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Proof that Victor is an evil mastermind: a tiny pack of diapers when they have THREE BABIES! That's enough for like a day. Kidding, it's all perfect, don't mind me. Great job on the sweetheart murderer! (Not being passive-aggressive, I truly love what you do!)

hahaha, and thanks, I’m glad you like my AU OuO
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One of a Kind

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,269

Warnings: None, maybe a little angst.

Summary: You and the Winchester’s are hunting a shifter. Dean and Sam find out that there are two of you. Dean must figure out which is you and which is the shifter. 

A/N: Please send in your requests! I love writing for you guys!

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“Where the hell could she be?” Sam sighed, walking around the empty warehouse.

“Sam, if I knew where she was, we wouldn’t be asking where she is.” Dean snapped at his brother. Dean, Sam, and you were hunting a shape shifter and you had the brilliant idea of splitting up and look where that got you.

“Dean, we’ll find her, calm down.” Sam kept looking but one thing was on Dean’s mind: You. 3 years ago, Dean met you on another hunt. 2 and a half years ago, Dean asked you to live with him and Sam at the Bunker. 2 years ago, Dean mustered up the courage and asked you to be his girlfriend. 6 months ago, Dean gave you a promise ring, promising to be by your side every step of the way, promising to make you his one day.

Now you were lost and who knows what happened to you. Dean was prone to worry about anyone but himself. Dean was prone to do stupid things to get the people he loved back. He knew you could take care of you, you were badass and you always impressed him with each day that passed.

Dean did what he always did and that was think of the worst of every situation and prayed to God that he didn’t find your lifeless body somewhere. You weren’t answering your phone and you always did when it was Dean calling.

You loved him with all your heart and you loved Sam like the older brother you never had. Because you were younger than Sam and Dean, they were both protective of you. You were hunting a shifter and you thought it was a good idea to split up because you would cover more ground that way.

Dean and Sam didn’t find anything useful and walked to the place where you said to meet up if you didn’t find anything. An hour went by and you still hadn’t shown up and Dean began to become worried. It was when you didn’t show up after 2 hours that Dean and Sam went to go find you.

Dean was looking outside of the warehouse when he got the phone call.

“Y/N! Where the hell are you?” He saw your picture light up his screen and immediately picked up.

“Dean, you have to help me! I don’t know where I am and I’m freaking out!” Dean could hear you crying and that made his blood boil. If he found out who made you cry, he would murder them.

“Sweetheart, calm down and tell me where you are. What do you see? Sammy and I will be right there.” Dean started to head back to Sam.

“Dean, I think I’m in a barn but I can’t tell you more than that. Dean, I’m scared.” Dean growled and found Sammy quick. He knew the place you were talking about.

“We’re on our way. Don’t worry, we’ll be there as soon as we can.”

“Please hurry, I think the shapeshifter is coming back.” Suddenly, your phone was cut and he cursed, looking at Sam.

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Sentence prompt: you're watching way to much of that murder tv nonsense, sweetheart.

Okay so I got way excited on this one and it got a little dark. But big thanks to @paigemarie007 for sending the prompt!



Living with two of the seven in the Mikaelson family was bearable, most days, but with the heat in Mystic Falls at an all-time high in the dead of summer, today was not a great day. Lately Kol had been irritable and with Bonnie away for work that week he was impossible crowding both Caroline and Klaus with his pestering and his presence. Klaus on the other had was becoming slightly more concerning, working all day and crawling into bed with her at odd hours of the night.

Her mind was over-analyzing things that much she knew she trusted Klaus and was secure in their relationship. The fact was that she just wasn’t sure about what he was getting up to every few months and the summer heat wasn’t helping. Neither was the fact that she had so much spare time now that her event planning business was gone along with her business partner, Alaric, who had left her in the ruins.

That had led to a fight with Klaus because she didn’t want to rely on him after having to sell her mother’s house in order to pay off the debts of her former business partner done in her name. In the span of twelve hours she had woken up, dressed for work and found out that her partner had been under investigation for some time. That he was in the wind now and Caroline was in serious trouble if she was involved at all.

Pausing the Murder ID channel she walked into the kitchen reaching into the freezer Caroline pouted upon realizing Kol had stolen the last Klondike bar out of the freezer and left the box inside empty. She began plotting six different ways to make his day just a little bit worse when she heard a noise in the garage. Reaching for Kol’s bat by the back door she exited the house armed when she quietly toed her way into the garage.

A lone figure stood in the corner by the garage door pushing the button to close as Caroline breathed a sigh of relief dropping the bat down. She surprised him, his back going stiff before he realized it was his girlfriend who had caught him. The last thing Caroline needed to know was what he had done just the night before and what he’d been doing all morning.

Images of Alaric’s dismembered body flooding him as her pushed his hands into his front pockets as Caroline approached him with a smile gracing her lips. She kissed his lips making him grin as he wrapped her in his arms, he truly didn’t deserve her especially after what he’d done in recent months. Carefully disappearing and killing off each and every single person who had had a hand in destroying her life and business hadn’t been easy but it sure had been fun.

His thoughts swarmed him, “Klaus?” her melodic voice asked garnering his attention once more with her utter perfection.

Kissing her forehead he nodded replying, “Yes?” eager to take her to their bedroom and distract themselves for a few hours before Kol spotted them.

Caroline kisses him briefly before turning her head back behind her, “Why’d you get a freezer the size of André the Giant?” she inquired.

He halts, hopes she doesn’t feel him harden against her as he loosens his hold on her keeping his tone breezy as he answers her, “Because I can’t keep burying the bodies in the desert.”

Caroline rolls her eyes expecting exactly that answer, “See, that’s a joke but I was watching Snapped the other day,” the other day being just a few minutes ago.

Klaus stops her right there, “You’re watching way too much of that murder tv nonsense, Sweetheart,” he assures her not wanting her to worry or get an idea of what he’s been up to.

“I love you, but if you question my viewing habits again,” he cuts off her threat with a kiss biting on her lip in the process making her moan softly in response.

“How about I take you to our bedroom,” he cajoles lifting her up in his arms bridal style, “Take off this poor excuse of a top and these,” he offers, his thumb brushing the hem of her shorts.

Caroline laughs encouraging him, “And I kiss your neck here,” he says pressing a kiss to her neck, “And here,” he adds kissing lower down her collar.

“If you must,” Caroline says flipping her leg in the air as he walks them out of the garage, with one last curious look at the fridge Caroline let Klaus sweep her away.

It wasn’t until Caroline was sure Klaus was spent from their lovemaking that she snuck out of bed with a flimsy excuse to get a glass of ice cold water. With haste she moved to the garage looking over her shoulder to make sure Klaus hadn’t followed as she wrapped her robe around her body. Slipping inside she shut the door behind her and ran to the large freezer pulling the lid open.

A gasp escaping her at the sight, her stomach dropping, the chemical smell nauseating, “Caroline,” his voice behind her was surprising making her jump in awareness.

“Is that Alaric?” she whispers as the freezer door slams shut behind her, her grip slackening in her shock as she turns to face him.

“I saved him for last,” Klaus answers her grimly shutting the door behind him and adjusting the sheet around his waist before stalking in her direction.

Caroline clutched at the fabric of her robe, “There was something beautiful about the symmetry.” He said thinking about how Alaric had taken everything from her and he had simply returned the favor.

It was unfortunate that by the time Klaus had found him, Alaric had burned through most of Caroline’s savings but he did manage to get one thing from the man. One thing before he died rather pitifully, Klaus had been concocting a story about how the left over money had come to be found but now it seemed unnecessary. He now was apprehensive that she would be frightened of him, of what he had the power to do but looking at her now with the shock lessening he found no fear in her eyes.

“I think I could go another round,” she tells him as he reaches her his hands lifting her by the waist to sit her on top of the freezer.

“Do you?” he asks parting her legs with a smirk as she tugged off the sheet that covered him as she nodded taking him in her hand as he groaned against her mouth.

“Right here too,” she sighs into his mouth just before he kisses her wrapping her legs around his waist as he slides back inside of her making them both groan at the feeling.



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‘ it’s not murder if they deserved it, right? ’

“Murder’s murder, sweetheart. Ain’t no other way about it.”

No matter how you cut it, no matter how the human heart tried to justify it— 
lives were taken. Be it revenge, murder, or war.

But Kled, Kled didn’t care either way, not anymore
Oh, though all these years he’s been everything

Hero, villain, murderer, slaughterer and madman.

“And I’m tellin’ you, you’d best be dropping that self-righteous attitude right now an’ cozy up to us killers.” 

Your Fave is Problematic: Charlie Cox
  • Always using tongue whenever he kisses his co-stars
  • Lifts up their chins before kissing them
  • HIS ASS??? TBH???
  • When his eyes hit the light they turn molten fucking gold
  • Cinnamon Bun too pure for this world
  • LIPS
  • He bought Ice Cream for the cast and crew of Daredevil wtf???
  • Perfect Characterization of Matt Murdock
  • Toy Story is his favourite movie
  • Giggles at everything. 
  • His smile is like the fucking sun itself
  • what a sweetheart honestly murder me
  • when he saw eddie redmayne on the red carpet he engulfed him in the tightest hug ive ever seen two human beings share
And again the difference in 76′s and Reaper’s laugh

Reyes: so over-the-top it fails to come off as anything other than over-dramatic. Just like Reaper himself.

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Morrison: friendly laugh. Softest thing. Pure. Until you are his enemy. And then it isnt. It’s one of the scariest sounds in the world. Because you don’t know what he’ll do next.

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Goes into my HC that Gabe is a great tactician, in control of his emotions and is just dramatic af.

Jack is the one who’s unpredictable and unstable, even more so now. This boy can go from absolute sweetheart to murder-she-wrote in the blink of an eye. 

Gabe constantly is telegraphing himself like “I’m a high functioning sociopath!” but I…I dont think it’s Reaper people need to be afraid of..

Also on that train of thought-Blackwatch

What if a part of the decision to give the Strike-Commander position to Jack was due to his psyche evaluation?

They had decided, yes, Reyes was the obvious choice but if they threw Jack to Blackwatch, well, the work and the sorts of people in it would encourage the violent tendencies Jack already had.

Those dirty, thankless,bloody jobs would warp Jack’s personality piece by piece. 

He never could distance himself from his work like Gabe could, so if he was doing the dirty work of Blackwatch, it would have turned him into the efficient  little Blackwatch Commander they needed yes no doubt.

However Jack Morrison would have been torn apart and put back together as the ruthless violent leader of a group of loyal ex-criminals. 

He always did bring out the best in people. 

The Dance of Death

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @romanoffsbite! Thank you so much for all the beautiful, beautiful things you give this fandom. I didn’t manage the Carenzo shenanigans, so next time!

Or do you hope, when sing the violins,
And the pale candle-flame lights up our sins,
To drive some mocking nightmare far apart,
And cool the flame hell lighted in your heart? - Charles Baudelaire

The first time Caroline saw Klaus Mikaelson after the fateful night he’d saved her from Tyler’s bite was decades later. She was in Argentina, laughing as she danced in the streets. The humidity had turned her curls frizzy, dusk was turning into true evening, and the little festival in the town some miles outside Buenos Aires was delightful.

Caroline had learned to avoid most of the bigger cities over the years. Touristy didn’t bother her, but those older, more dangerous vampires did. She now knew how to get a feel for them, would use the nightmares of her past to gauge their strength.

So she was caught completely off guard when she was intercepted mid-turn by hot skin and a scent she sometimes still dreamed about. Mouth running dry, she shifted her gaze up to find herself looking at the hybrid she knew from her fever dreams. His curls had fared better than hers, and the scruff along his jaw only emphasized the curve of his lips.

“Hello, Caroline.”

She wouldn’t flinch from the blade in his eyes. Her current tango partner, however; moved away with a quick apology after one searing glance. “Klaus.”

“No smile for me?” Klaus questioned lowly as his hand settled against her hip, palm slipping beneath her stuff fingers.

“You tried to kill me.”

Dimples deepening on either side of his smile, Klaus cocked his head to the side even as he adjust his grip. He pulled her closer, among the milling bodies, the masses around them oblivious to the unmoving monsters. “In fairness, I merely instigated the desire for Tyler to bite you. And I’d hardly call that attempted murder, sweetheart. Tyler could have fought off my suggestion.”

“Yes,” she bit out at the reminder of that night. Her words were low, and with the musicians beginning to softly play another song, she’d no fear of being overheard. “How did you phrase it? Collateral damage?

“Come now, Caroline, I apologized,” Klaus chided as he ran his thumb along the bone of her hip before gliding his hand up her ribs to settle along her side. “However, I didn’t approach you to dredge up the finer details of our past. At least, not yet.”

Her body was hyper aware of his touch, the careful caress that burned through the thin material of her dress.  “Lucky me. Why are you here?”

The beat had caught a tempo, and the smile that widened on Klaus face had her heart lurching staccato in her chest.  

“To dance, love.”

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make me choose meme.

murder-your-sweethearts asked: paul wesley or michael malarkey.

“The thing I love the most about acting is the same thing that makes me nervous, which is never knowing what will happen next. I never know what character I’m going to play next; I never know what location I’ll be in next. With each new character, I find something new about myself that I didn’t know before.”