Quick Hamilton Facts

Y'all need to realize that:

Lafayette is YOUNGER than Hamilton by a couple of months.

Aaron Burr is about a year older than Hamilton.

Hamilton had an older brother, James Jr. Hamilton

Angelica once BITCH SLAPPED Jefferson so hard that Jefferson would sometimes refuse to go to events if he thought Angelica was going to be there.

Jefferson also feared Eliza because of this incident.

Lafayette was the last of the Hamilsquad to die in 1834.

Lafayette was rumored to have an affair with Antoinette. Leave the affairs to Hamilton.

Aaron Burr died 2 years later in 1836.

Peggy died in 1801.

This means that Eliza lost her father, her husband, her son, and her sister from 1801-1804.

Angelica only lived 10 more years after Hamilton died.

Eliza forgave Hamilton BEFORE Philip died.

Eliza liked to tell stories.

Anytime anyone tried to apologize to Eliza for Hamilton’s death (Monroe, Burr, etc), she would scold them.

Lafayette had couldn’t dance to save his life. Marie Antoinette knew this and made fun of him by inviting him to a dance.

Aaron Burr remarried in 1833 and they remained together until his death.

His wife’s name was ELIZA.

Aaron Burr was the lawyer in Maria Reynold’s divorce procedures.

Aaron Burr AND Hamilton WORKED TOGETHER in 1801 for a murder trial.

Monroe tried to duel Hamilton over the Reynolds pamphlet only to be stopped by BURR.

Aaron Burr sucked with money.

Aaron Burr tried to created AMERICA 2.




One More Thing


Gentlemen of the jury, I’m curious, bear with me
Are you aware that we’re making hist'ry?
This is the first murder trial of our brand-new nation
The liberty behind deliberation


I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt
With my assistant counsel

Hamilton, sit down
Our client Levi Weeks is innocent
Call your first witness
That’s all you had to say!



The first and last woman to be hanged in New Mexico was 19-year-old Paula Angel. The crime which led her to the gallows was “as old as Eden.” On 23 March, 1861, Angel stabbed her lover, Miguel Martin, to death. Martin was a married man and a father of five who had been having an affair with Angel behind his wife’s back. Seemingly bored with the affair, Martin decided he would call it off. Within a day, Angel was apprehended for the murder and her trial was held just five days later. After being found guilty, she was sentenced to hang the following month. Her time in jail was short and torturous. It was reported that the sheriff taunted her daily by reminder her how many days she had left on earth.

As the execution date rolled around, Angel was told to sit on top of her coffin in the back of the wagon as they drove to the spot she would be killed - a tree on a cottonwood grove. There was no gallows. She was to be hanged from a tree. As the noose was tied around her neck and she was strung up to hang, it was noticed that the sheriff had forgot to tie her hands. The crowd stood in shock as Angel grabbed at her neck and tried to loosen the rope. As she was slowly being choked to death, the sheriff wrapped his arms around her waist to attempt to weight her down and facilitate her demise. The crowd booed and ordered she be cut down. The sight was unbearable.

The execution was momentarily halted so that the sheriff could tie Angel’s hands behind her back. Moments later, she was hanged once again. This time, it was successful and Angel finally perished.

“Flat out” -h.s. Part 2

Part 1



Waking up the morning of your birthday, you tried to keep your nerves in check. You expected pancakes and coffee in the least, but nothing too fancy. Instead, you found a quiet flat thanks to a very still asleep Harry. You didn’t blame him for that though, considering you had a pretty early class anyway. Who would want to get up at 6:30am willingly? 

So you made your own coffee and dressed for school. You wouldn’t be on campus much today anyway, but more in the courthouse. Your professor was working a case, a very high profile case, and you had been asked to be his consulting student. You were very excited about it, but due to the nature of the case and the amount of thugs you were sure you’d encounter, you’d yet to tell Harry about it. He could get protective of this kind of thing, and you didn’t want to have to worry about his feelings and the case at the same time. 

Harry was still asleep when you left, smoothing out your dress as you heels clicked down the hall on the way to the elevator. You’d get a ‘Happy Birthday’ text, you were sure. That at the very least. 

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omgkatsudonplease  asked:

Kaz, you know what I'm going to ask ;) Because that Viktuuri rival lawyers in a murder trial AU is something the world needs to see

Ok so Lily sent this post  and then joked that it sounded like a Rivalverse fic idea and then because she’s an enabler and I have no self control this happened (I’ll do it in summary format because my ability to write proper fic is currently sitting at -10)  

Warnings at the bottom of the post for potential triggers +spoiler alert 

So rival lawyers AU set in an ambiguous time period but think Hamilton-esque. Yuuri is the tight-laced, by the book prosecutor who’s devastating in the courtroom and Viktor is the legendary defence lawyer who somehow manages to get even the most guilty person off through a combination of charm, charisma and using the tiniest of loopholes to his advantage. Yuuri hates him a lot for it and the only cases he can’t win are the ones when Viktor is the opposing lawyer and they have both been charged with contempt of court multiple times because they get into such legendary heated arguments in the courtroom over cases. 

Since this is Rivals AU the backstory is that back when he was young Yuuri really admired Viktor and wanted to be an amazing defence lawyer just like him. Viktor was already famous, fast track through college, opened his own firm young and still manages to win every case kind of thing. When Yuuri met him Viktor accidentally insulted him and from that day on Yuuri vowed to be an even better lawyer than Viktor and crush all of his cases. 

Fast forward into the future and Yuuri has made a serious name for himself but still can’t beat Viktor. And since Viktor keeps getting people off who are technically guilty, Yuuri thinks he’s corrupt and doesn’t care about the law and will do anything for a price to matter how immoral it is. Their rivalry in the courtroom has become pretty legendary and they’re constantly walking along the line of, ‘is this an insult or is this flirting’ whenever they’re near each other and tensions are always so thick you could cut them with a knife. Yuuri ends up realizing he’s super attracted to Viktor still and that just makes him hate Viktor more.  Everyone thinks that one day Yuuri’s either going to kill Viktor or bone him and Viktor is constantly provoking (flirting with) Yuuri which makes it worse. 

It all comes to a head a couple more years down the line when Yuuri is the prosecutor in a murder case. The murdered man was a complete ‘good citizen’ type, good job, loving now devastated family etc etc and Yuuri is determined to give them justice. Viktor is the lawyer for the accused and even though the person is 100% guilty he still somehow manages to get them off scot-free. Yuuri is furious and challenges Viktor to a duel (back to the Hamilton style) because he feels like Viktor is corrupt and arrogant and needs to be knocked down a peg or two. 

Then in true Hamilton style, things go wrong, mistakes are made and Yuuri ends up accidentally killing Viktor in the duel even though that was never his intention. 

It’s only after Viktor is dead that Yuuri finds out the murdered man he was defending was secretly an awful person and the murderer was a victim and had a very good reason for killing them when they did. But it wasn’t a reason that would hold up in court and they didn’t have enough proof of what the other man had done to defend themselves so Viktor had stepped in to get them off without prison time anyway to protect them. And it turned out that all of Viktor’s ‘corrupt’ cases were people who were technically guilty by law but not morally wrong and didn’t deserve the punishments they were facing and Viktor had been defending them because he knew the law was fallible and it was the right thing to do. 

So Yuuri takes up Viktor’s work in his memory because he’s so guilt-ridden for killing Viktor but nothing he does will ever bring Viktor back. 

To make matters worse, it turns out that Viktor was completely in love with Yuuri, he had been for years,  and had always intended to throw away his shot in the duel because he couldn’t bare the thought of hurting him. And he was planning on finally trying to ask Yuuri to date him before everything went wrong. So Yuuri accidentally killed the potential love of his life and someone who was genuinely a good person but he didn’t realize that because he was too blinded by hate until it was far too late. 

Trigger Warning for Major Character Death


Here’s my graduation film from CalArts! Thanks to my friends and family who supported me along the way!

Watch other films made by my classmates:


26-year-old David Lee Gavitt and his wife, Angela, lived in Ionia, Michigan, with their two daughters, 3-year-old Katrina and 11-month-old Tracy. On the night of 9 March, 1985, David and Angela retreated for bed after watching television. David had lit some candles as they watched television and forgot to blow them out when they went to the bedroom. This would be an accident he would live to regret for the rest of his life. A couple of hours after the young couple went to bed, they were awoken by their dog scratching at the bedroom door. When David opened it to see what he wanted, he was aghast to see that the living room was up in flames. As Angela rushed to awaken the girls, David smashed open a back window so that the family could escape. Once the window was smashed, David attempted to reach the girls but by now, the fire was raging. He was unable to force his way to their bedroom. As he called out to Angela, he heard no reply.

Neighbours who see the the flames called the fire department while David kept attempting to re-enter the house. Unfortunately, it was much too late for Angela, Katrina and Tracy. As if losing his wife and children wasn’t enough, investigators announced that they believed that the fire was started intentionally and David was the main suspect. Following his discharge from the hospital, he was charged with their murders. Investigators at the trial had contended that the fire was started with a flammable liquid due to the fact that there was so-called “pour patterns” on the floor, indicating something had been poured. Despite the fact that several witnesses saw David relentlessly attempt to rescue his family combined with the fact that there was no motivation, he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1986.

It wouldn’t be until 2010 that the case got a second look. After learning about the inconsistencies within the case, the Michigan Innocence Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School decided they would re-investigate. Several experts were called in to examine the evidence found within the home. They discovered that a flashover had occurred, as opposed to a liquid being used to ignite the fire. A flashover is a rare phenomenon in which a fire explodes and completely takes over a room, engulfing it in fire almost immediately.

In June of 2012, David’s charges were dismissed and he as released from prison. He later filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for his wrongful conviction. This lawsuit was dismissed.

The Ultimate Test

A/N: It’s 3 AM and I decided to not sleep and write this instead. I missed my one year fic-i-versary (it was the 21st) so pretend that this is written for that. Thank you guys for everything you have done for me and for making me feel so loved - I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all. I hope you enjoy this.

Summary: Your relationship with Spencer has had its ups and downs like any normal marriage, but it is put to the test when Spencer gets put on trial for murder. (Think 12x15)

Word Count: 1500 ish

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers (It’s kind of crucial that you at least have a little idea of what’s happening in the show before reading this). Angst.

Originally posted by caliciaporter

Being Spencer Reid’s wife was like a dream come true.

He constantly showered you with his love, left you little love notes all around your apartment, and stole kisses from you when you made breakfast. When he was out on a case, he would always be sure to send you something. Whether it be a single long stemmed rose or a bag of your favorite candy, even when he was away he would make sure that you knew that he was thinking about you. The love you had for each other was unwavering and everlasting, as it was stated during your wedding ceremony. Nothing could change that.

The way he loved your daughter, Brynn, made you fall in love with him even more. He video-called the two of you when he was away and spent every waking minute that he was home with her. Spencer would do anything to make her smile. That little girl had her father wrapped around her little finger.

Being Spencer Reid’s wife was no easy task.

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Dylann Roof pleads guilty to state murder charges, avoiding second death penalty

  • According to the Post and Courier, Roof, 23, entered the guilty plea on nine counts of murder, three of attempted murder and a firearms violation as part of a deal with prosecutors to avoid a second death penalty. Instead, he received a life sentence. 
  • A self-avowed white supremacist, Roof was sentenced to death in January on 33 federal charges, including hate crimes and obstruction of the practice of religion. 

  • That sentence came after a grueling federal trial, where relatives of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre victims gave heart-wrenching testimony about what it feels like to grieve the loved ones they lost.  Read more. (4/10/2017 3:28 PM)

The Murder of Stephanie Crowe

Stephanie Crowe was especially happy on January 21, 1998, because her parents had saved up to buy her a new phone for Christmas and she was permitted unlimited calls; the twelve-year-old was busy chatting to her friends when her mother bade her goodnight and went to sleep.

The next day Stephanie’s grandmother made a gruesome discovery; when she went upstairs to fetch Stephanie for breakfast she discovered the girl lying in a massive pool of blood near her bedroom door. Stephanie had been stabbed eight times with a long-bladed knife, and drag marks indicated she had first been attacked in bed before her killer pulled her to the floor and slashed at her chest. Strangely enough, there was no sign of forced entry into her room, and the words ‘kill KILL’ had been scrawled in pencil on the wall near her body.

Due to the fact no sign of forced entry was found, the police immediately began to pursue Stephanie’s brother, Michael, for her murder. Michael Crowe (14) had been hosting a sleepover with two friends in the room next to Stephanie’s, and admitted to playing his cassette tapes loudly during the hours she is believing ved to have died. Police found his stiff composure indicative of his guilt, and after ten hours of vigorous questioning Michael broke down in tears and confessed to murdering his sister. His two friends present that night were also arrested.

Despite a marked lack of evidence the three boys were charged with murder and put on trial as adults. However, just before the trial was to begin the police had a breakthrough; a shirt they had confiscated from a homeless man showed positive for Stephanie’s blood. The three boys were immediately cleared and the charges dismissed.

The ‘homeless man’ had been questioned just one day after Stephanie’s murder, after a neighbor complained he had been hanging around the street peering into windows. The cops had disregarded him as a suspect as they believed he was schizophrenic and not capable of murder. After Stephanie’s blood was found on his shirt the police launched a manhunt and made televised appeals to the public, but to no avail; the mysterious homeless man has never been captured, and Stephanie Crowe’s murder remains unsolved.