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Meeeabhd Meeeeeeabhddddd r u by any chance reading the murder on the orient express because u r maybe really really excited for the mooooovie??????? 🙃

Listen right I am in the worst reading slump I have ever been in… I have started no joke like 7 books this summer and finished exactly none of them, I know it says I’m currently reading it but tbh I haven’t even started 😖
I am so excited for the movie and I am 100% actually going to read it too but give me time I am Struggling™

Dunkirk Spoiler-Free Review

Ok I just got home from seeing Dunkirk and y'all it was so so very good. I had to spend way more than my actual ticket cost in transportation to the theater, and I would do it again. It is so worth seeing even if Harry weren’t in it. Harry was fantastic as I knew he would be (I wanna say ha! here because of what I noted in the Sign of the Times music video- Harry is awesome at conveying things non-verbally!!!) Ahem. He easily could have had a different role that would seem more “Harry” but he challenged himself and it was so much better that he did. It really helped me think of him as Alex and not Harry. That said, I was not waiting for him to appear on screen even a tiny bit after like the first minute of the film. Everything was so well-done and everyone did a great job. I can’t even pick a favorite character or storyline because it was all so good and tied together so well. If Dunkirk doesn’t get like all the damn Oscars I’m going to go scream at the Academy myself. I love war stories and I love suspense, so this was right up my alley anyways. Plus Dunkirk is one of the stories I actually remember from history classes and it has always stuck with me, so I appreciate seeing it conveyed on film. I haven’t seen a war movie this good since Braveheart, and that is high praise from me. (Not that I’ve seen everything, but hey that’s still a good gauge, right?)

OK now teeny trigger warning/neurodivergent alerts spoilers below the cut: (no real plot spoilers)

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Zoey Deutch joins Richard Says Goodbye

Zoey Deutch is to star in ‘Richard Says Goodbye’.

The 22-year-old actress has landed a role in the drama movie alongside Johnny Depp, who is expected to play the titular Richard, a college professor who decides to live life on the wild side after he is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

According to Variety, Deutch will portray one of Richard’s students.

Production on the motion picture is set to begin next month and will be directed by Wayne Roberts.

Deutch appeared in 'Before I Fall’ earlier this year and will next be seen playing Oona O'Neill, the daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill, in J.D. Salinger biopic 'Rebel in the Rye’.

Salinger will be portrayed by Nicholas Hoult, while Kevin Spacey, Sarah Paulson and Victor Garber are also part of the cast.

As always, Depp is set for a busy year. He will appear in 'Murder on the Orient Express’ in late 2017, and 'LAbyrinth’, in which he has been cast as Russell Poole, the detective who headed the investigation into the murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.

The 54-year-old actor will voice the role of Sherlock Gnomes in 'Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes’ in 2018, and earlier this year, he reprised his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge’.

Daisy Ridley admits to nerves on Murder on the Orient Express

Daisy Ridley could barely hold a cup when she filmed ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ because she was so nervous working with the all-star cast.

The 25-year-old actress is starring as Mary Debenham in Kenneth Branagh’s big screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot novel of the same name and the film has a stellar ensemble cast which includes Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Dame Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Josh Gad and Michelle Pfeiffer among others.

Ridley admits she found it difficult to nail her scenes due to her excitement at working with so many major names.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Ridley said: “Before a scene my heart is pondering, every time. But my first scene on 'Orient’ had to be in front of everyone, didn’t it? I couldn’t hold a cup, because it was rattling. But I got through it.”

Depp, who is cast as Ratchett, jumped on-board the project after holding discussions with the director and reading the script penned by Michael Green that he adapted from Christie’s novel.

Pfeiffer portrays Mrs. Hubbard and Dench has been signed to the role of Princess Dragomiroff, while Lucy Boynton is Countess Andrenyi.

Christie’s novel, which was published in 1934, follows the brutal murder on-board the famous train as Belgian detective Poirot attempts to solve the mind-boggling case.

Announcing the project last September, Branagh said: “Christie’s 'Murder…’ is mysterious, compelling and unsettling. I’m honoured to have this fantastic group of actors bring these dark materials to life for a new audience.”

James Prichard and Hilary Strong, both of Agatha Christie Ltd., will executive produce, while Sir Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg, Mark Gordon and Branagh are also producers.

'Murder on the Orient Express’ is slated to be released this November.

Bullitt - Peter Yates | Action & Adventure |293313534

Peter Yates
Genre: Action & Adventure
Price: $14.99
Rental Price: $2.99
Publish Date: January 3, 1969

Action star Steve McQueen (“The Getaway,”“The Magnificent Seven”) is at his dynamic best as a San Francisco cop assigned to guard a star witness who soon ends up dead. The definitive detective thriller, featuring one of the screen’s greatest car chases and razor-sharp Oscar-winning editing. Co-starring Jacqueline Bisset (“Rich and Famous,”“Murder on the Orient Express”), Academy Award-nominee Robert Vaughn (“The Magnificent Seven,”“The Towering Inferno”) and Academy Award-winner Robert Duvall (“A Civil Action,”“The Godfather”). Recently selected by the prestigious American Film Institute as one of the 400 greatest American films of all time.

© 1968 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Solar Productions Inc. Renewed 1996


This isn’t anything big but this movie is based on my favorite book of all time by the same title by my and Kelly’s favorite author. Not necessarily the news we normally try and keep you guys up to date on but we are both excited for this movie beyond belief so we will still be posting about it when it’s of relevance. The book is HIGHLY recommend it (send us your thoughts if you’ve read it or any of Agatha Christie’s other books)

Anyway this was the trailer released a little over a month ago. It’s got a great cast as well!

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(1/2) Season2 AU where JD remembers that the Argents are supposed to be matriarchal and people learn from their past. So Victoria becomes the new leader of the Argents after Kate’s death and while she still hates werewolves she does force the hunters to adhere to the code and tries her best to train Allison as a code-adhering successor. This of course interferes with Gerards plan to become a werewolf as he is told in no uncertain terms that he must obey Victoria

(2/2)- and to talk about whether he really didn’t know about Kate breaking the code. At the end of S2 Gerard’s body is found and the autopsy shows that he was poisoned (Victoria)m shot with an arrow from the side (Alison) and a gun from behind (Chris) when the Sheriff tells the “grieving” family there is an awkward silence while the Argents pointedly don’t look at each other.

Ha! It’s like Murder on the Orient Express - everyone did it! 

I’m here for that! (And it would have made a lot more sense!) 

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22, 53 & 71!

Do you watch the Olympics?

I dedicate 95% of my life to watching it when it comes around. I love it!!!!

Carve Pumpkins or Wrap Presents?

Wrap presents because I absolutely suck at carving.

Next movie you want to see in theaters?

Stars Wars, Thor: Rangnarok, Murder on the Orient Express, Atomic Blonde, and Black Panther!!!!