murdered and missing women

I REALLY fucking hate the stereotype that Canadians are so nice and passive and apologetic about everything. The stereotype is more than just irksome to me; it’s damaging. It disregards the ugly realities of racism throughout the country, particularly towards Aboriginal people. 

I have witnessed way too much racism in this country to find the “nice Canadian” stereotype cute. The number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in my city alone is horrifying. The abuse and flat-out hatred is grotesque. 

Here in Canada, people are really good at not giving a shit about the well-being of another human being if that person happens to be Aboriginal. Here in Canada, people are so well-armed with their assumptions and stereotypes that they can’t even bother to see Aboriginal people as HUMAN. 

So no. Canada is not a magical land where everyone loves each other and says sorry constantly. That stereotype is insulting to every Aboriginal woman who is assaulted, goes missing, and/or is murdered. It’s insulting to the families of those missing and murdered women who seek justice and answers that they will never receive, simply because non-Aboriginal Canadians don’t give a damn.

oh ffs

Obviously the greatest portion of my love regarding Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries goes to Miss Fisher herself and the kickass lady who plays her (Essie Davis). She is smart and brave and sassy and intelligent and absolutely prepared to kick the patriarchy in the ass while also looking incredibly stunning, particularly her dresses and hats (I covet her wardrobe like whoa). Honestly even if everything else in this series were subpar, I would still watch it just for her. Both the character and the actress have charisma stats that are off the flippin charts.


It’s bad enough that he is laconic and sassy and intelligent and awkward and much kinder than he seems to be. Please also consider:

  • His actor (Nathan Page) single-handedly redeems the fedora by rocking it hardcore
  • He actually uses the grammatically correct phrase LIE LOW vs. lay low
My life in books

Dear Dr. Stopes - Sex in the 1920s

My lovely MFMM friends will know this little scene

But do you also know one of the first “fighter” for Birth control?  Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes (15 October 1880 - 2 October 1958) palaeobotanist turned author and advocate for birth control, eugenics and women’s right. 

In 1921 Marie Stopes and her (second) husband of three years, Humphrey Verdon Roe, founded the Mothers’ Clinic for Constructive Birth Control at 61 Marlborough Road, Holloway, North London; it was the first birth control clinic in England.

After she published her first books Married Love and Wise Parenthood in 1918 she also became the first person to whom a large numbers of men and women wrote freely about their sexual and marital problems. Naturally, the correspondence was limited to the book buying public, overwhelmingly middle class. But after the opening of the clinic in 1921 and the wide coverage given to her sensational libel action in 1923, her influence spread to all classes of society. She now got desperate letters for help from women in the London slums as well as disapproving deckle-edged comments from episcopal places.

As much of a forward thinker Marie was in regards of women / birth control rights and fulfilled sexuality, she also was a woman of her time with views we would find questionable today. She did not condone abortion, but was a strict support of eugenics. She condemned sex before marriage and homosexuality.

Dear Dr. Stopes contains a variety of letters sent to her from 1918 to 1928 (roughly).

The book is divided into chapters according to social class (lower class, upper class, clergy, medical profession, armed services, overseas etc.) rather then topics. Which gives you an interesting insight into how different the mind set of the classes really were.

Only the letters addressed to Dr. Stopes are published not her answers to the addressors, with some interesting exceptions.

Those letters gives you a great view into the lives of women in the 1920s. Some are heart-breaking, some are disturbing and some are heart-warming. It also makes you see behind the curtain of  the British class system of the time. The upper class always knew about how to prevent pregnancy while the women of the lower class struggled with pregnancy after pregnancy. Most  letters of the lower class made me tear up for those poor women. They didn’t know how to feed another child, had very serious health issues due to the large numbers of pregnancies and injuries during birth. Some women couldn’t even sit without being in pain. The doctors would only tell them they should not get pregnant again, but didn’t inform them how they could do it. 

As much as I’m “in love” with the 20s, I’m very happy to live today.

Overall it was an interesting read. I would have enjoyed it a little more if I could have read the answers of Dr.Stopes and her team too. Even without them, I would recommend it to anyone interested in the history of women’s rights and birth control. It also gives you a very different view of the 20s compared to MFMM.

Please watch Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries it’s a amazing show about a women in the 1920′s solving murders and its so sassy like  

first off she’s a feminist in 1920 Australia 

Plus she is a women of action

and she’s fucking gorgeous and knows it

External image

And she is 200% done with male bullshit of the era 

It’s on Netflix try the first episode it’s amazing 

#DearNonNatives: Don’t call yourself a feminist if you’re going to ignore the missing and murdered Indigenous women in this country, or the 1 in 3 Native women who were sexually assaulted, or the white washed and hypersexualized images of Native women in the media.

Here is my contribution to PosterPosse #WomensHistoryMonth  celebration. #AgathaChristie #print available here

Official poster for the short film, STOLEN, about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. It talks about how the system plays a part in the disappearances of our girls and poses the question of who is doing this. Niawenhkó:wa to all of the supporters who made this short film possible - we are extremely grateful to the people that donated and believed this story needs to be told. We have submitted to various film festivals, fingers crossed that we get in.

I can’t get over how well written Phyrne Fisher is!  She’s such a badass detective, but she has flaws and she makes mistakes.  She’s just so REAL.  I also love that she breaks all the rules even if it’s going to create choas. Why not spice things up in life, it’s way more fun that way!  

Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!  

So when you say things like “Native Americans have a responsibility to teach [non Natives] their myths and legends and culture!!!” so you can shift the responsibility of being racist on the people you’re targeting, this is what you’re really saying:

In order for you to “understand why we’re so upset with you,” we are expected to talk about, in detail, every single aspect of our struggle for survival, again.

We are expected to talk about ethnic cleansing, genocide, war, colonialism, sexual violence, residential schools, forced assimilation,  the kidnapping of our children, skyrocketing suicide rates, cultural appropriation, racist stereotypes, our women going missing and being found murdered, again.

We are expected to talk about our personal experiences with racism from our partners, our friends, our friends’ family members, our teachers, our employers, our co-workers, acquaintances, online communities, fandoms, entire industries, pop culture icons, government officials, and even the lateral violence within our own communities, again.

We are expected to spell out, in detail, as to what our family members of the previous generation survived in order for us to be here, again.

We are expected to relive our trauma, again.

With all of the information already available for you on the internet that’s a mere Google search away, you expect us to start from square one all over again with no regard for the toll it takes on our hearts, just so you can ignore it AGAIN.

Excuse me, but fuck you.