murder tier

I’d like to introduce you all yo my new original gijinka OC: 1000 Degree Knife Chan.

“The only reason I’m so hot… is because of you senpai…”


That crying boy doesn’t cling to you anymore. What clings to you now? What clings to your teeth? Hawks are solitary. And that’s their weakness. Imagine if the hawks started working together.

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bc Will and Hannibal flirtatiously manipulating two receptive hot guys into committing murder for them is my aesthetic. 

Conflict- meat means murder

jeder der behauptet “tiere sind zum essen da”, sollte in dauerschleife das video von dem lied eingetrichtert bekommen und jeder der danach noch das selbe sagt, sollte geschlachtet werden. mich hat schon lange nichts mehr so geschockt, verletzt und fassungslos gemacht wie dieses video. aber es ist die grausame realität und wiedermal beweißt es uns, was für grausame, egoistische und barbarische menschen hier auf dieser welt leben


(aus humanität habe ich es unterlassen das video miteinzufügen)

anonymous asked:

Fuller talked about Will and Hannibal's present relationship being dead and that they have a new relationship dynamic that will still involve obsession. Do you have any theories (or wishes) for their new relationship? How you think it will be for either or both?

*gadzooks Anon do you realise what you are doing asking me these kinds of questions We ARE GUNNA BE HERE ALL NIGHT but you’re in luck I discussed a lot of this with my Go-To Supersmart!Person again so some of it stands a chance of being coherent*


What’s interesting now is how self-aware Hannibal has become.

I feel like the whole of season 1 was about him becoming smitten with Will without realising it.

( Just think of that time he opened his office door, expecting to see Will, and when he found an empty waiting room the smile just slid off his face like shit off a shovel! *if you’ll pardon the earthy expression* )

That lack of self-awareness is why Hannibal looked so bloody consternated in the beginning of s2, when he was staring at Will’s empty chair (like well shit… I did not foresee this’). He was surprised by how much he missed Will.

S2, then, has been about Hannibal basically realising that he loves Will, truly (romantic love, platonic love, agape, all of the above, whatever you want to call it).

But he still didn’t know just how much he loved Will until he was betrayed. The depth of that hurt (and the implied rejection of him) was directly proportional to the depth of his love.

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