Something curious about the new cap: when Pearl was about to try to get the gem from Steven’s body, it was not Amethist or Garnet who stopped her, but Pearl herself: anyone can believe, and would have plenty of evidence to back it up, that Pearl is the one that most wanted Rose to return, and by her obsession, the one that would go more furter that any other gem, in the quest of bring her back, but in the moment that we see in the last chapter, if Pearl wouldn’t have stopped herself, who knows what would have happened. Also, Garnet and Amethist even did not say a single word when Pearl sayed what it will going to do.

So, is not that Pearl is an maniac murderere, and this also aplies to the rest; its just only that in that moment, none of them knows what Steven is, what is his nature, his habilities, what it means to be an human and a gem at the same time.