The footprint that caught Richard Ramirez. At the time, Ramirez bought a new pair of shoes that were extremely unique and rather easily traceable. Were it not for this footprint, Ramirez might have still been killing to this day.

Zodiac Sings As Murderers

Aries: Eric Harris
Taurus: Richard Ramirez
Gemini: Ted Bundy
Cancer: Brenda Spencer
Leo: Andrei Chikatilo
Virgo: Dylan Klebold
Libra: Myra Hindley
Scorpio: Jack the Ripper
Sagittarius: Thomas Lane
Capricorn: Ed Gein
Aquarius: Jeffrey Dahmer
Pisces: Aileen Wuornos

ok so usually i find the true crime community’s blogs really interesting as i’m into crime and like to read on the tags and stuff, but then sometimes i’m taken aback and astounded by posts like these and it actually makes me question the whole point of the true crime community.

i thought it was to be informed of crime etc and to discuss what murderers did or whatever, however it has become a worshipping community of those who have wronged others in one of the worst ways?

the way these people are talking about eric harris is the way young teens talk about justin bieber or someone of the like.

most of the people i have talked to and discussed with in the tcc are really nice people who are genuinely interested in the psychology of the killers and what they did

however it’s people like this that really let the side down and talk about eric harris and others like richard ramirez and the newly romanticised dylann roof as if they are the boy you fancy at school and it kinda makes me sick

A message left behind by the Lipstick Killer (dubbed that for this very message). Although William Heirens confessed to the 3 murders tied to this case, he later recanted his confession and blamed the police for their brutality and questionable interrogation methods. If what Heirens says is true, the Lipstick killer case still remains unsolved to this day.

  • Erik & Lyle Menendez’s defense. 

After being charged with first-degree murder in the Aug. 20, 1989, for the killings of their father, defense lawyers say they acted out of fear for their lives. Three days after Lyle Menendez had threatened to disclose years of sexual abuse by his father. They say Jose Menendez sexually molested his older son from the ages of 6 to 8 and his younger son from the ages of 6 to 18.The brothers are claiming self-defense in the same manner that battered wives have successfully argued that killings of abusive husbands are justified even at a moment when they are not under physical attack.

People are afraid of calling serial killers with their own name. They prefer to call them “The Monster”, “The Cannibal”, “The Vampire”, “The Lady Killer”, as if their name were dangerous. Remember that they were PEOPLE, not monsters. They were HUMAN, and that’s why we “"humanize”“ them; because they were not plants, not monsters, not animals. Just humans as we are.

Photograph of one of the D.C. Snipers crime scenes, prior to the removal of the body of Sarah Ramos. 34 year old Ramos had been shot shortly after she had left her bus and sat down to read her book on the bench. The D.C. Sniper spree shootings resulted in ten deaths and three injuries, and were committed by John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo(who was only 17 years old at the time of the crimes). In total their true body count was 17 deaths, due to crimes they had committed prior to starting their shooting spree.

  • Some Serial killers + High IQs 

The average serial killer has an IQ 94.7. Although various tests measure IQ, a score of 90 to 110 is usually considered “average” intelligence. A serial killer with average IQ is also the most likely to strangle or shoot their victims. Serial killers who have used bombs show, on average, higher IQs, while those who used poison exhibited the lowest.

from left to right 

  • Ted Kaczynski - Rodney Alcala
  • Carroll Cole - Andrew Cunanan
  • Ed Kemper - Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Ted Bundy - Gary Heidnik

Dave Cullen has spread countless lies about Columbine, and he should not be trusted by anyone wishing to conduct accurate research.

Here are some example quotes from his book (called Columbine):

[Eric] got chicks, lots of chicks,’

[Eric] outscored much of the football team.’

[Eric] had no interest in the marines,’

‘Neither [Eric nor Dylan] complained about bullies picking on them,’

‘Dates were not generally a problem,’

[Eric] was a little charmer. He walked right up to hotties at the mall. He won them over with quick wit, dazzling dimples, and a disarming smile.’