murdered and missing women

Official poster for the short film, STOLEN, about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. It talks about how the system plays a part in the disappearances of our girls and poses the question of who is doing this. Niawenhkó:wa to all of the supporters who made this short film possible - we are extremely grateful to the people that donated and believed this story needs to be told. We have submitted to various film festivals, fingers crossed that we get in.


A friend posted a picture about cities that have abolished Columbus Day and made it Indigenous People’s Day. Someone posted “Fuck Indigenous Day” and proceeded to make a bunch of racist comments that denied and justified genocide. These were the comments made by this idiot who came in to white knight for the other one.

She uses her full legal name and lives in California.

Tumblr. Do your stuff.

UPDATE: It would appear that the employer has been receiving a lot of e-mails because of this post, especially when word got out that the manager actually laughed at the comments Erika left on Facebook. 

Because someone wrote an e-mail to the CEO and this was the outcome:

For those who can’t read it, here’s what is being said:

Concerned: Hello! I am emailing you today to let you know that your office manager, Erika Everett, has been going on a rather racist and violent tirade on facebook. Apparently, someone on facebook being happy about Columbus Day being renamed Indigenous Day in some places was very upsetting to her. Here she is saying it’s ‘too bad we didn’t get rid of all the indians’ Here she is making light of child abuse I will note that someone has already contacted you, by means I’m not sure of, and apparently her supervisor and Ms. Everett apparently laughed about her disgusting comments together. It is already making the rounds of the internet. Hopefully some disciplinary action is taken before it become too much public knowledge that yet ANOTHER unapologetic racist is a manager at a financial service industry. It doesn’t bode well for a company that backs up this kind of behaviour. I hope Pinedo Financial Services is not one of these companies. Thank you - A concerned observer


Concerned: Thank you for the confirmation about your company’s standards. It’s a shame that you find this e-mail to be harassment when you employ people that laugh about genocide and child abuse. But it’s nice to know that your company endorses that. Well done. - Still Concerned

Whatever you guys are doing, you’re doing it well.

#DearNonNatives: Don’t call yourself a feminist if you’re going to ignore the missing and murdered Indigenous women in this country, or the 1 in 3 Native women who were sexually assaulted, or the white washed and hypersexualized images of Native women in the media.

This entire cabinet is a giant ‘fuck you’ to Stephen Harper

oh, you won’t do anything about the missing and murdered indigenous women? well I’m going to assign an Aboriginal woman as the fucking Minister of Justice

you’re going to start a national debate on head coverings and immigration? I’m going to make a Sikh immigrant our Minister of National Defence

you have someone who doesn’t believe in climate change as your Minister of Environment? I’M GONNA RENAME THE POST TO THE MINISTER OF ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE

you’re going to censor scientists and destroy science libraries? I’M GOING TO CREATE AN ENTIRE NEW FUCKING MINISTER OF SCIENCE

So when you say things like “Native Americans have a responsibility to teach [non Natives] their myths and legends and culture!!!” so you can shift the responsibility of being racist on the people you’re targeting, this is what you’re really saying:

In order for you to “understand why we’re so upset with you,” we are expected to talk about, in detail, every single aspect of our struggle for survival, again.

We are expected to talk about ethnic cleansing, genocide, war, colonialism, sexual violence, residential schools, forced assimilation,  the kidnapping of our children, skyrocketing suicide rates, cultural appropriation, racist stereotypes, our women going missing and being found murdered, again.

We are expected to talk about our personal experiences with racism from our partners, our friends, our friends’ family members, our teachers, our employers, our co-workers, acquaintances, online communities, fandoms, entire industries, pop culture icons, government officials, and even the lateral violence within our own communities, again.

We are expected to spell out, in detail, as to what our family members of the previous generation survived in order for us to be here, again.

We are expected to relive our trauma, again.

With all of the information already available for you on the internet that’s a mere Google search away, you expect us to start from square one all over again with no regard for the toll it takes on our hearts, just so you can ignore it AGAIN.

Excuse me, but fuck you.

Hey, why stop there?

While we’re at it, what’s JK Rowling’s magical explanation behind Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women? Are they getting kidnapped by Death Eaters?

Oh wait! Were there Residential Schools for Witchcraft and Wizardry too?

Did Voldemort order the sterilization of Native Muggles to prevent Native Mudbloods?

Are the Malfoys behind the Oka Crisis all along? Did Lucius stab Waneek Horn Miller while she was carrying a four year old?

Do you realize how fucking gross and offensive this is now?

A pattern of intelligent, humorous and awestruck men...

So I was thinking about the way Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries uses Jack’s face as a canvas for displaying feelings. Both his love for her and a general reaction to her actions, words, and character traits: her fearlessness and recklessness, her humour and high spirits – in a way also guiding the viewer’s reactions – and how this is such an important part of the show.

And I got to think about other shows that have a similar pattern. I am thinking of Anne of Green Gables, where Gilbert is in the same way a canvas of feelings for Anne: awestruck and admiring, humourous and teasing, at the same time intelligent, steady and reliable.

… as well as Gilmore Girls, where this same pattern (awestruck and admiring, humourous and teasing, at the same time intelligent, steady and reliable) is played out through Luke and his reactions to high-spirited and wonderfully fast-speaking Lorelai.

These are all shows I love. And characters I love: So: fun, fast, intelligent and vivacious women and humorous, intelligent but also slightly awestruck men… it seems to do the trick for me. Would you agree on this pattern, and are there more good examples of this kind of interplay I should be watching?

(my first tumblr post with the attempt to add photos. not sure if it worked out okay.)

I can’t get over how well written Phyrne Fisher is!  She’s such a badass detective, but she has flaws and she makes mistakes.  She’s just so REAL.  I also love that she breaks all the rules even if it’s going to create choas. Why not spice things up in life, it’s way more fun that way!  

Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!