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Expectations - Three Days Grace

I did this on Join me.

And drew it from scratch. [the owner of this character including a few others seen me draw him from start to finish]

This is Truekitty’s character I hope she enjoys, because this was actually a lot of effort. and one of the best most realistic looking pictures I’ve done…

Okay… I had this sitting for a few months now. And I couldn't figure out what colour palates I should Do for the background. And now i’m finally stuck.

As you know, the character’s colour palates are GREEN based. And I tried red. for the background. And struggled for the colours.

So I decided to leave it alone after I finished the lineart of the background….

Nope. I got nothing, so I'm just gonna post it as is, hopefully I figure it out soon. I’d love to try adding interface on to this thing.

It’s all “sprite/pixle/8bit” based art here. I got a feeling that background is going to be horrific to colour when I get to it.


I disagree with one of the villains. that’s DR ROBOTNICK.

I personally think it should of been mephiles the DARK.

-  He actually managed to put the whole world in destruction

-  he managed to “kill” sonic [stabbing him through the back, But he ended up being brough him back to life by thre chaos emerlads… ppfft]

- He’s very secretive and doesn't blab shit about his plans, He's maniacal and actually managed to trick silver in to going against Sonic… sounds like someone else we know whom is just as gullible. *CAUGHCAUGHKNUCKLESCAUGHCAUGH*

He has been my role-model villian since I saw that very scene. I couldn't belive my Eyes. Despite that his design is unoriginal [*SADFACE*] Due to the fact he copied Shadow’s shadow [what. lol irony?] And ended up looking a… *sigh*

“RECOLOUR” As the ignorant little kiddies would say, and wich may I kindly remind you that it is not. why?

  • It was created by the sega team it self
  • A recolour is “fan made” edited pictures of a popular/well known image or screenshot is as you know is highly bashed in the community

I grew to like mephiles more then I liked scourge. Scourge has… dissapointed me. He’s a class clown next to mephiles. But in my personal opinion a step higher then robotnick.

I’ve got a classy taste of what the character dose, it’s what makes them the better, their history matters, not their looks, So if a mephiles askblog sees this you better come say hi so I can give you my appreciation for making a mephiles blog… I just hope you stuck him to his actual character, and not made him a loving character, the Mephiles I know is a heartless foul Shadow Creature.

I respect him as a villain. through and through.

P.S. I despise Silver. Very much so.

MurderOfInk/askspindlecild[mod], over and out!