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Just reading Murderous Imprint and see your John with wing(s) spreading. Simply beautiful! -karuna from AO3

Thank you! Isn’t that a lovely story? :-) @mojoflower was in the process of writing a sequel, but I think she sadly abandoned it.

For those who haven’t seen that drawing (it is from a while ago) here it is. The right wing is visible, the left one is in the process of being formed.

Go read Mojoflower’s fanfics! They’re lovely and so is she :-)

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Hannibal no. 50 👀

(Rough prompt buddy, rough prompt ^^;)

50. “I don’t want to go.” 

“I don’t want to go.” Will stated, seating himself on the bed and refusing to make another movement towards packing.

Hannibal stopped at the edge of the closet, hand outstretched to the doorjamb, and turned over his shoulder. “I beg your pardon, Will?”

Will scratched his neck, long, dark hairs brushed between his fingers. His eyes denied Hannibal’s querying gaze. “I said I don’t want to go, we live here, we’re staying here.”

Hannibal let a beat pass, taking in Will’s words. He dropped his hand from the doorway and stepped quietly over to Will on the bed. He sat down beside him. “They’ll come for us,” he murmured.

“They’re always coming for us,” Will said, rolling his eyes, and finally looked at his concerned husband. He appreciated Hannibal’s caution. He was older now, they both were, and he had something he wanted to protect. Will would not cheapen those sentiments for the world. And yet…

Hannibal’s dark eyes sharpened. “And prison would be-” The half-formed thought hung in the air as Hannibal watched Will shift and fidget before him. “You are bored of the chase,” Hannibal finally pronounced, a slight smile on his lips.

“I’m tired,” Will sighed, but could not conceal his restlessness.

Hannibal pressed up against him and wrapped his arms around his chest. “Then let them catch us,” Hannibal agreed, pressing kisses to Will’s neck, “One should never cage you. You’ll remind them of that.”

Will turned into his kisses. “You’re content to watch?” He raised an eyebrow, surprised at Hannibal’s languid acceptance.

Hannibal stopped, and smirked. “Don’t tell me you’ve missed watching me work,” he purred, leaning Will back onto the bed.

Will inhaled deeply. “If I said yes…?”

Hannibal’s teeth bared, sharp and bright as ever. “Then we both will remind them what we are in a red renaissance.” He dipped his head and tore open Will’s shirt to leave a wake of kisses before his claws.

Will stirred and ached on the bed beneath him. He made a note to refuse Hannibal more often.


Sean Vincent Gillis commenting about fellow serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer during a pre-arrest interview.

Gillis was brought in for questioning to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office on April 28, 2004 after he admitted to being at the scene of a murdered woman, where an imprint was found that matched the tires on his vehicle. DNA had connected Donna Johnston’s death to the murders of two other women, Katherine Hall and Johnnie Mae Williams, and when detectives asked if he knew any of the victims, he also admitted he was familiar with the latter. He agreed to a voluntary DNA sample, and while that was being processed, the detectives intention was to keep him talking for as long as possible. They didn’t press him too hard, even when they found his story unbelievable, particularly the claim he was at the scene of the crime because he needed to go to the bathroom and couldn’t make it home, despite his house being only a half mile away. He was receptive, and easy-going, as one detective put it, throughout the interview, but it came to a point where their questions were no longer leading anywhere.

Detective Max Schiele came in for a fresh start, and he directed the conversation back to the timeline of his presence at the scene. Schiele then asked if he returned to that spot afterwards to which Gillis responded he hadn’t, and he added he had no desire to see a dead body. Then, as if to prove that was true, he admitted to viewing the crime scene photos of the Black Dahlia murder and those committed by the Manson Family, saying those pictures alone were grisly enough for him. However, Schiele sensed his interest, and he asked him about the Black Dahlia, allowing him to explain who she was and describe the photos he had seen. Schiele entertained him further by admitting to finding Jeffrey Dahmer fascinating, and the above was his response. Gillis’ speech increased in speed, and there was a heightened excitement in his voice, as he continued to explicitly detail the crime scene pictures he had seen, how he counted their parts on the slab, particularly those of dead women. These scenes of death were in fact what Gillis was most familiar with. When he wasn’t at work, he would spend all his time on the internet finding pictures of murdered and dismembered women, often staying up throughout the entire night to view them. 

Shortly after midnight into April 29th, DNA confirmed he was responsible for the murders of Katherine Hall, Johnnie Mae Williams, and Donna Johnston, and he would admit to five others during the interview following his arrest, sparing none of the graphic details.


Reblogging older art, because I realised I’ve now done both Winglock and Wingjohn and neither are facing the front.

The Wingjohn drawing is, of course, from Mojoflower’s fic ‘murderous imprint’.

I’d also like to take the time to say ‘thank you’ for the lovely comments left on my last post. It means a lot to me.

“Said crew, now down to Sally, Anderson, and Dave, are staring curiously at them. Especially at Sherlock, who has metamorphosed from someone who never touches anyone to holding John in a very close, protective, full-body hug.” MojoflowerChapter 20: Taking John Home of Murderous Imprint

I was trying to do some John with his wings (because John has wings - and knives! - in this wonderful fic)… well, this is the best, I could manage at the time being.