Cassette Fest 2012

WCSB organized and sponsored Cassette Fest last Friday at Pat’s In The Flats. The concept in short was to have listeners submit cassettes that would be played on various shows on the radio. A select number of submissions was then asked to perform at CF2012.

I arrived to the show late and was only able to catch the last three acts, specifically: Tony Void + MaceFace, Jimi Imij and then Murderedman, that went on last. The crew from WCSB did a great job making this feel like a real festival [decorations, cotton candy, hotdog’s, popcorn, t-shirts, etc.] and provided everything at their own expense. This all helped with the fact I had to get up at 7am for work.

The still photos of the Cassette Fest are here, the playlist below has about 15 minutes of video of Murderedman and Jimi Imij. Malcom Ryder posted a video of his bands CF entry ’Phyllis Dillenger’, here, this FB page has the full lineup of the show.