murderous gangsters

fuck you daredevil for making me give a shit about murderous human-trafficking gangster russian brothers and then hurting me for fuck’s sake i didn’t sign up for this i signed up for sassy disabled superheroes stop with the feelings



this where you got niggas and nazis back in the day? cuz at like minute 1 she says it haha

My Ultra Posh Friend Describes London Neighbourhoods
  • Shoreditch:I don't go to house parties in Shoreditch. House parties in Shoreditch is where things like marijuana happen.
  • Soho:I wouldn't be so massively annoyed by it if it was just called 'gay' and not 'g - a- y.' It's pointless.
  • Literally anything south of the river:Oh, I don't go south of the river. It's a lifestyle choice.
  • Bloomsbury:I love the golden triangle! It's got all the money of the Asian one with a fraction of the heroin trade!
  • Whitechapel:I generally avoid areas associated with famous murderers or gangsters.
  • The City:You see, these sorts of people in suits can reflect quite poorly on the other people in suits.
  • Westminster:The proper bunch of people in suits.
  • Hackney:Oh, heavens, no.
Five booked in gangster Asif murder case in UP

Gangster Asif, accused in several cases of murder, loot, kidnapping, was being taken by the police to Allahabad Naini Central Jail, where he had been lodged, after the hearing here yesterday, when he was shot dead by four men at the Muzaffarnagar railway station.

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Supreme Court Ruling Allows Illinois Man, Jailed for Murder at 14, to Reconsider His Future

Supreme Court Ruling Allows Illinois Man, Jailed for Murder at 14, to Reconsider His Future

© Alyssa Schukar for The New York Times Adolfo Davis, 38, has spent the last 24 years in prison, serving a mandatory sentence of life without parole. He is scheduled for a new sentencing hearing on Monday.

Adolfo Davis admits he was a swaggering thug by the age of 14 as he roamed and dealt drugs with a South Side gang. (more…)

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1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV (murdered out) von Gangster Car Driver
This amazing specimen was seemingly customized by “Thai Hot Rod” from Pattaya, Thailand.1973 Lincoln MK, chopped top, lowered suspension, wider rims&tires.Looks like she lost her door handles and opera windows. The turn signals on the fenders have been painted over, but are visible with increased gamma correction. Also the front bumper lost its guards and has been pushed back. Overall very nicely done, for one mean-looking rod.