‘dolls’? Why would she go through alllllll that trouble to fake Mona’s death?

What exactly was the endgame for the Dollhouse if the girls were never rescued? Keeping them there forever to play with? Why? 

We need some CONCRETE meaningful answers as to what provoked A to do all this. And if there is a new A (A.D) that is different from CeCe (Big A), Marlene better produce a major explanation for her motivation for torturing the girls so much. Because “they didn’t care that Ali was missing” is not flying with me.