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5. Who did you want to kill Jason?

First of all thank you so much for asking me this 💜And I was hoping it would have been Grundy’s ex husband, like maybe she lied about him being abusive and they got a divorce cuz she kept cheating on him since she’s a pedophile (attracted to teenage boys.) So maybe he was stalking Grundy after the marriage and he saw her with Archie and wanted to kill him but accidentally shot Jason because he was drunk and they both have red hair. And then Grundy didn’t want to get involved with murder drama wasn’t just cuz she was ‘with’ Archie it was because she knew it was her ex husband!

Remember their dog Argos? Will may quite literally be in the doghouse with him at this point. An Instagram update in which Hannibal is protective of his antiques and Will is bad at groveling.

(Argos is appropriately regretful in Hannibal’s eyes though. Also soft and cute and cuddly, kind of like a certain ex profiler for the FBI, which makes Hannibal secretly welcome the puppy into his bed at night when he misses Will but is too stubborn to let him sleep anywhere but the couch)


female awesome meme || 2/5 female driven shows » miss. fisher’s murder mysteries

I’d never presume to judge a woman on the basis of her morals. I’m only interested in solving a murder case.


Feng Jiu x Dong Hua [8/?]: 三生三世十里桃花 Eternal Love ep.11


The Signs as Hamilton Characters

Aries: John Laurens

Taurus: Philip Hamilton

Gemini: Peggy Schuyler

Cancer: King George

Leo: Thomas Jefferson

Virgo: James Madison

Libra: George Washington

Scorpio: Marquis de Lafayette

Sagittarius: Alexander Hamilton

Capricorn: Angelica Schuyler

Aquarius: Aaron Burr

Pisces: Eliza Hamilton

the big little lies soundtrack came out yesterday and i literally screamed because holy fuck does it make me feel like im just floating on water with an ease breeze and mild summer hotness, like im laying in cold, white, thin sheets and i just have the whole world in my pocket. as if i can lazily swing my arms above me and feel the nuzzle in my neck from a partner i don’t have. like everything is in its place, and i don’t have to worry. murder, drama, and real important issues tv-series’ music truly eases my mind.