Finger prints and mug shot of Argentinian serial killer Cayetano Santos Godino. By the time he was 16 years old Godino was responsible for the murder of four children, attempted murder of a further seven as well as seven counts of arson. He was known as the ‘Big Eared Little Person’ (Petiso Orejudo) due to his distinctive appearance.

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The preview - it's so beautiful how aware Aaron's always been of Robert, and Rob's boundaries. From the first lay-by kiss when Robert mumbled "no" and Aaron backed up into the car door. So respectful. I bet Robert is used to being treated like an object of desire by men (Lawrence) and women (Rebecca). Treated like he hasn't got much agency of his own. Aaron has always loved something beyond that. Something much deeper than the beautiful surface that Robert projects. That's what he connects with.

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starting latin in the fall, any tips?

- flashcards are your friend! Seriously. Make a flashcard for every bit of info. If you don’t want to do it the pen-and-paper way, there are various sites you can use instead, like Quizlet, where you can make flashcards online, or use cards other people have made.

- stay a week ahead of vocab! Even if you’re not entirely sure what’s going on with the grammar, memorise the words. When you get busy and start to fall behind (happens to the best of us), you’ll be thanking your past self.

- Latin is a verb-heavy language. Like, really verb-heavy. When you learn a Latin verb, you’ll learn what are called its ‘four principal parts’. Memorise all four from the outset, and what they mean, because you’re going to need all of them.

- Do practice exercises! Practice translations in and out of Latin are your best friend.

- Prepare yourself for grammar. There is so much grammar.

- Work consistently - that means do a little something at least 5 out of 7 days a week. Latin, like any language, is largely an exercise in memorisation. Keep those dead language muscles working!

- Find a Latin buddy! Language is a whole lot easier when you’re struggling through it with friends. You’re going to make a lot of dumb mistakes, so if you can have someone proof your work and vice-versa, it’ll boost your learning 10000% (also your grades).

- Enjoy!