Variant Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN
• Mary Jane Watson-Parker has been saving the day as Spinneret, but at the cost of some of her husband’s powers. So she’s going to try something new…
• That’s right, MARY JANE VENOM. It’s on!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Look…I was just about accepting the idea of her as a superhero.

Giving her powers from fucking VENOM?

The dude who terrorized her AND tried to murder her baby?

The thing which can KILL you if you wear it too long?

The thing which can drive you crazy and can take over your body even in your sleep?

The thing which has literally eaten brains?

The thing which can bring out your darkest impulses?

The thing which has MURDERED people and can make the wearer see into the minds of former hosts including murdererous psychopaths?

What the Hell no!

if nothing else it fucks up waaaaaay too much set up up until now and fucks up the dynamic of the book.

Few marriage fans wanted a book about Spider-Man and his Amazing Spider-Family. 

Most of us wanted a book about Peter Parker who has a family or at most Peter and his family with maybe Annie at most as a hero. 

But having Spider-Man married to VENOM?

This is a potential shark jump right here and way too weird. it really just turns the series into a weird and wacky what if experimental book rather than what people want, that is to say a book that gives us an older mature Spider-Man married to MJ as an alternative to the crap in ASM. 

I still have faith in the book though. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing or at the very least the nature of this alternate universe is such that even with the symbiote the good stuff about RYV isn’t compromised too much.

We shall wait and see.