murder scene

Here is another victim of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas named as ‘orange socks’

'Orange Socks’ was the name given to an unidentified female victim of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. She was given the name as the socks were the only item of clothing found on her body when she was discovered.


No shit it was scary

//So far in the Clue group verse Dirk has: destroyed his clothes, attempted to hustle a fresh set from a well-to-do gentleman, made several people queasy by refusing to not eat food from the scene of murder, offered advice on how to stop being queasy to aforementioned folks, and gave a little child a potentially murderous iguana (did I actually write iguana? those things are hugggggeeee, meant gecko).

All in all we’ve made excellent progress, I think…..

Here is a victim of the ‘Green River Killer’ being pulled ashore.

The Green River Killer or his real name Gary Ridgeway, was addicted to prostitutes and believed to have killer up to 71 women since the 80’s. He is currently serving 48 life sentences

Here is a victim of notorious American serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.

Known as the “Confession Killer” because he claims to have killed a victim and then he later recounts the claim, killed between the 60’s and 70’s. Mainly targeting drifters, runaways and prostitutes, Lucas never had a proper MO as he killed in a variety of ways he was very unpredictable.

Even though he was only convicted of killing 3 people one being his mother, he claimed to killed hundreds