murders of scientists


I always love either super sunny quirky character designs, or really dark creepy ones… There’s no in-between. SHSLs Inventor and Folklorist from Danganronpa V3. They’re my favorite for now, both because of their design and their talents!

SHSL Inventor

  • Design and talent-wise, Souda was one of my favorite DR2 character, so of course I like this girl!
  • I love here steampunk vibe! Goggles!!! Also her tentacle hair. 
  • Her talent will probably be (too) helpful in-game. I don’t think she’ll survive… :-(
  • That said, I see her as a cackling over-the-top mad scientist murderer, not a victim. She’ll be my first suspect if the Kiibo (the robot) “dies”.

SHSL Folklorist

  • I’m curious to learn about obscure japanese folklore… Except his dialogue will probably be toned down by the translation.
  • It would be very cool if he actually survived the game. I don’t think people expect the deadly looking guy to stand a chance (at least I don’t). Post-game, he could make the story of DR3 into a legend!
  • But it probably won’t happen.
  • He looks so chilling. I imagine him not realizing how much he scares people with his stories (or totally doing it on purpose and smiling behind his mask). 
  • Maybe someone will strike to shut him up. And/or he’ll die in an urban-legend themed murder. (2nd case anyone?)
  • But let’s face it, he looks like a designated villain/killer to me and he’s my favourite guy.

KC AU Week: Day 4 || All Human.

↳Assassin/Scientist AU

Caroline Forbes, professional assassin and con-artist is hired by one of the government secret agencies to seduce Klaus Mikaelson, aspiring and successful scientist who has uncovered a series of discoveries that will change the whole world, and steal his progress.

Now, if only he wasn’t so sweet and adorable, then maybe she would have been able to get it over with and finish this task.

But of course, he had to have dimples and an accent. In short, her own custom made recipe for disaster.

loriizsuleyk  asked:

Random thought. Under utilitarianism, do we get to say that Lilith is the primary villain of the Borderlands series? She was directly involved in causing the events of BL2 during TPS.

i don’t think so? making lilith the villain of the borderlands series for causing jack to do things that are villainous would remove jack’s ability to be acting as an autonomous moral agent. theoretically, jack would still be the villain, as he was the one that actually DID the evil stuff, but you’re right — from a utilitarian perspective, lilith would not have been entirely morally permissible in the fiasco. however, it could be argued that her, moxxi and roland betraying jack and trying to kill him was a utilitarian effort to try and “sacrifice one to save many” — aka, sacrifice jack (and his team) to save everyone on elpis. HOWEVER, similarly, the reason they did that (jack murdering all the scientists) could also be justified by utilitarian reasoning. jack killed all the scientists to save the entirety of hyperion. technically, the happiness outweighs the unhappiness.

(moral theories aren’t easy to apply)

My name is Sonic Hedgehog and I am the fastest thing alive. When I was a child I saw my closest friends murdered by a mad scientist. My father was turned into a fucking robot in a completely separate event. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world, I’m an ordinary mutated hedgehog, but secretly with as much media coverage as humanly possible, I use my speed to fight crime and fuck/kiss cute girls. And one day, I’ll find that damn fourth chaos emerald. I am the hodgeheg.

Disney Superheroes : The Wanted (aka Elsa)

Elsa was born with her powers, a gift she hid from the world. She feared of hurting people and the consequences of what will happen if others found out. Home-bound by choice and home-schooled since the age of four. On her seventeenth birthday she decided to transfer to a public high school. She thought it was time to stop living in fear. On the very first day of school she was bullied, to comfort herself she thought, “It’s part of being normal.” Gradually the bullying got worse. One day she accidentally froze the whole cafeteria when someone decided to shove her lunch into the trash. When she realized what had happened it was too late. Several students recorded the incident and uploaded it online.

The video went viral.

She was taken to a secret government laboratory for tests and experiments. Elsa manage to escape and ran for her life. Later, she found out she was framed for murdering the scientists in the lab. Now she is considered dangerously armed and wanted for several murders.


And of course now that I’m done being emotional , cool cosplays that weren’t homestuck-

 Kaneki: kkm-kingdom 

Cecil: tenticalkhoshekh 

Rat: kodakincosplay  

(( I don’t know anyone else’s URL but feel free to add yourself if you see you owo ))

This character of mine has been sinking in my folder for a couple of months now, I don’t even know why but I never got to post her anywhere. But here we go.

Marianne (or Marianne-001) was once a prototype to a project which’s aim was to put artificial intelligence to a brand new level. They wanted to make robots that had their own thoughts and opinions. Marianne was the first successful creation of the project, but things went horrible pretty quick. Her programme was glitched, which led to the terrific murder of some scientists.

After this incident, Marianne was shut down and thrown into the trash by the remaining crew members. But some time later, she was turned on again - no one knows how that happened. Surprisingly, she doesn’t seek revenge. She just wants a normal life and she tries to blend in. 

But the thing that gives concern to people is the fact that she’s glitched. No one knows when she’ll turn into a killing machine again. She’s literally a ticking bomb.