if anyone asked me why i want to be multilingual i’m sure i’d give them some response about broadening my experiences in life but the real reason is that there are like 14 different accents in Agatha Christie’s “Murder On The Orient Express” and my dream in life is to one day be able to read it aloud with perfect voices for each character

Detective News - Latest for 2015/2016

Coming soon (Mr. Holmes, Partners in Crime, New Tricks, Luther, Sherlock):

There’s been a great deal of excitement in the British detective world lately. Across the pond, Mr. Holmes has opened to great critical acclaim, maintaining a staggering 91% positive at Rotten Tomatoes. It opens in the U.S. on July 17th.

Long-retired and near the end of his life, Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) grapples with an unreliable memory and must rely on his housekeeper’s son as he revisits the still-unsolved case that led to his retirement.

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I just finished listening to another audio book. After “Dune” I wanted something shorter and less dense. I settled on my favorite Agatha Christie mystery - “Murder on the Orient Express”. It was narrated by Dan Stevens (the sacrificial heir on “Downton Abbey”). He did a great job with the many accents and characters - especially Poirot himself. I have to admit I wasn’t crazy about the voice for Mrs. Hubbard, the pushy American, but she was intended to be annoying.

Orient Express is such a fun mystery. The first time I read it (in college) I didn’t know the solution but felt rather proud I figured it out about ½ through. I love the 1974 film - a terrific cast and I liked Albert Finney as Poirot. I’ll have to dig up my DVD copy and see it again soon.

One interesting thing about the 1934 novel is the distain various characters express for other nationalities. Italians are particularly scorned. And Americans get both positive and negative treatment. I suppose this nationalism reflected the climate between the wars.

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'[TEXT] Dipper, you busy this afternoon? ' Zelia was pacing her kitchen as she texted her partner. Some times she hated that life kept people busy. This was important.

[TEXT]: ‘nah, I’ll be there as soon as I can. will txt when on way.’

Dipper flicked off his phone and stood, placing ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ down on the desk. ‘This doesn’t sound good…’ he mulled over, pulling off his shirt as he got ready to shower. Couldn’t go over to your love’s place all gross, right?

10 People I Want to Know Better

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Birthday: August 4th

Sign: Leo

Sexual Orientation: Everybody is beautiful 

Favorite Color: burgundy, beige and pastel colors

Average Hours of Sleep: approximately 7 hours I NEED MORE

Lucky Number: I don’t have one, maybe 8, Idk

Last Thing I Googled: stalia (I really love this ship and I needed stalia feels)

Word That Comes to Mind: watermelon

Happy Place: MY BED

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1, it’s summer, guys

Favorite Fictional Character: Juvia Lockser, or Gray Fullbuster, or Rin Okumura, or Izumo Kamiki; I can’t choose one, they are my babes, you can’t tell me to choose one, how cruel

Favorite Book: Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie

Favorite Famous Person: hmmm idk

Dream Trip: I want to go in a lot of countries, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, USA

What I’m Wearing: a black legging and a black sweat

Hmmm, I tag eriboook, unisonraidd, starbutty, xblue-shadowx, sara42971, jemyart; do it if you want ♥

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could you recommend some books except for those you mentioned already?

Dandelion Wine, 12 Years a Slave, Hatter’s Castle, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Ten Little Niggers (if you like detective stories ‘cause I’m crazy about it!), The Night Circus, The Lucky One, The Best of Me, Angelfall, Jane Eyre, Timeless, Murder on the Orient Express, The Catcher in the Rye, The Raven Cycle, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (lmao, I’m not a kid anymore and I still love it so much).

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I'm planning to go to the library today.. any suggestions? I prefer fiction💖

fiction is everything from Shakespeare to Beckett, but I’ll try!

some classic books I really like are:

crime stories by agatha christie (murder on the orient express/ murder at the vicarage are classics!) or the one and only Arthur Conan Doyle (if you like heavier stuff, try Simon Beckett or Henning Mankell)

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is cool too

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (it’s a classic but still relevant af)

Harper Lee: To Kill A Mockingbird

Jane Austen is all about Drama and Romance (Sense and Sensibility is my fav), The Brontë sisters are getting a little deeper into the subject, try out Wuthering Heights for example by Emily Brontë

if you’re into dystopia: 1984 by Orwell and (a little more frightening to me) Brave New World by Huxley

some modern things:

The Mortal Instruments (divided opinions on that, personally, I liked it well enough)

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus (it’s usually in the kids section, I started reading it when I was 16 and still love it. HoO is much more sophisticated because they’re all older and not kids anymore, you can read the HoO series without having read Percy Jackson before, it’s just funnier if you know the back stories.)

btw if you’re getting into the topic, you could also read the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer. it’s old but gold!

George RR Martin, Song of ice and fire obviously

Anything from the Maze Runner Series

some books that are non fiction but still awesome:

thinking fast and slow by Kahneman

The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli (easy to read, very funny and you learn how to improve your daily life, it’s really cool!)

ok these were some of my all time favorites, I excluded books that everyone knows anyway (Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games and so on) and sadly, there are many German books I absolutely adore but I have no idea if they’ve been translated and if so, what they’re called in English. :(

I hope this helped. any more questions? just ask :)

much love x

yellowbessie replied to your post “Headcanon: It was Brax that killed Romana II - after coming home at…”

What if it was like an accident version of Murder on the Orient Express? Where any and all of them *could* have done it, but they don’t know which and consequently all of them feel horribly guilty?

Oh wow, that. I want to write that.

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four things people call me: Mari, Ma, Drama Queen, Homewrecker (don’t ask)

four jobs I’ve had: I never had any proper jobs… =/ Does volunteer work counts? School hall supervisor, replacement English teacher, hostess and I think that’s it… Uh and Fringe flyerer! =P

four movies I’ve watched more than once: X-Men, Moulin Rouge, Singin’ in the Rain and Love Actually

four books I’d recommend: The Colour of Magic, Hamlet, Murder on the Orient Express and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

four places I’ve lived: I only ever lived in São Paulo… I can give 4 different neighbourhoods but it won’t make any sense to anyone =P 

four places I’ve been: New Orleans, London, Edinburgh, today I went to 25 de Março.

four foods i don’t eat: Tuna, pork, some cheeses and peaches.

four tv shows i watch: A League of Their Own, Penny Dreadful, Orphan Black and Would I Lie to You?

four things I’m looking forward to this year: Finishing college, my new classes that starts 4 days after college, São Paulo’s Film Festival and pretty much it… 

four things i’m saying/say a lot: “it is LITERALLY…” “UGH…” “fuck off” and “just shut up”

four people I’m tagging to do this next: whenwinterfell sherlinlokidtardis fuckajesus quadthefuck

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hi!! i saw you like agatha cristie, what are your favorite books of her??

And then there were none is my favorite!! And Murder on the Orient Express is good too

journeythroughclassics replied to your post “I’m having a really difficult time getting into Murder at the Vicarage…”

Try the ABC Murders, Orient Express, or Roger Ackroyd. Also, it’s not Poirot, but “And Then There Were None” is great too.

Thank you! And Then There Were None was my first Christie novel and I absolutely loved it <3 

I’m kind of trying to read the ones in a series in the order recommended on this site, but I don’t think my library has them all, so I’ll probably skip around a bit. I can’t wait to get to Orient because it was the first one I ever heard about.

Further Gallifrey rambling, following this post:

My favourite thing about the theory that Intervention Earth is set after the Time War is that Narvin survives the Time War. Narvin is not allowed to die, I forbid it.

irving-braxiatel you’re probably right that the shocking storylines are for the sequel to Intervention Earth, not for Enemy Lines.

I don’t think Leela would ever kill Romana II, either, so think of how tragic it would be if this were to happen accidentally. *evil grin* And yes, Narvin would totally give up his life to save both Gallifrey and Romana, rather than choosing to save just one of them.

(I really want to write that Murder on the Orient Express-inspired Romana regeneration story now.)

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Name: Jeannie
Time and Date: 07/21/2015 6:16 PM
Average Hours of Sleep: 12 :P
Last Thing You Googled: The Good Dinosaur
Birthday: April 5th
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Favorite Color: Purple
One place that makes you happy: Walt Disney World of course! :)
Last Book I Read: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Cristie
Most Used Phrase: I can’t, I’m dead, stop no, that’s so true
Last Thing I Said To a Family Member: I’m terrified; I’m gonna have so many nightmares (it was about a Sonic the Hedgehog video XD)
Favorite Beverage: Iced Coffee
Favorite Food: French Fries
Last Movie I Watched: Inside Out
Dream Wedding: A Disney Wedding obviously :P
Dream Pets: A hedgehog, a ferrer, a pig, a dog, a cat, and a dinosaur
Dream Job: Being a Disney face character or performing anything with Disney
Random Fact: I don’t have an appendix! :D

I’m tagging dappercail and sophieandace! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

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I wasn’t tagged or anything but I’ve seen it all over Tumblr and said why not lol

Name: Brittany
Nicknames: Brittanica, or just Britt
Birthday: December 23rd
Star Sign: Capricorn
Gender: Female
Height: 5′7
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Time: 10:59
Hours of sleep 5-7; I’m a night owl
Lucky Numbers: 12, 23
Last thing I googled: Hotels near Penn Station NYC
Happy place: In my room alone playing the Sims
Number of blankets I sleep with: Three (1 comforter, 2 sheets)
Celeb Crushes: Tom Brady, Finn Balor, Nick Carter, Jeff Hardy, Julian Edelman, Wade Barrett
Fave Book: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
Favorite (Boy) Band: Backstreet Boys
Last film I watched: Ant-Man
Dream Trip: Paris, London, & Tokyo
Dream Job: Computer Technician/Geek Squad Member
What I’m wearing: Gray T-shirt, black sweatpants

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All types; anything that catches my eye. My collection is growing quick from Dystopian books such as The Giver to books like 13 reasons why. I have a list on my head of books. I want to read. I really like mysteries by I haven't read one in a really long time. I just love books.

That’s cool :) I love reading, too! Maybe you’ll like Agatha Christie since you haven’t read the mystery genre in a while! I’ve read Murder on the Orient Express