murderous women


“black women were created of
brown sugar and warm honey.
the sweetest thing to bless the earth.
be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.”

#DearNonNatives: Don’t call yourself a feminist if you’re going to ignore the missing and murdered Indigenous women in this country, or the 1 in 3 Native women who were sexually assaulted, or the white washed and hypersexualized images of Native women in the media.

This Day In Crime

Brenda Spencer
‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ 

Female mass murderers/school shooters are a rare occurrence, but not on January the 29th 1979, at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego. Whilst the young children were waiting at the school gates for it to open, Brenda Spencer got her rifle and stood at her window. Spencer fired 30 rounds of ammunition, killing the principle, a custodian and injuring 8 children. Spencer then barricaded herself in her home hours before being arrested. 

Whilst inside on the phone a reporter asked why? Brenda’s response was “I don’t like Mondays”  

Brenda Spencer was sentenced to 25 to life 

Spencer has had 4 parole requests denied, her next hearing is 2019

off on a tangent I think that the way in which a lot of memes endlessly reproduce content by fracturing it & alienating it from its context is troubling, not to sound like a curmudgeon…. like I’ve seen at least three “loss” memes in the last week–all edited to within an inch of their lives, all with a bunch of people adding onto the thread as the images got pushed further and further into the absurd, all untagged of course–& there is no power on this earth that could explain to me how those are funny. I’ve seen a “meme” that consisted of a video where a man pretended to kill his girlfriend with a bomb for the camera, reblogged by a man uncritically. videos of people we don’t know in situations we don’t know anything about having strong emotional reactions to things are being stripped from the original contexts in which the people depicted experienced them & transformed into a blank slate for us to remix into ever-increasing states of fragmentation & there is no reverence for human suffering……….. like those memes labelling “me” “2016″ “2017″ etc. where “me” is being beaten up & it came out that one of those images was of someone being beaten for being gay. so we’ve been.. sharing an image of someone being brutalised in a homophobic hate crime because we’ve made it so that we can see a person, on the ground, surrounded by people who are.. kicking his prone body, & not wonder “what’s going on in this image, who took this image, is this person okay, what happened here” but just automatically & unthinkingly treat it as something to map our own experience onto (not that that experience does not also contain suffering–but still) because we no longer see the victim in this image as a human being. & of course when you add this to the aforementioned antiblackness, willingness to spread images of violence against Black people & to see Black people as performers before people, it’s just insidiousness on top of insidiousness


Sex work never has been a safe job and as long as it remains criminalised, it never will be a safe job. Due to their often transient lifestyle combined with the secrecy surrounding their work, they are quite often targets to sadistic predators. One such woman who fell victim to one such offender was 28-year-old Catrine de Costa.

Throughout the spring of 1984, Catrine worked as a sex worker on the streets of Stockholm. Catrine had fallen down on her luck and turned to sex work as a means to fund her drug addiction. The last time she was seen alive was on the 10th of June, 1984, when a client let her out of his car in central Stockholm. After not hearing from her for a couple of days, Catrine’s mother reported her missing. It wasn’t like her to not keep in contact with her family. Her mother had ever right to worry. On the 18th of July, the first grim discovery was made. Underneath a overpass in Solna, a bin bag was found containing dismembered remains. These remains were identified as Catrine’s by her fingerprints. A couple of weeks later, another bin bag containing more remains was discovered. Catrine’s head, internal organs, one breast, and genitalia were never found. No cause of death could be determined, however it was evident she had been murdered.

Shortly after the discovery, Teet Harm, a local pathologist, was suspected and arrested for the murder but shortly thereafter, he was released. Another suspect came to light the following year when the wife of Thomas Allgen, a general practitioner, told police that she believed Thomas had been molesting their daughter. Coincidentally, Thomas and Teet were acquaintances. While investigation the molestation, Thomas’ wife told them that her daughter had started talking about witnessing a dismemberment. The two men were put on trial for the murder and dismemberment of Catrine. They were subsequently both acquitted after the court determined that there wasn’t enough evidence she was murdered. After the verdict, District Attorney Staffan Bergman told local newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, that Catrine theoretically could have fallen and dismembered herself and that the murder hypothesis was built on circumstantial evidence. “On the other hand, there is quite a bit that points to murder. I haven’t heard of anyone being dismembered after a natural death,” he added.

The murder of Catrine provoked the women of Sweden to rise up and protest against male brutality. Despite the uproar and popularity the case garnered over the years, the murder of Catrine still remains unsolved.

In Honour of Orange Shirt Day, Thompson Rivers University held a drum circle. Orange Shirt Day is held on September 30th every year across Canada to remember the legacy of Residential Schools and strive for reconciliation.

The song being sung is about the tragedy of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.


Karla Homolka Volunteering At Schools

According to a report by the Montreal edition of Breakfast Television, murderer Karla Homolka volunteered at her children’s elementary school in Notre-Dame-de-Grace last March.

Homolka also supervised a school trip of kindergarten children from Montreal’s Greaves Adventist Academy in March and once brought her dog to the school for students to pet.

The private school are well aware of Homolka’s criminal past.
Man killed wife on cruise ship for 'laughing' at him - BBC News
The woman was found dead in the cabin the couple were sharing on a cruise ship.

The literal example of “Men are afraid of Women laughing at them, Women are afraid of Men killing them.”

You think we exaggerate…first world, third world. We need feminism.