I Don't Change My Mind for Just Anybody


All of Jemma’s and Fitz’s friends think moving in together is a bad idea.

That’s not going to stop them from doing it. Just because they fight all the time, doesn’t mean they can’t be roommates.

For as long as she could remember, Jemma Simmons has always bristled at being told what she could or could not do. All her life, she’s been surrounded by people who underestimated her, and she’s made it her life’s mission to prove them all wrong. When her grandparents told her that girls don’t become doctors or scientists, she went out and got two Ph.D.s. When her teachers told her she wouldn’t last living in America, so far away from everyone and everything she knows, she used the memory to get through her first few months of homesickness.

And when her friends tell her she wouldn’t last three months living with Fitz? Well, she wouldn’t say she makes  the decision completely based on spite, but it is a pretty significant factor.

“Hunter lived with him for years!” Jemma points out. “I refuse to believe there’s anything he can do that I can’t.””

“Hunter doesn’t get into screaming matches with Fitz every time they’re within 20 feet of each other,” Daisy reminds her.

Jemma waves away her concern. “At least with Fitz, I know what to expect. I’d rather live with him than get a possible axe murderer on Craigslist.”

“Yeah, I’m definitely better than a possible axe murderer,” Fitz agrees.

Jemma bites down the urge to say, “Well, I wouldn’t go that far.” After all, they are supposed to be on the same side. It’s entirely possible that spitting out insults at Fitz has become reflexive at this point. Instead, she says, “It can’t possibly be a worse idea than Hunter and Bobbi moving in together.”

Bobbi rolls her eyes. “We’ve lived together before.”

“Yeah, and then you got divorced,” Mack reminds them.

Hunter looks at him with an expression of betrayal. “Hey! You were against them moving in together too.”

“Oh, I still think it’s going to blow up in their faces. I’m just saying that it’ll probably blow up in your faces too.” Mack lets out a heavy and disappointed sigh. “Just, a lot of bad choices, all around.”

Bobbi and Hunter’s bad choice is the whole reason Jemma and Fitz are in this position in the first place. They’re both losing a roommate, and it just makes sense for them to move in together. Like a roommate swap.

“You know what I love about this group?” Bobbi asks. “How supportive we are of each other.”

Despite Bobbi’s sarcasm, they all are fairly supportive. They all spend a Saturday moving all of Hunter’s things to Bobbi and Jemma’s apartment, then loaded up Mack’s truck with all of Jemma’s things and moved it all to Fitz and Hunter’s apartment.

Jemma buys pizza for everyone, Hunter provides a lot of cheap liquor and makes some truly terrible mixed drinks, and they all hang out at the apartment Bobbi and Hunter now share. At the end of the night, Fitz pushes a tipsy Jemma into the passenger seat of his car and drives them home. All Jemma wants to do is collapse in her bed, but finds it unmade. Fitz grumbles as he helps her wrestle a fitted sheet onto her mattress, and then once Jemma has flopped onto the bed, Fitz brings her an aspirin and a glass of water and gruffly orders her to drink the whole thing.

Jemma wakes up the next morning so miserable that she completely forgets to thank Fitz and instead ends up accidentally picking a fight with him over how pouring maple syrup over double chocolate chip pancakes is just sugar overload. (It’s not nagging if she’s genuinely concerned for his health. It’s not.)

Still, though. It’s not a bad start.

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Opinion of Episode 2 of Stevenbomb 3.0
  • I really really really like that Pearl is shown being sorry for her actions. She obviously realized how badly she screwed up, and was trying to get Garnet to trust her again.
  • Greg’s back! I love the father-son relationship that was showcased in this episode.
  • All of the jokes about ax murderers from Craigslist were hilarious.
  • Right from the start, we already have character development for the two of them. Ruby has a very outward way of displaying her anger, while Sapphire is cool (pun intended) and collected even when she is mad.
  • Also, I enjoy the fact that their personalities differ. Ruby obviously can’t let things go, and Sapphire tries to forgive and forget.
  • Ruby being fire and Sapphire being ice works so well. It makes me wonder if Garnet would be able to harness their powers at all while they are fused.
  • I love Ruby’s little glove weapon. It’s so cute!
  • Poor Steven. :( I feel so bad for him, and I’m glad that he was able to release all of his pent up emotions in this episode. The feuding between the gems is obviously negatively affecting him, and it’s good that he was able to express that.
  • Also I love how Ruby instantly puts her anger aside and starts comforting Sapphire when she starts crying. They’re adorable!!!!
  • The line about how Ruby likes seeing Sapphire when they’re unfused was so cute. I also loved Stephen’s “ugh gross” reaction to the two of them.
  • The ending… was something. It’s a step in the right direction, and it still allows for there to be conflict in future episodes. Also it shows Pearl and Amethyst bonding and talking, which is great.