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After roughly 3 years and 3 months, I’ve finally finished my first long running series, The Mystery of the Murderman.

It had it’s ups and downs, and I ended on the saddest note possible (Ken is all alone now) but I’m damn proud of all of it. It turned out exactly as I imagined and maybe more. Even though I cringe when I see… even just chapter 6, it’s just amazing to me how much I changed as a storyteller and an artist going all the way for this long. I was just through second year of college when I started and now I’m 2 years graduated and I’m at the top of my game!….Currently! I feel I have yet to peak.

Aw, there’s so many things running through my head I want to write… About everything. The experience of writing a long form story. The fans and their theories. The people I never expected. Meeting up with my writing assistant to pump out each chapter. Big props to her by the way, Laura Cleary. (My secret note scribbling love affair. Without you I really don’t think I would’ve finished this.) And much more I forgot because Twitter is quite distracting right now.

I never felt I accomplished anything big with this though. Never broke out past a few people who really loved the story. Which I’m bitter about, yes, but I really just wanted people to read, get caught up in the intrigue, spend those 3 years racking their brains on who the blasted Murderman was! I just think it’s unfortunate I couldn’t reach that many people.

This post wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be, But I got what I wanted to say off my chest, but not what I need to say. So here’s that…

EDIT: I REMEMBER NOW. This comic… in its entirety… Is about me. Yes, I’m the main character, but me as a personality! Its about me and how flawed a person I am. All of my problems led to a bigger problem and eventually I just dealt with it myself and beat it. You could analyze my entire personality through it and understand me better as a person too, y'know. It’s all there. How I really feel. I guess it’s about how others see themselves too, because in reality everyones the exact fuckin’ same.

Clockwork Pandas is not over. Stay tuned Wednesday for an update on the future of the comic itself(which I have even bigger plans for), and something else that will make a brief return. 

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If you read it, thanks. If you didn’t, hey! You don’t have to wait 3 years to see it all now! Why not get started?