murderous women

Dear pro lifers and pro choicers. Please stop doing this stuff asap.

Stuff that pro-lifers need to stop immediately:
• Screaming outside clinics that abortion is murder. Women who are getting abortions are often making that decision out of fear. There is no need to make them even more frightened, and then expect them to come running into your arms for support after you just told them that they’re going to burn in hell. I’m looking at you, Christians.
• Shaming young unmarried women for having children out of wedlock. If you claim to be pro-life, this literally has the opposite effect on women and will probably make them more likely to choose an abortion. God’s not cool with sex before marriage, but He actually loves kids a lot, especially since they have no part in the sin that caused them to come into this world, so please please stop.
• Causing discourse just for attention. I love getting angry fan-mail as much as the next guy (I get to use my snappy Judge Judy gifs) but being controversial to get reblogs…isn’t cool?? You should be building bridges and finding common ground and dare I say…compromising! (DUN DUN) There are women out there who need our help (AND WHEN I SAY “OUR” I MEAN BOTH PRO LIFERS AND PRO CHOICERS)  and your intentional discourse posts aren’t helping anybody. Try reblogging hotlines for abortion counseling instead ;)
• Please stop distancing yourselves from the LGBTQ community. I know, you don’t agree on everything…but I know a buncha atheist, lesbian pro lifers and they are some of the most passionate people I’ve met regarding this topic and they have important things to say. Please don’t dismiss their discussion as irrelevant. (This also means stop preventing from gay and lesbian couples from adopting btw…)
• PS there are people who have worked in abortion clinics that need a lot of healing and help. Don’t forget about them or dismiss their stories. Again, pointing fingers at the wrong people is just really really destructive to your cause.
• Realize that no matter how many abortion clinics you shut down, there will always be women who think that abortion is their only choice. I used to get so offended by people who would say “If you make it illegal then women will just do it in their bedrooms with coat hangers!” I’ll admit, I was wrong to be offended. I don’t know how much truth there is to that statement because it’s hypothetical but if there is then everyone needs to get together and make abortion unthinkable, not illegal. That means erasing every fear that a woman has which might make her get an abortion. That means supporting her financially (REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT SHE’S MARRIED??) and emotionally and pointing her to a local pregnancy resource center which will be filled with people who will BE THERE FOR HER.

Stuff that pro-choicers need to stop immediately:
• Trying to pass abortion off as painless and having no detrimental side-effects. This is baseless…and it belittles all of the women who have been affected by abortion. Studies have shown an increase in depression and even suicide after abortion procedures and there’s a reason for that. It’s a very big decision and there is a lot of weight to that. I know 3 women personally who are very close to me who have had abortions when they were younger and nothing would be more horrifying to them to be told that abortion is nothin’ to sneeze at (emotionally, mentally, or physically). You’re doing nothing for your cause by perpetuating this. And that includes making movies (gag) or writing articles in teen magazines that make abortions seem like fun, (double gag)
• Telling pro-lifers that they need to keep their Bibles “out of my vagina.” First of all, ew. Second of all there are a lot of pro life atheists out there! Check out New Wave Feminists and Rehumanize international! The pro life stance doesn’t really have anything to do with religion. (People like to make it seem that way though unfortunately…-____- ) A lot of times pro lifers will claim to be religious because Christianity backs up the pro life stance but that doesn’t make it an exclusive group. So please, can we…ditch this phrase asap? Unless you want to completely ignore all of those LGBTQ pro lifers out there?? Cause that’s not cool bro!
• Please stop pushing back with the “I hope you’re ready to adopt a million children then! Who’s going to take care of all those kids!??” argument. People aren’t rats that need to be dealt with. This makes you sound awful…and I’m not saying that to be controversial. It’s just…bad. I’ve heard this a dozen times from pro choicers and I still don’t really know what kind of answer they expect from me. Who’s going to take care of all those “extra” kids?? ME. And people. People are. People who care about those kids. Pro choice, pro life, pro whatever. They’re out there I guarantee it. I always have to tell people that my family tried to adopt but we had too many kids in our family already. If you’re pulling this card you might as well be telling my that my tie is ugly and you don’t like my face. Instead of using this as a reason in your discussion, why not bring up how you’re working towards improving the quality of foster care systems or helping to lower the cost of adoptions? (Because you’re doing that right?? wink winky) This discussion needs to be more constructive.
• Please stop telling women that motherhood is the end of their careers. I know…pro lifers are the ones telling women “no” but guess what? Women are strong as hell. Yes, motherhood changes you. But find me one woman who, while holding their own child would rather have had an abortion and I’m pretty sure they would choose motherhood every time. (Ask your own mother if you like!) Historically women spent too long being told that they can’t have things in this world - why should we tell them that they can’t be moms and have a beautiful life? I know…it’s ironic coming from someone who thinks abortion isn’t cool but regardless of my beliefs if you’re all for choice then you should be promoting choice, even if it’s motherhood. 

Stuff that pro choicers and pro lifers can do asap
• Be. Nice. To. Each Other. STARTING NOW.
• Stop playing tug-a-war over women. Get out there and realize that regardless of your stance, abortion is an important topic about a procedure that can actually affect women negatively, and then decide what can be done to minimize that.
• Go be a part of the solution and support a local crisis pregnancy center. If you claim to be for a woman’s choice then start standing up for the women who don’t feel like they have a choice. These women are out there. They exist. Do not silence them please. I’m talking about the women who got knocked up and are being scared into and driven to abortion clinics by their boyfriends (”because who wants to pay child support??”) or their parents (”No unmarried daughter of mine is going to church [or school] 9 months pregnant”)
• Wanna do something radical? Get together (THE BOTH OF YALLS) and debate civilly. Like, talk it out. Build bridges. COMPROMISE A LITTLE. Yes, it’s true. Pro choicers and pro lifers are not going to agree on the personhood of the child. That’s the root of the conflict…and for the most part it’s just not going to happen. But pro choicers and pro lifers can both at least agree that abortion is a symptom of something larger. And with that in mind there can be progress! No little girl grows up dreaming to one day get an abortion. We both know that it’s not the best choice but some of us believe it’s the only choice, and that it’s honestly necessary despite the risks. 1 in 3 women get an abortion by the time they’re 45. That’s staggering. Why have we failed women so? It’s time to actually start making practical solutions to this problem without name-calling and mud-smearing. There’s just way too much at stake.

- a ticked off jakey

PS there’s a bunch more for both sides but i’m trying to keep things balanced and these are the ones that tick me off the most. i also don’t represent either group as a whole. i’m just me and these are my thoughts.
PPS please read the whole post before reblogging in case there’s something I said that you don’t agree with. i wouldnt want you to get nasty hate mail for something i said.

anonymous asked:

lol you're going to accuse radfems of murdering trans women when a trans woman is on trial right now for murdering a bunch of sex workers? sure, jan.

here are some leaks involving terfs attempting (and succeeding in some) against trans women for the sole purpose of them being trans women.

your argument makes no sense lmao? its like saying “oh so you like pineapples? someone in the world is allergic to pineapples.” {EDIT: im high lmao ignore this it makes no sense}

that person needs to be jailed and maybe even put to death for their crimes (which you didn’t give me any evidence for 🤔) but that doesn’t excuse the fact that trans lives are more in danger because of terfs. get the fuck out of here.


Transgender woman Chay Reed shot and killed in Miami

  • Miami has lost one member of its transgender community.
  • On Friday, transgender woman Chay Reed, 28, was shot and killed in Miami, Florida, WPLG reported. 

  • An earlier report, which misgendered Reed, said that she was shot while running across the street. Her attacker fled the scene. Read more. (4/22/17, 12:26 PM)

“black women were created of
brown sugar and warm honey.
the sweetest thing to bless the earth.
be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.”


Introducing Unerased: Counting Transgender Lives

The number of transgender murders in America is on the rise — and likely far larger than we know. Our team of reporters have built a comprehensive database honoring the lives and tragic deaths of these individuals, as part of an ongoing initiative. This year more than ever — we cannot forget.

#DearNonNatives: Don’t call yourself a feminist if you’re going to ignore the missing and murdered Indigenous women in this country, or the 1 in 3 Native women who were sexually assaulted, or the white washed and hypersexualized images of Native women in the media.

Karla Homolka Volunteering At Schools

According to a report by the Montreal edition of Breakfast Television, murderer Karla Homolka volunteered at her children’s elementary school in Notre-Dame-de-Grace last March.

Homolka also supervised a school trip of kindergarten children from Montreal’s Greaves Adventist Academy in March and once brought her dog to the school for students to pet.

The private school are well aware of Homolka’s criminal past.


Sex work never has been a safe job and as long as it remains criminalised, it never will be a safe job. Due to their often transient lifestyle combined with the secrecy surrounding their work, they are quite often targets to sadistic predators. One such woman who fell victim to one such offender was 28-year-old Catrine de Costa.

Throughout the spring of 1984, Catrine worked as a sex worker on the streets of Stockholm. Catrine had fallen down on her luck and turned to sex work as a means to fund her drug addiction. The last time she was seen alive was on the 10th of June, 1984, when a client let her out of his car in central Stockholm. After not hearing from her for a couple of days, Catrine’s mother reported her missing. It wasn’t like her to keep in contact with her family. Her mother had ever right to worry. On the 18th of July, the first grim discovery was made. Underneath a overpass in Solna, a bin bag was found containing dismembered remains. These remains were identified as Catrine’s by her fingerprints. A couple of weeks later, another bin bag containing more remains was discovered. Catrine’s head, internal organs, one breast, and genitalia were never found. No cause of death could be determined, however it was evident she had been murdered.

Shortly after the discovery, Teet Harm, a local pathologist, was suspected and arrested for the murder but shortly thereafter, he was released. Another suspect came to light the following year when the wife of Thomas Allgen, a general practitioner, told police that she believed Thomas had been molesting their daughter. Coincidentally, Thomas and Teet were acquaintances. While investigation the molestation, Thomas’ wife told them that her daughter had started talking about witnessing a dismemberment. The two men were put on trial for the murder and dismemberment of Catrine. They were subsequently both acquitted after the court determined that there wasn’t enough evidence she was murdered. After the verdict, District Attorney Staffan Bergman told local newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, that Catrine theoretically could have fallen and dismembered herself and that the murder hypothesis was built on circumstantial evidence. “On the other hand, there is quite a bit that points to murder. I haven’t heard of anyone being dismembered after a natural death,” he added.

The murder of Catrine provoked the women of Sweden to rise up and protest against male brutality. Despite the uproar and popularity the case garnered over the years, the murder of Catrine still remains unsolved.


This Day In Crime

Brenda Spencer
‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ 

Female mass murderers/school shooters are a rare occurrence, but not on January the 29th 1979, at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego. Whilst the young children were waiting at the school gates for it to open, Brenda Spencer got her rifle and stood at her window. Spencer fired 30 rounds of ammunition, killing the principle, a custodian and injuring 8 children. Spencer then barricaded herself in her home hours before being arrested. 

Whilst inside on the phone a reporter asked why? Brenda’s response was “I don’t like Mondays”  

Brenda Spencer was sentenced to 25 to life 

Spencer has had 4 parole requests denied, her next hearing is 2019

So when you say things like “Native Americans have a responsibility to teach [non Natives] their myths and legends and culture!!!” so you can shift the responsibility of being racist on the people you’re targeting, this is what you’re really saying:

In order for you to “understand why we’re so upset with you,” we are expected to talk about, in detail, every single aspect of our struggle for survival, again.

We are expected to talk about ethnic cleansing, genocide, war, colonialism, sexual violence, residential schools, forced assimilation,  the kidnapping of our children, skyrocketing suicide rates, cultural appropriation, racist stereotypes, our women going missing and being found murdered, again.

We are expected to talk about our personal experiences with racism from our partners, our friends, our friends’ family members, our teachers, our employers, our co-workers, acquaintances, online communities, fandoms, entire industries, pop culture icons, government officials, and even the lateral violence within our own communities, again.

We are expected to spell out, in detail, as to what our family members of the previous generation survived in order for us to be here, again.

We are expected to relive our trauma, again.

With all of the information already available for you on the internet that’s a mere Google search away, you expect us to start from square one all over again with no regard for the toll it takes on our hearts, just so you can ignore it AGAIN.

Excuse me, but fuck you.