murdered out

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You are now on my poo poo list. You can join Steph, Nichelle, and newly inducted member Emily (ravengirl94). Steph and Nichelle know the ropes. I'll just be over here hugging my knees to my chest and bawling like a baby. Don't mind me. *sobs quietly in the corner*

SWEET!!! I feel so honoured yet a little bad. After all, I did this and who knows if I’m done yet?! 

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Sooo I’ve been tagged by @lieshauntedmylife, @hobbitsmind, @twerkhammett, @prideandperdition, @nebraskan-metalhead, @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross, @asylumsammet, @thewatchmakersdream and @elixmia to post a selfie, Thanks guys! ;]

I’ll tag: @evonthunder, @weetabixby, @bathory-babe, @ostpunk, @lein-wahliik, @march-of-progress, @as-cold-as-her-sorrow, @viking-badger, @moonslices, @silverstagpotter, @dragon-on-the-sea, @iron-maiden-lover, @cassiusthecorrupterofsouls, @under-a-godless-sky, @mathiasismywhore, @f-uchsteufelswild and @damnedchild

I can’t believe there are four yuri anime in 2k17…. Thank the yuri gods….


Murdered Out Evo 😍😍
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